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Your My Little Pony Moment of Zen.

So, My Little Pony did a Halloween episode last night. Which in and of itself was pretty awesome.

The episode was all about Luna. Which in and of itself was pretty awesome.

The ponies were all dressed in costume, which gave the animators a million opportunities to add meta-humor to the episode, some of which was incredibly unsubtle (Twilight Sparkle being her usual nerdy self and acting annoyed that nobody recognized her costume of an obscure historical figure; Spike wearing a costume of himself) and some of which was more blink-and-you'll-miss-it (i.e. that egg popping out of Pinkie Pie's butt when Luna scares her).

But the best background joke of all?

THIS PONY, who is wearing a costume of "Steve Zissou being eaten by a shark."

This show, you guys. This show.
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I haven't seen it yet cuz I'm at work but OH MY GOD THAT IS SO AMAZING christ i hope when I'm an animator I can work for a show as rad as this

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One of my friends is a big fan of Luna so he enjoyed it.

I can see why people like the show now.

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Yay a Luna episode! Can't wait to see it, but I'm going to have to make myself wait until later in the evening until I get my homework done. It will be my treat for finishing.
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I haven't seen the episode, but brilliant ^^

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If only it was a Jaguar Shark :<
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If only. :(

(It's okay, though. MEANWHILE, ON CARTOON NETWORK, the Thundercats reboot is providing awesometastic shark characters.)

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I loved this episode, although I must admit that the NO INDOOR VOICE AND SUPER FORMAL LUNA WHO SOUNDS REALLY SCARY was a bit unexpected. She seemed so sweet and shy in the episode we first see her, but then again, having your evil villainess persona just defeated would do that to you. We also see that Luna has a few personality flaws that she shares with Nightmare Moon, like being so quick to assume that the ponies didn't like her (although with them shrieking and running away, that's not so far fetched), and having to get her own way - declaring no more Nightmare Nights, ever? I suspect these weaknesses made her more suspectible to whatever turned her into Nightmare Moon in the first place, a thousand years ago.

(Yes, my image right now is of another Luna. Pure happy coincidence. :) )

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I dunno if you know anything about Gaia Online, but they have big events for holidays and the NPCs that run the various shops dress up in costume, usually for various popular fandoms. One NPC is a frightening wild elk named Carl who took over an abandoned junk store. His "dialogue" is things like (Carl levels his glassy gaze at you.) and (You get the feeling that if you want to buy something, you should just leave your money on the counter and back out slowly...) and (Carl rubs his hindquarters against a clothing rack and grunts vigorously.) He looks like this:

This Halloween, it seems the devs dressed him up as Pinkie Pie:

If you try to get candy from him too soon after your previous trick-or-treat, you get the message (Carl coughs up a piece of candy still in the wrapper.) You can get more in ## secs.

No words.