nenena: (MLP - rainbow dash)
nenena ([personal profile] nenena) wrote2011-10-22 05:34 pm

Your My Little Pony Moment of Zen.

So, My Little Pony did a Halloween episode last night. Which in and of itself was pretty awesome.

The episode was all about Luna. Which in and of itself was pretty awesome.

The ponies were all dressed in costume, which gave the animators a million opportunities to add meta-humor to the episode, some of which was incredibly unsubtle (Twilight Sparkle being her usual nerdy self and acting annoyed that nobody recognized her costume of an obscure historical figure; Spike wearing a costume of himself) and some of which was more blink-and-you'll-miss-it (i.e. that egg popping out of Pinkie Pie's butt when Luna scares her).

But the best background joke of all?

THIS PONY, who is wearing a costume of "Steve Zissou being eaten by a shark."

This show, you guys. This show.

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