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A few of my favorite things amongst this year's offerings from the comic book industry:

Marceline and the Scream Queens
It's everything I ever wanted an Adventure Time comic to be: Marceline and Princess Bubblegum have ridiculous adventures together and actually grow as characters because of their influence on each other, the artwork by Meredith Gran and a roster of talented guest artists is fantastic, and the jokes fly fast and furiously while still being every bit as sophisticated and layered as you'd expect Adventure Time humor to be.  Absolutely one of the best comics I've read this year. Cannot be recommended enough.

My favorite among Monkeybrain's launch titles. The dialogue and characters are delightfully over-the-top, and Colleen Coover's slick, stylized, yet cartoonish artwork fits the tone of the book perfectly. Dueling master thieves! A grumpy detective in over his head! A villainous matadorista! Terrorist organizations that need to be thwarted, hostages in a bank robbery that need to be rescued, cute dogs, rare books, and stolen Rembrandts - and that's all just in the first three issues. I can't wait to read more of this.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Oh look, it's the comic book that spawned over twenty variant covers and that sold over 100,000 issues in pre-orders alone. And that's just for the very first issue.  But hey, this is one of those cases where the success of the comic is richly deserved. Andy Price's artwork looks nothing like the style of the cartoon series, but it fits the comic book medium perfectly. Katie Cook's storyline centers around a fan-favorite villain, yet never really kowtows to the Brony fan base the way that many of us feared that it would; the story, the characters, and the humor in the comic remain true to everything that makes the cartoon great. So in short, this comic book is basically perfect.

Abhishek Singh is still one of the most criminally under-appreciated comic artists working today. I probably can't write anything here that will convince you to buy his new (utterly gorgeous) graphic novel that will be more persuasive than simply showing you a selection of some artwork from the book and letting that speak for itself, so here you go:

Everything that you've heard about this series is true: It really IS that good.  And I'm saying this as somebody who normally doesn't care for Clint Barton as a character. I don't dislike him or anything, but in most comics that I read I just don't find Clint that interesting of a character. To be honest, I started reading this series because I'd heard that it co-stars Kate Bishop being completely awesome (which it does and she is), but by the end of the series (ETA: first six issues, as this actually an ongoing and not a miniseries like I mistakenly assumed!) I was definitely reading it for Clint. I love this comic. I love the interplay between Clint and Kate, I love the artwork, and I love the way that Matt Fraction writes Clint's narrative voice. It's a fantastic series.  I'll recommend it even if (like me) you're usually not that much of a Clint fan.

Astonishing X-Men
Still hands-down the best X-Men title every month. I loved the conclusion to the epic Mauraders/Karma/Susan/gay wedding/Madripoor story arc.  I love Karma getting to take a starring role in any story arc, period.  I loved the wedding. I love Iceman, Gambit, and Northstar being bros. I loved Danger and Emma co-starring in one of my favorite standalone issues I've read this year. I just love the way that this series is so consistently good, and it's hard not to acknowledge that this is largely because Marvel keeps Astonishing mostly separate from whatever crossover event bullshit they're mucking up the other X-titles with.*  It was exactly that same tiresome crossover event bullshit (*cough*Avengers vs. X-Men*cough*) that turned X-Men Legacy from a series that I was enjoying immensely into a series that bored me to tears. Anywhoo, Astonishing is for that very reason still the only X-title on my pull list as I head into 2013, although to be honest I kind of hope that changes soon. I miss Rogue being awesome.

*Okay, I admit that I did really enjoy Schism. But Schism is basically the ONLY one of Marvel's big narrative "events" I've enjoyed in a long while, and it wasn't even a big crossover event at that.   Avengers vs. X-Men wasn't just bad, it was actively painful and boring.  Thank God that  Astonishing had nothing to do with that crap.
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-----Shingeki no Kyojin-----

oh my god

oh my god


Also: I KNEW IT (in terms of [spoiler name]'s sexuality AND in terms of so THAT'S what happened to Connie's village) and WHOA I DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING but it's pretty goddamn refreshing to see it being so casually mentioned in a shounen series anyway and for a non-bishie male character to boot (in terms of Reiner's sexuality).


So The Worst Thing That I Have Ever Shipped has officially become canon.

And it became canon in the most beautifully perfect horrible way, too.

(I love seeing how much Tavros has changed and I love seeing how terrible his relationship with Vriska is because there is no way - NO WAY - that their redrom should EVER be portrayed as a sparkly happy funtimes schmoopy hugglefest, and thank skateboarding Jesus Christ that it's not that way at all now that it's canon, no, it is EXACTLY as twisted and terrible as a redrom between Vriska and Tavros SHOULD BE and yet at the same time it is so gloriously perfect for the both of them in all of its twisted terribleness.)

I don't think I've ever been this happy about a set of updates since... Well, since Roxy was first revealed, I think? Anywhoo, fun times. Fun times all around.



That was a steaming pile of fucking terrible.

If you need me I'll be over here in the reduced-my-Marvel-pull-list-to-exactly-one-title-for-the-time-being corner, reading Astonishing X-Men. Which is pretty much the only consistently great X-Men monthly now. And it accomplishes this greatness largely by completely ignoring the rest of the Marvel universe and whatever shitty crossover shit Marvel is pulling out of their asses this season. And also by consistently focusing on great yet under-rated characters like Karma.

I suppose I should be excited about the new Young Avengers series, but honestly, I'm having a hard time working up any enthusiasm for a Young Avengers series without Eli in it.
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So I saw Secretariat for the first time last night. It was... Well, it was a Disney movie about a genetically mutated superhorse with John Malkovich in it. That's what it was.

Of course it was impossible for me to watch the film without comparing it to the (far superior IHMO) Seabiscuit. Behind the cut: Horse movies, real-life superhorses, X-men genetics, and horses making funny faces at cameras. )

In closing: Secretariat sucks, watch Seabiscuit instead, horses can be extremely emotionally expressive in real life but you just can't teach the darn things to emote on cue in front of a camera, and oh by the way "the X-gene" is real and it exists in thoroughbred race horses. Not that you would know that from watching the Disney version of Secretariat, however, because the fact that Secretariat carried the X-gene or the fact that he had a mutated heart was never once mentioned in the entire film.

And now, since I'm in a silly mood and I'm talking about horses and genetic mutations and superpowers anyway, here is possibly the stupidest thing I have ever written in my journal: Another cut to spare you from this silliness. )
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The Hero Initiative is seeking donations to cover the cost of Robert L. Washington III's funeral. Please please please help if you can. Washington was a groundbreaking writer who neither got the acclaim nor the financial compensation that he deserved from the comics industry. Without funds to cover the cost of a small, modest funeral his remains will literally be thrown into a ditch on Hart Island, without any ceremony, and without giving his family an opportunity to say goodbye.

Other links of interest:

Chris Claremont, Ann Nocenti, and Louise Simonson re-unite to discuss the original plans for Madelyne Pryor's character in the X-Men comics. Wow. Wooooooooooow.

Justin Sevakis explains the mysterious process by which film properties are licensed and distributed internationally: Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Molly McIsaac lists the ten best manga (available in English) for children. Comments argue about whether Dragonball should be on the list because of its sexual humor and whether the list fails for excluding Astro Boy. In response to the former, meh, I'd say there's no hard or fast ruling on that one - it really depends on the age, maturity, and experiences of the kid reading it. As for the latter, well, if I had to pick one kiddie Tezuka manga to put on the list, I would choose Princess Knight over Astro Boy. And I still think it's a shame that Honey Honey will likely never be available in English because it is still one of the greatest kids' manga of all time.

In much less light-hearted fare, Foz Meadows explains some basics of Rape Culture 101 in her two blog posts about rape culture and gaming: One | Two. The comments on the first post are unsurprisingly full of fail, hence the follow-up post. But I agree completely with the way that Meadows lays out the differences in terms of what rape culture looks like in a digital community versus how it manifests in meatspace. Both posts are definitely worth a read, even if you don't exactly need a 101-level explanation of the basic concepts involved.
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Whoopi Goldberg announced on The View today that JP is going to propose to Kyle in tomorrow's issue of Astonishing X-Men and that the two will be wed in June's issue.

So Marvel is going to have their first official on-panel gay marriage. :D

HEY MARVEL COMICS YOU KNOW WHAT? Since you're going all-out to ride this wave of gay marriage publicity and you've got this awesome Avengers fanbase just dying to throw money at you right now... You know what you should do?

You should make a Young Avengers cartoon. That's what you should do. And I know that I just said the same thing yesterday, but come on! Young Avengers features one of the best portrayals of gay teen relationship in either Marvel or DC canon. It would be an enormous and important step in the right direction if Wiccan and Hulkling could star in a mainstream cartoon series.

Having a gay marriage in the official Marvel comics canon is an awesome and amazing thing, no doubt about it. Here's hoping that someday (possibly soon?) Marvel is ready to take the next step and include a gay relationship in one of their cartoon shows.

No but seriously you guys Young Avengers is such perfect, perfect material for a cartoon adaptation. Absolutely perfect.
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I really wish that Marvel would take advantage of their Avengers-related momentum right now to produce a Young Avengers cartoon.

Think about it: It would be a perfect way to keep milking the franchise while everyone is waiting impatiently for the next film. The most successful superhero cartoon shows are almost always* the ones that focus on a team of teenagers, i.e. X-Men: Evolution, Teen Titans, and Young Justice, to name a few. And the Young Avengers comics have all of the elements that attract the devoted fanbases of those other teen superhero shows have, namely: Misunderstood/ostracized teenagers, lots of action, lots of angst, family drama, romantic drama, team bonding, team rivalries, unlikely friendships, the us-against-the-world-that-fears-and-hates-us formula that makes the X-Men perpetual favorites, and the young-upstarts-proving-themselves-to-older-mentors formula that fandom squees over in Young Justice.

To be fair, I've seen this idea bandied around before, and the most common response is usually along the lines of "but the Young Avengers characters have origins that are too convoluted and too deeply embedded in Marvel canon for a mainstream kids' show!" To which I can only say, really?! The Young Avengers characters have origins more convoluted than most of the cast of Young Justice?! Really?!

And also it's not like any of those convoluted origins can't be easily simplified or changed altogether for the sake of a TV adaptation, anyway. Come on people. IMHO, the only Young Avengers character whose backstory really shouldn't be messed with is Patriot, for what I hope are obvious reasons. I think that Patriot's origin story is incredibly powerful and incredibly important in the Marvel canon. But aside from Patriot, well, I wouldn't really weep if any of the other characters had changed or simplified backstories. Depending on how the origin stories are changed, some of them might even end up better off for it.

But anywhoo I just think it would be really cool if someday we got a Young Avengers cartoon. The characters are already popular with the comic-reading fandom, the recent success of Young Justice has shown that there's a huge fandom out there hungry for teen superhero shows, and with The Avengers kicking ass at the box office right now it just seems like perfect timing.

*Asterisk: The 90's-era Batman and X-Men cartoons are the biggest exceptions to this rule. But even in the case of the X-Men show I'd say it was still mostly about a group of angsty outcasts who certainly acted like teenagers a lot of the time, even if they were supposed to be older.
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Due to health problems and not being able to work earlier this month, I've been spending a lot of time catching up with old comics and trying out a few new ones. In particular I've been gorging myself on webcomics lately, and although I usually end up either underwhelmed by or outright disliking most of the webcomics that I try reading, there are a few that I fall head-over-heels in love with. So, here are some thoughts about some things that I'm reading right now, whether I've been reading them for years or have only recently discovered them, all of which I would recommend to the comic-inclined.

Namesake. Just starting reading this last week and have barely been able to put it down step away from the computer screen. A beautifully-drawn and fiercely feminist fantasy story about fulfilling roles in fairy tales and taking charge of your own destiny. And it does more to establish the heroine's complex and believable personality in the first six pages of Chapter 1 than most webcomics manage to do in an entire volume. I'm only pointing this out because that is definitely one of my number-one pet peeves in the entire "normal girl gets sucked into a strange world" genre of web comics: When the author doesn't establish anything about the heroine's personality before having her suddenly end up in the other world. Or even worse, when the author wastes time with page after page of scenes of the heroine doing "normal everyday stuff" in order to establish how normal she is but STILL forgets to let her show any hint of a personality trait. This comic is one of the worst offenders I've seen to date in that particular area. On the opposite end of the spectrum and as an example of Doing It Right, however, we have Namesake and also [personal profile] animeshen's delightful Wendy and Sully in Candlyland, which takes a succinct eight pages to give the reader a solid grasp on Wendy and Sully's personalities and how they interact with each other, and does so in a fun and interesting way.

Unsounded. This comic is about a young monkey-thief who can swashbuckle with her feet and who suffers from Black Star-like delusions of grandeur. If that isn't enough to of a selling point for you, there's also a mysterious and handsome zombie with a tragic past. And a magical mountain-shaped monster that befriends a blind boy and his assistance flame-monster. (Why have an assistance dog when you can have an assistance flame-monster?) Unsounded is immediately engrossing and tons of fun to read, even if it does suffer from some significant flaws - namely that the overcomplicated artwork can sometimes get visually confusing, and the story throws a lot of made-up terminology at the reader without really pausing for some more comprehensible world-building. But those are really my only complaints about this beautiful, beautiful comic.

Gunnerkrigg Court. I've been hearing nothing but good things about this comic since it began in 2005, but I never got around to actually starting to read it until earlier this year. I wish I hadn't waited so long. It is every bit as good as everybody says it is.

The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal. Young man calls off his arranged marriage, comes out to his family, gets disowned, gets drunk, and wakes up the next morning with a *~quirky and free-spirited~* hottie frying eggs and singing in his kitchen. Oh, and apparently the two of them made a pact last night to drive across the country together. In the hands of a lesser writer this could have been every terrible gay-romance-for-straight-ladies cliche rolled up into a "wacky roadtrip" narrative. But somehow E.K. Weaver manages to infuse the story with actually believable characters, believable dialogue, and plenty of humor and warmth. Highly recommended.

Patchwork and Lace. The new-ish fantasy comic by [personal profile] furikku (who is also the creator of Reliquary). A pair of lady monster-hunters, a fantasmagoric set-up, and an intriguing fantasy world. Need I say more.

Oglaf. You may have heard of this one as "that epic fantasy porn comic that's actually really, really funny." A rare example of comedy porn that actually succeeds at being whip-smart and hilarious, while embracing a freewheeling variety of straight, gay, lesbian, vanilla, and kinky characters.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella. Superhero parody comics come and go, but this one remains one of my absolute favorites and definitely the funniest.

X-Men canon: Keeping up with Astonishing X-Men, Exiled, Generation Hope, New Mutants, Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, and Wolverine & the X-Men. I dropped X-Factor a while back after sticking with it for far too long. And I just can't get into X-Force no matter how much I love Laura. But with the notable exceptions of a) all of X-Factor, no seriously all of it and b) Forge's epic character derail in Astonishing, I have to say: I LOVE the current X-Men canon, in a way that I haven't really loved the X-books since the early 2000s. I love all of the New Mutants story lines. I love Hope and all of the 5th-generation X-Men. I love Logan's sixty-year character arc finally coming full circle. I love Scott and Emma. I love Rogue so goddamn much. I love Magneto's redemption arc. Everything about the X-Men universe is so much fun to read right now. I think that the overall tone of the X-books has finally settled on a comfortable level of danger/angst/darkness without descending too far into the boring-ass depths of grimdarkness, which is a MUCH needed improvement after the epicly stupid, epicly boring, and pointlessly grimdark mess that was Messiah Complex and all of its aftermath.

Buffy Season 9. Much, much, much better than Season 8 so far. Much better. (Although I will forever and always love the Faith/Giles story arc from the beginning of Season 8. Best and arguably the only solidly good part of that entire series, if you ask me.)

Homestuck. "There's not a lot of style to invisibility. Primarily because nobody gets to see how damn smooth you're being." Homestuck, for all of its overhype and its failures and its flaws, is still just a goddamn delight to read with every update.

And as for DC Comics, well... I am taking a break from DC Comics for a while. Might try to reconnect with the Batfamily sometime later, but I don't know. I loved everything that Grant Morrison built up with the "death" of Bruce Wayne and the birth of Batman Inc, and I'm still bitter about the New 52 just wiping all of those years of character development and storyline setup right out of the DC Universe.

Yup, that's how you know that I'm a mainstream comics fan: Still bitter about an storyline-breaking editorial mandate from over a year ago. Still bitter.

And as for what's upcoming that I'm the most looking forward to: It's the Adventure Time spin-off comic about Princess Bubblegum joining Marceline's band. Hell. Fucking. Yes.

Meme time!

Apr. 1st, 2012 03:09 pm
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Fandom Tennis Match Meme:

Okay, here's how this is going to work. You comment with a fandom question. I answer it and then ask you a question that has some thematic relevance to the question you asked me.

[personal profile] redbrunja asked me: Cut for question and answer. )

Ask me questions!
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1. Melinda Beasi breaks down Apple's continuing censorship of LGBTQ content on iPad apps, and makes some eye-opening comparisons to (hetero)sexual content that Apple allows to be published uncensored.

2. Google's new privacy policy, what it means for you, and what you can do to protect your information. Concise, useful, and a must-read, especially with all of the misinformation about Google's new privacy policy floating around the web (hi Tumblr).

3. Attention language geeks! The always-excellent Sanskrit Literature Blog is compiling a list of Sanskrit newspapers and periodicals. The majority of these are of the dead tree variety that those of us living outside of India aren't going to have much access to, but some of them are digital. For example, Sanskrit Daily is exactly that - a daily Sanskrit news flier - that's available for free online. I haven't finished exploring the entire list of links and publications that have been compiled so far, but there are some really awesome resources here.

4. Yusuke Murata made an amazing 3D paper comic that he posted on his Twitter account. The linked post also has information about where you can find an English translation.

5. These preview images from the Marvel Super Hero Squad trading card game are amazing. Especially the one where Thor's "true power" is the ability to summon a rainbow-colored unicorn. And a very literal interpretation of Captain America's catch phrase. And the fact that "Group Hug" is an actual card. Everything about this game is going to be glorious.

6. Calling all artists: Soul Eater fanbook project! Soul Eater fanbook project! 'Nuff said.

7. And inspired by a conversation on Tumblr last night: If y'all liked Soul Eater because it's shounen fighting series with badass female leads who are also feminine because femininity is in no way shape or form a weak/bad trait that prevents a female lead from being a badass mofo... Then you can hardly go wrong with Kekkaishi or Fairy Tail, both of which are currently available in their entirety for free on (Those of you living outside the US/Canada will probably need to do some proxy browsing to access Hulu, though.) Standard disclaimer: Neither series is without its flaws when it comes to sexism and Fairy Tail in particular has its share of oh for fuck's sake! fanservice. But then again the same is definitely true for Soul Eater, yet I'd still recommend any of these three series to anybody who wants to watch shounen anime with badass ladies who are actually badass without falling into the standard shounen traps of being a) characters who are said to be badass but then end up having to be saved by the male heroes all the time or b) super-masculine ladies who refuse to show any signs of femininity because everybody knows that feminine traits are bad and they make a person weak and helpless (*eyeroll*). Anywhoo, Kekkaishi's Tokine and Fairy Tail's Lucy are definitely tied with Maka Albarn for being some of the most awesome shounen heroines to come along in the past decade (in my humble opinion). So in case any Soul Eater fans reading this haven't checked out Kekkaishi or Fairy Tail yet, you definitely should give them a try.
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Thursday evening reading: Doujinshi Nation

In which Heidi MacDonald connects the dots between current legal shakeups in the American comics industry, how this compares to the Japanese publishing model, and what all of this has to do with Ghost Rider/Star Wars crossovers, the Static fan movie, and the Shocking True Story of what happened to that guy who drew the Wolverine ABCs.
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Every now and then Marvel actually manages to use their marketing to successfully hoodwink even their most cynical comic-reading audience. Which is exactly what happened with the lead-up to Schism and I kind of love Marvel for it.

And now for some linkspam: DC's New 52 covers as re-imagined by independent cartoonists. Hat-tip to the always fabulous Project Rooftop blog for the link.
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So, flist, help me figure this one out.

Marvel, what are you doing? )
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[ profile] poilass liked my [ profile] help_japan fic!! (*happy dances forever*)

I'm too busy with homework, work-work, and other RL stuff to finish recapping Soul Eater Not! chapter 6 this month, so I'll probably just post chapters 6 and 7 together next month.

And speaking of summer fandom projects.... (*looks at doujinshi scanning queue*) Siiiiigh. I'll get back on the scanning horse next week, after I finish my last week of classes and visiting relatives and stuff.

And sorry, Spike Pilgrim, but this is my new all-time favorite My Little Pony trailer mashup:

ETA: Also, this excellent rant about "womens' comics" by Melinda Beasi is worth a signal-boost. Pretty much the entire thing is highly quotable, but here's a quick sample:

Who hasn’t been put in the position of having to over-explain to a skeptical friend, “I know the cover is pink, but it’s really good, I swear!” We explain because we think we have to, and we think we have to because we’ve been conditioned to believe that something specifically created with girls or women in mind is less well-crafted, less intelligent, and less universally relevant than something that’s not.

Yep, pretty much this. Also highly relevant re: anybody freaking out over the popularity of My Little Pony. Super-duper highly relevant re: the mouthbreathing male otaku contingent's continual insistence that Madoka Magica is groundbreaking/original/revolutionary for doing the exact same things that magical girl shows for girls have been doing for the past twenty years, but not that they would know that because heaven forbid any of them ever actually watch that sparkly pink girly stuff.
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Title: A Most Fortunate Geometry
Fandom: X-Men (Comics)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 23,715 words
Characters: Bobby Drake, Sam Guthrie, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Noriko Ashida, Cessily Kincaid, Victor Borkowski, Laura Kinney
Pairing: Bobby/Jean-Paul
A03 Link: Right here.


1. Giftee's original request was for a fic about her favorite characters, Bobby Drake and Jean-Paul Beaubier, being competent and kind and not whiny asshole losers, with optional slashiness. She also likes "bantering and bickering and snark and snappy dialogue; sexual tension and stoic pining and desperate, breathless longing; first kisses; holding hands; [...] common sense; adventures, capers, hijinx and derring do; secrets revealed and cats out of bags; [...] ass kicking; mysteries; actions having consequences; competent people being competent; love being shown through action; ethical dilemmas; did I mention my competence kink?; rational behaviour in the face of the irrational; body switching; hopefulness, kindness, compassion, forgiveness; our heroes against the world." I tried to hit most of those buttons, but I didn't get all of them, and I'll go ahead and spoil right now that there is no body-switching.

2. The existence of Santa Claus in Earth-616 is official Marvel canon. Deal with it.

3. Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who are unfamiliar, this is Sonny Crockett.

4. I completely rewrote this fic so many times oh my god. At one point I did try to retool the story so that an OC wouldn't be so heavily involved, but ultimately I figured that since she only exists to move the plot along and isn't really the center of the story anyway, maybe she won't be too annoying? Besides, I was trying to imitate the feel and structure of one of the old-school X-Men stories that tended to follow the formula of "team goes on mission, meets character and/or object with mysterious power, stuff happens, conflict is resolved, optional romantic epilogue, the end." So a character with a mysterious power was ultimately necessary to sort of get the plot-ball rolling. Hope y'all don't mind.

C&C either here or at A03 is very much appreciated.
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I thoroughly enjoyed X-Men: First Class.

Having said that, though, this is an excellent dissection of how badly the film portrays all of its female characters. (The blogger somehow missed that "the nameless mutant woman with dragon fly wings" was Angel Salvadore, but that doesn't actually detract from any of her other arguments.) To say nothing of the racefail.

And no, the issue is not just that "women dressing sexy = bad." The issue is that out of all five major female characters, all of them were excessively sexed up. Even Moira was scantily-clad because she was undercover at the Hellfire club! Yes, Moira McTaggert! And the costumes are hardly the only thing sexist about the film, as Sherry astutely points out - even things like how the male characters were shown honing and developing their powers while the female characters just sort of had powers demonstrate how the female characters in the film were much more window-dressing and afterthoughts than the male characters. Sherry's blog post also doesn't bring up the (not gonna spoil it too much so let's be vague here!) thing about Xavier and Moira at the end of the film, but that was also super-creepy, sexist, and gross.

Also, why did the film make the only latina female character a stripper? Who turns evil. WHY. Angel was never a stripper in the comics. WTF, movie. WTF.

Speaking of X-things, I just spent the morning re-writing the opening to my now-long-overdue fic for [ profile] help_japan AGAIN. Two months along now and the damn thing is still kicking my ass. (*headdesk*) NOTE TO SELF: Deus ex machina is bad. Bad Nena, bad! Fix that shit and re-work the ending and then maybe we can be happy with it?
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So my [ profile] help_japan fic auction winner basically gave me the most awesome prompts for an X-Men fic ever but unfortunately I'm now two complete drafts into the darn thing and I'm still not happy with it. :( Arrrrrrrgh, fic-writing! I feel like a tool for not having finished the fic yet despite having thrown so many words into it. I'm starting to get a bit happier with the way that it's going now, though, so I hope hope hope hope hope to have it finished next week.

On the positive side, however, writing X-fic has given me an excuse to brush up on current X-Men canon after having taken a break for over a year and oh my god why did nobody tell me that the current X-canon is so sparkly and wonderful and awesome and a thousand times better than the grimdark depressing mess that it was when I last stopped reading it? Storylines that are actually fun instead of just relentlessly depressing? Check! A whole bunch of the most awesome characters from the 70's and 80's re-joining the active X-Men roster and getting tons of screen panel-time and awesome character development? Check! Epic Magneto redemption arc? Check! 4th-gen X-Men characters taking starring roles in the main series instead of just being shuffled off to the sidelines the way that the 3rd-gen characters were? Double-check! Rogue fucking FINALLY in control of her powers? HELL YEAH!

Also, the new crop of "character trailers" just released for the X-Men: First Class movie have utterly and completely sold me on the film.

[formerly embedded link -]

More behind the cut. )
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1. Comment with "the odds are ever in your favor."
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters and your thoughts on each.

[ profile] redbrunja gave me M.

Thoughts behind the cut. )
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If you want to see the first official photos from the upcoming X-Men: First Class film, here they are.

Really, though, there are only three things that you need to know about this film:

1. It is going to be 60'S FABULOUS.

2. The main villain will be Sebastian Shaw, who is played by The Goddamn Kevin Bacon.

3. Alex Summers is supposed to be one of the main characters.

There's already some headdesk-worthy crap coming out of the film - namely the producers repeatedly stating that they based Magneto's character arc on the beliefs of Malcom X (really? really?!) and January Jones kvetching to the LA Times that the initial costume designs for Emma Frost were ridiculously, stupidly sexist - but other than that, it looks like it's shaping up to be an awesome movie.

Speaking of comics stufff, here is a comics-themed Zodiac. I'm a Bulbasaur.

And finally, the world's first Sanskrit Book Fair was held in Bangalore last week. Well, that only took four millennium to get off the ground.