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Soul Eater Chapter 104: The Dark Side of the Moon

To everybody on Tumblr who thought that this month's chapter title was a reference to Disney's Mulan...


(wait don't answer that I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH)

Anywhoo, recap time!

We open right where we left off last month, with Crona dripping black all over Noah and Asura and Noah staring straight up into Ragnarok's gaping maw.

"I'll dye you black with my blood," Crona says.

Asura is very, very calm about what happens next.

"Wh..." Sid starts to say.

"Wh... What is this!!" Index exclaims.

"It's okay for you to melt," Crona says.

"Guaaaaaah!" Index gurgles.

And Asura is still very, very chill about all of this.

A page later, Akane rather stupidly asks: "Is it over?!"

And next is the panel that apparently has been causing everybody on Tumblr to squeal "oh my god DAT ASS!!1!1!!" all weekend long but JESUS FUCK YOU GUYS I mean look at that thing do you honestly have no idea WHAT A BUTT IS SUPPOSED TO BE SHAPED LIKE. I mean either y'all are as bad at anatomy as Ohkubo is or y'all are just fourteen-year-old virgins who can't drive. I have never seen so many people so inappropriately excited over a malformed lump portruding from a character's hip before. And I have never so badly before wanted to grab an entire website by its collective neck and wring it while screaming "WHAT THE FLYING EVERLOVING KISHIN-GOBBLING FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!"

Ahem. Moving on.

So now Crona is calmly standing in front of Sid and Akane. Akane stares at Crona like a slack-jawed yokel, but at least Sid has the presence of mind to ask Crona a question. "Wh... What did you just do?! Did you swallow them...?"

Ragnarok pops out of Crona's stomach and burps.

"Noah-sama!!" Gopher tearfully screams.

Aaaaand then Ragnarok spits out Noah with an exaggerated pi-too!

Gopher rushes to Noah's side. "Noah-sama, hang in there!!"

"My insanity is mine," Crona says, licking hir own blood from hir lips. "The kishin's insanity is mine too. Now I will break the world."

Meanwhile! Maka feels a great disturbance in the force.

"Maka, what's wrong?" Soul asks.

"The kishin's wavelength is being consumed by another wavelength?! That wavelength is... Crona's!!"

Back inside the moon's nasal cavity! Crona begins to walk past Sid, so Sid takes the opportunity to deliver what is hands-down the best line in the entire chapter: "Crona... You... Swallowed the kishin... Are you okay?!"

Crona looks at Sid. "Don't worry... There's no need to rush... Soon I'll do the same to everyone."

"What is that supposed to mean!!"

"Don't you understand? Ah well, there's no need for you to fight me."

Back outside, on the surface of the moon! "The insanity... has abated?"

"No..." Spirit says. "Something's wrong. Don't let your guard down."

"Maka..." Kid says. "What in the world..."

"What is it? What happened?!" Black Star asks Maka. "Hey! Is Crona okay?"

"Wait... I still can't tell."

"Look at that!!" Kid shouts. "The moon's mouth is opening!!"

Indeed it is.

"What the heck!!" Kirikou helpfully exclaims.

And then heeeeeere's Crona!

"CRONAAAAA!!" Maka screams. Oh my god her face looks so goofy in this panel.

So then Ragnarok comes bursting out of Crona's stomach and proceeds to


for the next seven pages nonstop.

"Agh!!" Maka says, being blown backwards by the force of the sonic scream.

"UWAaAAA!!" The Shibusen goons exclaim.

And Stein is just standing there all NOT being forcibly blown backwards. "What a wavelength!! This must be Crona's wavelength!!"

Wow, way to go Stein. Nice job with the logic and reasoning there. Aren't you supposed to have a PhD or something? (Wait, let me guess: You actually did your doctorate in the new and exciting field of Stating the Obvious. It would explain a lot, actually.)

On the next page, the word bubble of Ragnarok's scream actually picks up a Shibusen dude and flings him across the page. Oh my god lol. I'd forgotten that Ragnarok's word bubbles could do that (since we last saw that particular trick being used in chapter 68 or thereabouts. Man, has it really been that long?!).

"This is bad!!!" Kid exclaims, with three exclamation points to emphasize how bad it is. "Those with weak soul wavelengths are going to be crushed by that scream!!" He raises one of his guns. "Soon that scream is going to cover the entire moon!! We have to evacuate those who can't withstand the scream right away!!"

"You say 'evacuate' but our airship is still smashed to smithereens!!" Ox says.

"Gen-san, you're a genius who can repair the ship in 30 seconds, right?" Kid says.

"OF COURSE NOT!!" Gen says.

"It's just open ocean beneath the moon," Kirikou says, "so if we all just jump, maybe somehow it will work out?"


Fortunately Jackie is not as COMPLETELY INSANE as Kirikou is. "Do you have any idea how high up we are right now? It's not like this isn't something you should've looked up before we got here..."

Fortunately, Eruka is smarter than the Spartoi! As she usually is, because being smart-but-cowardly actually is her schtick, remember, except for that one time that she and Mizune were stupid enough to think that they were clever enough to out-smart Medusa. Yeah, that didn't work out too well for them. But anywhoo: "Free, can't you do something? Grandmother Witch-sama has left already and my magic is all tapped out."

"Oh?! You mean use my magic?!"

"SPACIAL MAGIC!!?" Kid exclaims, suddenly remembering that THAT'S WHAT FREE DOES.

"I might be able to send these guys somewhere else, but my control is bad and I don't know where they're going to end up!!" Free says. "But I guess I hafta try."

Kid watches a Shibusen grunt having a meltdown, then turns back to Free. "Anywhere is fine! Just hurry up and send them away!!"

"We're going to stay here, of course," Maka says. "Hurry up and get the rest of them out of here!"

"Don't have too much faith in me!!" Free says. "Wolf wolves wolf wolves..."

"Kid-dono!!" Zubaydah says.

"We're staying behind with you," Alexandre says.

"I apologize, but I do not have confidence in my abilities to protect you from this point onward," Kid says.

"Kid!" Ox protests, starting to be absorbed in whatever the heck Free is doing.

"Hey, hey, we're getting sent away too!" Kirikou says.

"From this point onward, it will be a battle between Order and Madness... A battle between Fear and Courage, a battle between the gods! So do not worry," Kid says, striking a dramatic pose. "Wait for us down there. We will be joining you shortly."

"Here we go!!" Free says. "TRANSFER!!"

A flash of light. Smoke and dust clears.

Kid poses dramatically again. "Hm... They're gone..."

"It's strange," Liz says, "but even in the midst of this scream suddenly everything seems so quiet."

"Yes," Kid says, dramatically posing again, his hair blowing in the wind. "It certainly is."

Meanwhile, everybody standing behind Kid is all like, Wait for it...

Kid's eye twitches. "It... It really is quiet..." He starts to sweat. "It seems like the moon is so far away..."

And then he snaps. "YOU IDIOT!!!! WHY DID YOU SEND ME DOWN HERE TOO!!!!"

"I told you not to have too much faith in me!!" Free defends himself.

"He sent me down here too," Stein adds.


"We're too far away from the moon for my powers to work like that!!" Free says. "At least I got everybody to a safe location. That's good enough..."

Oh my god Kid's EPIC POUT FACE.

Kid pulls out his skateboard. "Liz, Patti! We're going back! And YOU! I am going to KILL YOU as soon as I get back!!"

Free shrugs off this threat with a smile. "You can go ahead and try to kill me. I'm immortal, you know."

"ARRRRRRRRGH... YOU I--DIOT!" Kid launches himself into the sky. "They'd better not die before I get back to the moon!"

Uh, wait, what about Stein?

Also, what about Sid, Mira, Akane, and Clay? Are they still inside the moon?! Did Crona swallow them too, or did Crona leave them alone? None of them are shown amongst the group of characters that Free evacuated, so I dunno. I guess they're all still inside the moon, then?

Speaking of: Back on the moon! Spirit looks around, confused. "S... Stein?"

"Ki... Kid's gone too..." Black Star says.

"You came," Crona says. "Maka..."

"Your soul..." Maka says. "So you really did absorb the kishin."

"My insanity grew until it could match the kishin's insanity---... I can resonate with the kishin's soul now... I can't go back to how I was anymore... My black blood can't be stopped..."

"What should we do, Maka?" Black Star asks. "If it were Asura we could just beat him up without having to hold back, but..."

"I don't know..." Maka says. "I don't know, but..." She turns and glares up at Crona, "Standing around and talking like this isn't going to solve anything." Then she turns and glances up at her father.

"?" Spirit says. Then he smiles. "Go right ahead. It would be foolish of me to open my big mouth and interfere in a fight between kids."

"This 'fight between kids' is going to determine the fate of the world," Maka says. "It's a lot of pressure..."

"The world or my daughter---... If you were to ask me which one to choose, Papa will always choose Maka. Without hesitation."

Wow, Spirit. Way to finally grow the fuck up. I mean it's not like for the first fourteen years of her life you were constantly asked to choose between your daughter and YOUR PENIS and you chose YOUR PENIS every time, or anything. I'm glad that you finally got the fuck over yourself, though. Enjoy Maka's kawaii face in these panels, Spirit Albarn, because you finally earned it.

"Black Star, Tsubaki-chan, will you help me too?" Maka asks.

"Of course we will. There's a lot of dudes inside that one Crona right now, but I wouldn't mind even a 3-against-1 fight," Black Star brags.

"And Soul?"

"Why are you even asking me," Soul says. "I'm going to stick with you no matter where you go."

Maka turns back toward the mouth of the moon. "CRONAAA!! Medusa may have broken you, BUT I'M GOING TO BEAT SOME SENSE BACK INTO YOU!!"

Crona grins.

To be continued next month! PS - Soul Eater volume 23 will be on sale on December 22nd!

Also Bleachh continues to be the biggest asshole in the fandom but hey, y'all already knew that.

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Omg thank you for being one of the very few people who find's Crona's bulbous ass totally unappealing I mean Jesus Christ that looks more like a tumor than an actual functioning body part.

Argh Ohkubo why do you keep writing Asura out of the story so quickly? Just once I'd like to see Asura appear and actually do something for several chapters in a row. Horrible pacing is horrible. And Noah is still alive too oh for goodness sakes.

I can feel Spirit's character death points increase with each and every chapter. I am not emotionally prepared for the possibility of Spirit dying oh man.

Once again thanks for the recap and translation!
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Not just the horrible bulbous ass, but the micro-feet and hands, yet Maka's mouth is big enough to fit a whole cheeseburger in it. Also her boobs apparently are going to stick around but her waist will remain tiny. I think Ohkubo and Liefeld went to the same art school in the back alley.

Also Maka was that a really appropriate time to have a "are you with me???" moment I mean they went to the moon with you can you really question that.

A-aaanyway, thanks as always for the recap and translation. Oh--and the info on Japanese and swearing. /hi, is from tumblr

(Anonymous) 2012-11-11 06:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Wow I haven't laughed this hard with a Soul Eater chapter in FOREVER. I think probably never. Kid don't ever stop being your super-awkward self.

Also c'mon!! I am not yet over the fact that Shinigami-sama is going to die and now Spirit is probably not coming back from the moon? (Why couldn't Stein go with Kid?!!) This is going to emotionally kill me :'(

I don't know what to think about the Noah thing, though. There are like 5 more Noah's but... I don't even know who's got the Brew or the book so *shrug* Maybe Index did melt!

Anyway, thanks so much for the recap! I can't believe people missed the Pink Floyd reference with the one and only Sid Barret right there ;)

(Anonymous) 2012-11-11 09:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Ohkubo's always taken liberties with Crona's anatomy, I think it's deliberate to portray him/her as twisted and corrupted by madness. At least that's how I interpret it, it could just be Ohkubo being an idiot.

[identity profile] 2012-11-12 12:18 am (UTC)(link)
Pink Floyd was honestly the first thing that came to my mind when I read the title but I didn't occur to me that it was probably on purpose considering all the other musical references in the series -durr all aboard the slow trainnnn-

I just wanted to finally comment here and thank you for always doing these recaps. I find them way better/more entertaining than the other fan translations.

(Anonymous) 2012-11-12 06:19 am (UTC)(link)
Yes! Free and Eruka are safe again! I swear These two are my new Team Rocket, ship and all.

Maka vs Crona

(Anonymous) 2012-11-12 08:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Before absobing asura, crona already seemed stronger then blackstar... and now he even has the kishin in him and those idiots want to battle Oo?

Sry for my english :D

[identity profile] 2012-11-12 11:45 pm (UTC)(link)
"Crona... You... Swallowed the kishin... Are you okay?!"

Crona, are you okay? Do you need like…..some Advil or something? Or a glass of water or…?!?

I kind of cannot stand tumblr's reaction to this chapter, particularly with Spirit and Maka's father-daughter moment. Because really, everyone is just being all peaches and cream about it. "Aww, what a cute moment! Spirit is such a good dad! :D" Like no. Excuse me but no. There is no way on Earth that that one comment from Spirit justifies him as being a good dad. I- no.

Actually, in fact, most people on tumblr from what I've seen legitimately think Spirit is a really good father who cares about his daughter a whole lot and Maka is just being "mean" or "rude" to him. Which just irritates meeeeeee.

"And Soul?"

"Why are you even asking me," Soul says. "I'm going to stick with you no matter where you go."

Okay awww. I get what he's saying and all and it's the exact same thing he's been saying from chapter one, but just the phrasing of it is awww.

And as always, thanks so much for the translation! c:

[identity profile] 2012-11-14 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
Every single word of this, just yes. Completely agreed.

(Anonymous) 2012-11-13 11:49 pm (UTC)(link)
I've decided that my new headcanon for Ragnarok is that Crona's insanity has been making him become a mindless lizard blob that has the same communication skills as paper-jam Dipper.
Which is kind of an interesting reverse when you consider Ragnarok was originally going to swallow up Crona's soul.

Also, question for you, since I haven't the slightest idea on it. Is Gopher supposed to be around the same age as the main cast, cause for a while I just thought he was short.

Thanks for the recap :D I always look forward to these

[personal profile] kellyindallas 2012-11-14 08:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Perhaps all the madness is located in Crona's lumpy ass? This might explain why it's inspiring people to put on their crazypants over it.

As always thank you for the recap! Not only are you excellent and amazing in general, but you coined the phrase "Kishin-Gobbling Fuck". For that I will eternally adore you.

And why we're on the subject of Kishin, why was he ever considered a threat? All that hoopla and he turns out to be nothing but a snack. Talk about a letdown.

(Anonymous) 2012-11-15 06:38 am (UTC)(link)
He's not just a snack; he also comes wrapped in napkins.

Also, it seems like it was a big buildup to make Crona seem that much more badass in the endgame.
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Relevant icon is relevant

[personal profile] terajk 2012-11-23 10:11 pm (UTC)(link)
As always, thank you for your recap. Like someone above said, I like it much better than the fan translations <3

Also AHAHAHAHA FREE THE WEREWOLF OH MY GOD. This is why you should never trust anyone with no sense of direction and freaking *spatial magic.*

*flappy hands for Free*
terajk: Ryoga, grabbing Ranma by his pajama-top and shouting: "Do you remember where my house is?!" (Default)

Re: Relevant icon is relevant

[personal profile] terajk 2012-11-23 11:42 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't think it's so much that Free has no sense of direction, rather that he's just incompetent about all of his magic - spatial, ice magic, etc.

Ah! That makes sense. (Back in the Baba Yaga arc he ended up in the opposite tower to the one he was trying to find, but I don't remember how he got there.)
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Sorry I haven't commented I had to get my monitor replaced and I was dealing with some things . Any way great chapter I didn’t expect Asura to go out like that so soon May be heel be back. And yay crona got the kishin his soul seems to be intact It seems however that ragnarok has become the kishin. And while I was searching Norse mythology I found this from Poetic Edda {It sates itself on the life-blood of fated men, paints red the powers' homes with crimson gore. Black become the sun's beams in the summers that follow, weathers all treacherous.} I couldn't help but think of Crona when it said Black become the sun's beams but it clicked when Crona said I will dye the moon black with my blood. Crona will dye the moon black and the sun will eclipse the moon and black will become the suns beams and then covering the world with madness. Also the dark side of the moon album's last song is eclipse.
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