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First Mysterious Cities of Gold is getting a continuation thirty years after it originally ended. Not a reboot, not a remake. A genuine continuation.

And now? Dallas is getting a continuation, twenty-one years after the original series went off the air. Not a reboot, not a remake. A genuine continuation.

The new Dallas will officially count as Season 15, for those of you keeping track at home.

Oh, and Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman are reprising their roles as Bobby Ewing and J.R. Ewing, respectively.

And I cannot stop laughing at the delightful shamelessness of this hilarious promo image.

Personally I kind of hope that this is the start of a trend. I know that everybody and their dog has been rebooting/remaking old 80's properties left and right, from cartoons to adult dramas to comics. But the idea of continuing a story rather than remaking the original is pretty cool on a lot of levels, even though we all know the risks inherent in making poorly-thought-out sequels. Bonus points for including a timeskip the way that the new Dallas apparently will. A timeskip allows the show to focus primarily on a new set of characters while still providing plenty of opportunities for the much-beloved older set of characters to make audience-pleasing appearances. This way the new show can account for the fact that the original cast has aged significantly, and account for the fact that not all of the members of the original cast are available to reprise their roles (hence the whole focus of the show shifting away from the original cast in the first place). From a storytelling perspective, it allows the original cast of characters to be minimally involved in the continuing plot without messing too much with how the storylines in the original series concluded, so that the real melodrama can be focused around the new set of characters. This neatly sidesteps one of the biggest problems with sequels in any medium - namely, that audiences don't like to see beloved older characters suffering through tons of retcons and ridiculous melodrama if we're more-or-less satisfied with how their storylines and character development arcs concluded twenty-some years ago - while still allowing the new cast to wallow in all of the ridiculous melodrama and cheesy plot twists that we love in a soap opera like Dallas. In short: Timeskips! They are almost universally a good idea in long-running soap operas, especially when a particular soap opera is about to get a new season after being off the air for over twenty years. ;)
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Here it is, holy shit, the actual fucking trailer for Mysterious Cities of Gold Season 2:

I know, it's in French. I know, the Golden Condor still looks ridiculous and Mendoza is still ridiculous and the parrot is still annoying. I know, the flash animation that worked so beautifully for Wakfu and My Little Pony just looks weird and awkward when combined with Cities of Gold's retro, rounded, semi-realistic character designs. I know, I know, I know.

And yet.

When that theme song starts playing at the end of the trailer. Oh my flash animation-loving God. I hear that and suddenly I'm three years old again, sitting on my dad's lap, either crying because the aliens in this cartoon are terrifying the shit out of me*, or freaking out because for some reason my dad (who is from South America) has the brilliant idea to attempt to EXPLAIN THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT OF THIS SHOW to his toddler daughter and I'm just like WHUT WHUT what do you mean that Zia was sold into slavery and what do you mean the Spanish dudes and the native people didn't get along and what do you mean that Tao isn't even a "real" native because his entire race is fictional. I mostly didn't get any of what my dad tried to explain to me. I didn't get it at all. But I did pick up the word "conquistador" from those conversations. My dad was super-proud when he finally taught me how to say that word, even though I didn't really understand the meaning or the weight of the word. All I knew was that my dad called Mendoza a "conquistador," therefore he was a conquistador. Whatever that meant.

I am absolutely not exaggerating when I say that some of my earliest memories are of watching this show. Heck, I barely remember anything about preschool, but I remember watching this show with my dad. And being mostly confused about the historical context and the conflicts between the Spaniards and the Incas and the Mayans and the Olmecs. And being completely terrified of those scary aliens that showed up in the final episodes. Hey, I was three years old, okay?

But despite being confused by some parts and outright terrified by others, I still loved that show. Oh my God, how I loved that show. Maybe it's because I was three years old at the time and I didn't have much in the way of discerning taste, or maybe it's because I just loved having that bonding experience with my dad, I don't know. But I definitely remember that I freakin' LOVED that show.

Oh, and if Cities of Gold returning to television later this year isn't enough of a nostalgiagasm for y'all, check this out:

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld is getting a reboot in DC's new Sword of Sorcery monthly.

Hell. Fucking. YES.

* Looking back now I have no idea why I was so terrified of the aliens in Mysterious Cities of Gold. I mean, they were just pointy-eared little bald men. I do remember having a pretty horrifying nightmare about them, though. In my nightmare they had red glowing eyes and were definitely a lot scarier than they appeared to be in the cartoon. So I think it's possible that my three-year-old brain confused my nightmare version of the aliens with the cartoon version of the aliens, and then got legitimately scared whenever the cartoon aliens appeared onscreen. I dunno.
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Mysterious Cities of Gold is coming out on DVD!!

Some of my earliest memories - I mean, literally my earliest memories - are of that show. I didn't watch it when it first aired, as I was just an infant, but I distinctly remember watching it sometime around when Julia was born, probably in syndication. My most distinct memories of that show are:

1. My dad teaching me the word conquistador and me thinking that it was the most awesome word EVER, and
2. Having nightmares about the scary aliens for weeks at a time.

Oh, nostalgia.