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Here's a lovely, lusciously-illustrated storybook about Karna that I scanned as a gift for someone, so I figured that I might as well post and share it here. As you can tell from the scans, my own copy is extremely old and beat-up, but it's still readable. So here you go.

Download high-res version (66 MB)

Download low-res version (13 MB)

As the book has been out of print for years, I don't feel too guilty doing this. And it really is a lovely book.
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I promised that I would post this final batch of scans once Tsubasa was finally finished. Well, Tsubasa isn't quite finished yet, but these have been sitting in my "to-upload" folder for far too long already, so here y'all go.

Great paper dolls... or GREATEST paper dolls?! )
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Right, then. It's time to get back on the scanspam horse. If you'll recall, we last left off with Anno Moyoco Day, before my computer decided to drink the virusaide, and then I got caught up in moving. Anywhoo, to re-kick things off, here is a very small scanspam post devoted to pretty girly things.

Tinkerbell, Ariel, and the Rose of Versailles. )

One more thing: I just posted two more Soul Eater CD scans over at [ profile] shibusen today. Here they are. There were only two of them this time, and they were older scans anyway, so that's why I posted them over there instead of over here.

So! My apologies that this particular post is so short. The next five scanspam posts, however, will be more on the "massive" end of the scale.

Coming Up Next! 1) Doujinspam the First with Takehito Harada Special. 2) Doujinspam the Second, 100% Toho Project. 3) Fate Day. 4) Hello Kitty Day. 5) Samurai Day. And then I'll finally be finished with my backlog!
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I am still in the midst of working on the Soul Eater Scanspam Post that Ate the World. Until that shizbit is ready to post, however, here's a selection of random scans that I've been hoarding on my hard drive. There's a mixture of Teh Pretty and Teh Brain-Breakage behind this cut.

Cuuuuuut! )
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(Thank you, [ profile] aster_dw, for the title of this post.)

FIRST! Because writing this series of posts has put me in the mood, this weekend I marathoned the fifth Sakura Taisen OAV series just for the heck of it. Then I did some poking around online, and, I am happy to report, the entire series is now available fansubbed, for those of you who want it. (The last time I checked it hadn't been completely fansubbed, but now... It has been!) The translation isn't the greatest, but it works. So, since this is the ONLY Sakura Taisen anime that is still unlicensed for distribution outside of Japan, y'all can check it out for free if you know where to look (*cough*).

And you all - or at least any of you that I've managed to get at least remotely interested in Sakura Taisen - should TOTALLY WATCH THIS OAV. Because it's one of the best introductions to the franchise that there is, and because it is awesome. First of all, because it's a completely self-contained story, and requires little to no knowledge of the game canon to watch. Second, it perfectly captures the COMPLETE AND UTTER INSANITY of Sakura Taisen in a way that no other animated version has yet managed to do. I mean, it's got everything, up to and including a carp-shaped spaceship. Yes, really. Plus, at one point in the series, some dude rips his own heart out - now there's the gore that previous Sakura Taisen anime shyed away from! Oh yeah, and at one point, a character actually shouts "Raise the quantum shields!" even though this anime is supposed to be set in frickin' 1928. Finally, I think it is worth mentioning that Our Hero Shinjiro spends prety much the ENTIRE series in drag, and not only that, is perpetually three seconds away from a makeout session with the manly villain of the series. Let me just say this now: This OAV is the gayest Sakura Taisen OAV ever. Heck, in the final episode, Rica even point-blank asks Shinjiro if he's going to marry the manly manly villain. That's kind of awesome.

But, anyway. The point of this entry is the Sakura Cafe. Yes, that's right. There's a cafe in Tokyo. And [ profile] aster_dw and I visited it. LOL, pictures! )

Anyway, we're almost at the end. Only one post left!
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First off, as [ profile] ladykleo indirectly reminded me in the previous post, has a really good Sakura Taisen entry, including a quick guide to the Tokyo characters, and an overview of some of the anime adaptations.

But, anyway. Moving on.

To recap what we've got so far! Sakura Taisen is a series of games/anime/manga about three groups of women who fight demons using giant robots powered by steam technology and psychic powers, who front their robot-demon-fighting operations with an opera company, a burlesque, and a vaudeville theater, respectively. The ST characters have also been brought to life by a series of live musical revues. Oh, and most of the women are eminently slashable.

But remember how I said that the stage shows got even freakier than what was hinted at two posts ago?

Yeah, they do. )

Still to come: A trip to the Sakura Taisen mecca, amazing toys that you could buy for the small price of four thousand dollars, still the greatest Christmas song every written, and a final musical bonanza.
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Continued from this post!

Kosuke Fujishima, who some of you may know as that guy who draws really incredibly awesome women, is the man responsible for the original Sakura Taisen character designs, and much of the game and anime artwork. He was succeeded by the also-awesome Hidenori Matsubara. Between the two of them, they've produced an incredible body of Sakura Taisen-related artwork. Here is some of the best of it. )

Okay now. Remember what those characters look like. Burn their visages into your mind's eye... Because things are about to get freaky. Really freaky. )