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I really wish that Marvel would take advantage of their Avengers-related momentum right now to produce a Young Avengers cartoon.

Think about it: It would be a perfect way to keep milking the franchise while everyone is waiting impatiently for the next film. The most successful superhero cartoon shows are almost always* the ones that focus on a team of teenagers, i.e. X-Men: Evolution, Teen Titans, and Young Justice, to name a few. And the Young Avengers comics have all of the elements that attract the devoted fanbases of those other teen superhero shows have, namely: Misunderstood/ostracized teenagers, lots of action, lots of angst, family drama, romantic drama, team bonding, team rivalries, unlikely friendships, the us-against-the-world-that-fears-and-hates-us formula that makes the X-Men perpetual favorites, and the young-upstarts-proving-themselves-to-older-mentors formula that fandom squees over in Young Justice.

To be fair, I've seen this idea bandied around before, and the most common response is usually along the lines of "but the Young Avengers characters have origins that are too convoluted and too deeply embedded in Marvel canon for a mainstream kids' show!" To which I can only say, really?! The Young Avengers characters have origins more convoluted than most of the cast of Young Justice?! Really?!

And also it's not like any of those convoluted origins can't be easily simplified or changed altogether for the sake of a TV adaptation, anyway. Come on people. IMHO, the only Young Avengers character whose backstory really shouldn't be messed with is Patriot, for what I hope are obvious reasons. I think that Patriot's origin story is incredibly powerful and incredibly important in the Marvel canon. But aside from Patriot, well, I wouldn't really weep if any of the other characters had changed or simplified backstories. Depending on how the origin stories are changed, some of them might even end up better off for it.

But anywhoo I just think it would be really cool if someday we got a Young Avengers cartoon. The characters are already popular with the comic-reading fandom, the recent success of Young Justice has shown that there's a huge fandom out there hungry for teen superhero shows, and with The Avengers kicking ass at the box office right now it just seems like perfect timing.

*Asterisk: The 90's-era Batman and X-Men cartoons are the biggest exceptions to this rule. But even in the case of the X-Men show I'd say it was still mostly about a group of angsty outcasts who certainly acted like teenagers a lot of the time, even if they were supposed to be older.
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I could be recapping today's installment of Tsubasa right now, but that would involve repeatedly slamming my head against my desk, and frankly right now I can't afford any more concussions this week.

I should be writing a review for Sequential Smarts, but my copy of Castle Waiting appears to have been devoured by the fiendish Nagano Prefecture Interlibrary Loan Gnomes. Maybe I'll do Mushishi instead? I have no idea how to place that in an edumacational context, though.

I have a huge folder of Scanspam-to-Upload sitting on my desktop, but mnet's servers are being weird tonight, so whatever.

Oh my God, I haven't updated my Flickr account since December. (*hangs head in shame*) Oh, this is going to be a fun catch-up!

Here's some more info about the NIS release of Sakura Wars V. Minor LOL moment: They used my scan of the soundtrack cover art from the Kosuke Fujishima STV artbook that I uploaded to in that article. I can recognize it because it's been my "featured" scan on animepaper for a while now. Yay, my scans get around!

Due to budget restraints and not wanting to touch Infernus with a ten-foot pole, I haven't been keeping up with any Marvel comics lately. But I can't wait to read the new New Mutants series. Yes, I know that it's shameless pandering to fans like me who are nostalgic for the 80's. But I don't care, it's still my favorite group of X-Men characters, and I've heard good things about the first issue. Also, check THIS out. Ooooooh, preeeeeetty. I don't care that her facial expression is totally out of character for Ilyana. The colors are soooooooooo preeeeeeetty.

Also, I've been watching Wolverine and the X-Men on, which miraculously does not block foreign IPs. I kind of like it so far. I can't decide if I like it because it's good, or if I like it because I'm just plain awesome'd by seeing te 4th-gen X-Men characters animated for the first time. Meh, I don't care. I can't even hear my own internal criticisms over the sound of how AWESOME Santo is.