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18 Days is available on Amazon for a sweet discounted price of only $17 for a hardcover edition with 120 pages of Mukesh Singh artgasm. A 47-page preview is available for free on Scribd.

I am looking forward to enjoying the Mukesh Singh artwork almost as much as I am looking forward to laughing really, really hard at the "Grant Morrison writes about the Mahabharata" sections of the book. Actual quotes from the preview pages:

Snark behind cut. )

Meh, enough snark for now. The artwork by Mukesh Singh is OH MY GOD ABSFUCKINGLUTELY MINDBLOWINGLY GORGEOUS and makes the entire book worthwhile, especially if you ignore the pages full of Grant Morrison's braindroppings.

Wait, that book was listed on Amazon all the way back in July?! How did I miss that until now?! Oh yeah, the semester from hell. That's why.

Meanwhile! The Liquid Comics website is showing new artwork for Ramayan 3392 AD in several places (check out the front page and the Ramayan gallery under "Titles"), yet no new issues are available on either the Liquid website or on Scribd. Hmmm. Yet Liquid is apparently finishing some of Virgin's unfinished projects, as Buddha was finally completed last summer and is now available in graphic novel format.

Liquid is releasing all of the old Virgin titles on more digital devices now. For the iPad, you can now get the entire Ramayan 3392 series for $9.99, some parts of Reloaded for free, and all five issues of The Tall Tales of Vishnu Sharma for $4.99. Of course you can still download good old-fashioned PDFs of all of the previous titles plus the entire rest of Liquid's line from their Scribd website and import the comics to your e-reader that way, too. ;) Which is how I got Devi on my iPad right now.

UNIVERSAL FORMATS: DOIN' IT RIGHT. Thank you, Virgin/Liquid! Manga publishers, are you paying attention?!

Speaking of Virgin Comics alums, Abhishek Singh is up to awesomeness, with art shows in New Delhi and Los Angeles.
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For those of you who have been starved by the recent lack of awesomecore Indian comics available in the United States...

Check this action out.

Through one of those "lol, internet!" coincidences, I got in touch with one of the professors who is contributing research to The Sixth, which is a seriously epic-looking series about Karna. And the first sixteen pages of it are already posted online in their digital comics section. Also, there is Moksha, a series in which, based on the preview artwork posted on their website, it looks like apparently Hanuman pwns an entire pack of werewolves with his bare hands.

Also, the artwork is preeeeeeetty.
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Filed firmly in the WTF category:

Katsuya Terada's comic book about Sūn Wùkōng. "He raised holy hell as the baddest ape in Ancient China..." Check out that spiky hair, Liefeld-esque snarl, and of course, my personal favorite manly fashion statement, chest-baring shoulder-armor.

Compare to...

That Saurav Mohapatra and Swapnil Singh comic book about Hanuman. Remember the epic mullet? The giant elephants with spikes? The rippling biceps and barely-there shoulder-armor? Yeah.

Who's the real baddest badass ape in the ancient world? Neither of these guys, as MONKEY ARE NOT APES Goddamit! I think we need to have a cagematch between Katsuya Terada's Monkey King and Swapnil Singh's Hanuman to determine who should really be wearing the King of the Badass Monkeys crown.

For the record, however, I think that the crown still belongs to this little guy:

This guy? Accidentally mistook the sun for a giant fruit, and ate it.

Top that, Sūn Wùkōng. I dare you to top that.