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So I saw Secretariat for the first time last night. It was... Well, it was a Disney movie about a genetically mutated superhorse with John Malkovich in it. That's what it was.

Of course it was impossible for me to watch the film without comparing it to the (far superior IHMO) Seabiscuit. Behind the cut: Horse movies, real-life superhorses, X-men genetics, and horses making funny faces at cameras. )

In closing: Secretariat sucks, watch Seabiscuit instead, horses can be extremely emotionally expressive in real life but you just can't teach the darn things to emote on cue in front of a camera, and oh by the way "the X-gene" is real and it exists in thoroughbred race horses. Not that you would know that from watching the Disney version of Secretariat, however, because the fact that Secretariat carried the X-gene or the fact that he had a mutated heart was never once mentioned in the entire film.

And now, since I'm in a silly mood and I'm talking about horses and genetic mutations and superpowers anyway, here is possibly the stupidest thing I have ever written in my journal: Another cut to spare you from this silliness. )
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Kathryn Hemmann writes about Bunny Drop, realism, "literature," and feminism. Great essay but I think that she gives waaaaaaaaay to much leeway to Bunny Drop's ending (which, BTW, is NOT spoiled in the essay, in case you're concerned about that sort of thing).

2011 comic book movies reviews vs. revenues. Lose your faith in humanity in one handy infographic.
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I thoroughly enjoyed X-Men: First Class.

Having said that, though, this is an excellent dissection of how badly the film portrays all of its female characters. (The blogger somehow missed that "the nameless mutant woman with dragon fly wings" was Angel Salvadore, but that doesn't actually detract from any of her other arguments.) To say nothing of the racefail.

And no, the issue is not just that "women dressing sexy = bad." The issue is that out of all five major female characters, all of them were excessively sexed up. Even Moira was scantily-clad because she was undercover at the Hellfire club! Yes, Moira McTaggert! And the costumes are hardly the only thing sexist about the film, as Sherry astutely points out - even things like how the male characters were shown honing and developing their powers while the female characters just sort of had powers demonstrate how the female characters in the film were much more window-dressing and afterthoughts than the male characters. Sherry's blog post also doesn't bring up the (not gonna spoil it too much so let's be vague here!) thing about Xavier and Moira at the end of the film, but that was also super-creepy, sexist, and gross.

Also, why did the film make the only latina female character a stripper? Who turns evil. WHY. Angel was never a stripper in the comics. WTF, movie. WTF.

Speaking of X-things, I just spent the morning re-writing the opening to my now-long-overdue fic for [ profile] help_japan AGAIN. Two months along now and the damn thing is still kicking my ass. (*headdesk*) NOTE TO SELF: Deus ex machina is bad. Bad Nena, bad! Fix that shit and re-work the ending and then maybe we can be happy with it?
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So my [ profile] help_japan fic auction winner basically gave me the most awesome prompts for an X-Men fic ever but unfortunately I'm now two complete drafts into the darn thing and I'm still not happy with it. :( Arrrrrrrgh, fic-writing! I feel like a tool for not having finished the fic yet despite having thrown so many words into it. I'm starting to get a bit happier with the way that it's going now, though, so I hope hope hope hope hope to have it finished next week.

On the positive side, however, writing X-fic has given me an excuse to brush up on current X-Men canon after having taken a break for over a year and oh my god why did nobody tell me that the current X-canon is so sparkly and wonderful and awesome and a thousand times better than the grimdark depressing mess that it was when I last stopped reading it? Storylines that are actually fun instead of just relentlessly depressing? Check! A whole bunch of the most awesome characters from the 70's and 80's re-joining the active X-Men roster and getting tons of screen panel-time and awesome character development? Check! Epic Magneto redemption arc? Check! 4th-gen X-Men characters taking starring roles in the main series instead of just being shuffled off to the sidelines the way that the 3rd-gen characters were? Double-check! Rogue fucking FINALLY in control of her powers? HELL YEAH!

Also, the new crop of "character trailers" just released for the X-Men: First Class movie have utterly and completely sold me on the film.

[formerly embedded link -]

More behind the cut. )
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If you want to see the first official photos from the upcoming X-Men: First Class film, here they are.

Really, though, there are only three things that you need to know about this film:

1. It is going to be 60'S FABULOUS.

2. The main villain will be Sebastian Shaw, who is played by The Goddamn Kevin Bacon.

3. Alex Summers is supposed to be one of the main characters.

There's already some headdesk-worthy crap coming out of the film - namely the producers repeatedly stating that they based Magneto's character arc on the beliefs of Malcom X (really? really?!) and January Jones kvetching to the LA Times that the initial costume designs for Emma Frost were ridiculously, stupidly sexist - but other than that, it looks like it's shaping up to be an awesome movie.

Speaking of comics stufff, here is a comics-themed Zodiac. I'm a Bulbasaur.

And finally, the world's first Sanskrit Book Fair was held in Bangalore last week. Well, that only took four millennium to get off the ground.
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Gambit and Deadpool (among others) are going to appear in the upcoming Wolverine movie.


Also, this is the first time that I've encountered the phrase "tentpole film." What is that, exactly?
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So I finally saw Enchanted this weekend.

James Marsden: Officially typecast.

But seriously, though, he was awesome in that movie. Even if he does play... well, not the same character, but definitely the same role in every movie that he's in. Er. If that makes any sense. I guess I should say, his characters always fulfill the same role: that of the third wheel.

Somebody, please cast this man as the lead in a movie ASAP! I think that he'd be awesome as the lead in a romantic comedy.

And I couldn't watch Edward onscreen without imagining that it was Cyclops wearing those poofy sleeves and singing those ridiculous love songs.


Dec. 23rd, 2006 03:29 am
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I picked up an issue of DVD Data yesterday because it had Hugh Jackman on the cover and a kick-arse X3 pullout poster inside the magazine. Interestingly enough, in Japan, the subtitle for X3 is "Final Decision," rather than "The Last Stand." Well, that makes sense considering the end of the movie, I guess.

I'm totally going to buy the R1 release and not waste my money on the inferior R2 release come January 6th. But still, I am happy that the movie is getting so much hype over here, since that translates into more shiny glossies for me. Japanese magazines know how to load up with the freebies, they do.

BTW, in DVD Data there's about five different photos of Angel wearing a movie!X-Men costume. (His piping appears to be dark grey, and his belt buckle is blue.) One of the images doesn't look like a promo photograph at all, it totally looks like a screenshot from the movie. But I could swear that in the movie Angel never got a proper X-Men costume. Was this from a deleted scene perhaps? Or did I miss something?

Star Trek: The Animated Series is also coming out on Japanese DVD. For some reason, this terrifies me.