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Adorable space aliens learn about human love and eco-friendliness!

Probably a difficult concept to pull off without being barf-worthy in the first place, but it could have, in theory, at least been somewhat cute and whimsical. Instead, however, we're getting this:

Okay, flist, honest question time: Has Toyota ever had a clever or interesting advertising campaign? Ever?

I'm asking this question because in all honesty I absolutely cannot recall a single Toyota commercial that has ever struck me as entertaining, amusing, interesting, or even non-annoying save for this one. But maybe I'm just overlooking something.

(I have a lot of feelings about commercials, apparently.)
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Ice-T's reaction shot is the best part of the video.

Other things:

1. Vera Brosgol's dialogue-less, 35-page comic "What, were you raised by wolves?" is brutal and beautiful and will rip your heart out. Hat-tip to [personal profile] slakemoths for the link.

2. Holy shit these background moments in this week's MLP episode. I completely missed both the Twist drama and the fact that the elderly pony that Sweetie Bell sang about was at a funeral.

3. The Art of Animation (NSFW) is the best thing on Tumblr, possibly one of the best things on the internet period. The blog is also useful as ammunition for dispelling the myth that Asian artists only create anime/manga-styled works.

4. Well, I dunno why people are coming here instead of watching [community profile] shibusen for Soul Eater news, but since some of y'all seem to have missed this: Not! chapter 11 is now available on the YenPress website. Yes it was released the same day that it was on Japan, yes there is a message from Ohkubo to US readers and a cute bonus drawing of Tsugumi in this month's chapter, and yes this month's chapter is awesome. Also Ohkubo may or may not have changed the spelling of Anya's name again, I dunno but when I get my copy of GanGan tomorrow I'll know for sure. But in the meantime, everyone who wants Soul Eater news should join or at least watch [community profile] shibusen. There's even an RSS feed for all of your syndication needs!

5. Meanwhile, over at MTVGeek, Brigid Alverson interviewed Kurt Hassler about Soul Eater, Soul Eater Not!, and working with Square Enix Japan on making the simultaneous release of Not! happen. It's a interesting read, but for me the best part is when Hassler actually starts describing Not!'s relationship to Soul Eater and it's so beautifully clear that he GETS exactly what's appealing about both series and how they're different and why Ohkubo is a kick-ass artist. He also gets exactly what consumers want, he really gets it:

Hassler said he, and other publishers, know what people want: "They want it quicker, digitally, with no territory restrictions," he said. "We know all this, but knowing it and making it happen are two different things."

There's also some interesting information about why Yen+ isn't available on the iPad yet, even though Yen Press's other books are. In short: Holy app infrastructure technical limitations, Batman, this shit isn't as easy as it looks!
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Subaru, or Volkswagon?

Actually, Subaru has had a string of really clever, funny ad campaigns for the past couple years. And Volkswagon ads never disappoint. (Does anybody remember the "stinky chair" ad from the 90s? The one with the "da da da" song? Yeah. I still do.)
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OMG! It has recently come to attention that some of y'all might not have seen the two commercials starring Akebono that aired in Japan to promote the first season of Glee. In case you missed them:

Because Akebono is freakin' awesome.

Edited to add: This "making-of" video for the first commercial is kind of glorious. Holy crap that kid is so unbelievably adorable!