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Fannish linkspam.

Some of these links are old, some of them are new. I hope that all of them are interesting for you.

Uktena is a historically accurate (well, with the addition of a few supernatural elements) free PC roleplaying game created by Toye Heape and based on native cultures that lived in Tennessee about six hundred years ago. It needs some funding help to get off the ground. As to why this game is awesome and important, here's what Heape has to say:

When the game is finished I want to make it available as a free digital download. I have plans for future games that I'd like to create and possibly sell, but it's important to me that as many people as possible have access to Uktena. Here's why: When many people hear the words Native American they think of teepees, war bonnets, and other icons associated with the great horse riding, buffalo hunting cultures of the American plains, but you won't be seeing those things in this game. Uktena is about a different Native culture and a different period in American history, neither of which is very well known to most people. I believe Uktena has the potential to help change that by immersing players in that prehistoric world and letting them participate in that civilization while having a fun gaming experience.

[...]In recent years road projects, housing developments, shopping centers, and even libraries and museums, along with illegal looting, have impacted or destroyed major Native American archaeological sites in the Nashville area. It may seem inconceivable that America's heritage could be wiped out like this, but I believe a major reason is because most people aren't aware of it. This was one of my main motivations for creating Uktena. I think a video game can have a powerful impact on the imagination in a way that other media can't, and once the player has "experienced" the history he or she will be more likely to object to what little is left of it being crushed under the treads of a bulldozer. [...] At the same time I want you to know that, like most people, my main objective when playing a game is to have fun, and I'll do my best, with your invaluable assistance, to make Uktena a fun and exciting game.

Recently there's been a lot of discussion on Tumblr and Dreamwidth about fan-funded indie games that are intended to be inclusive of people and cultures not normally represented in your typical mainstream RPGs. Unfortunately a lot of that discussion is fueled by a Certain Project doing nearly everything wrong. Well, here's an example of a game that is really, truly doing it right. And even though the Kickstarter deadline for this project has passed, there are still ways that you might be able to help it get the funding that it needs.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the internet! A whole lot of dimwitted male movie critics have been trying to gain Feminism Points by critiquing how Black Widow is portrayed in The Avengers. The overwhelming problem with most of these reviews, however, is not that there isn't anything bad to be said about Black Widow's portrayal or Joss Whedon's often strangely limited flavor of feminism - because there most certainly IS an awful lot worthy of critique there - but that movie critics are, for some inexplicable reason, complaining about Black Widow being useless in the film. Uh, what? Fortunately, Ian Grey has an excellent takedown of that argument. Bonus points for actually calling out the offending movie critics by name.

Speaking of Doing It Right: Dan Norton is the amazing character designer for the new Thundercats series and he's posting all of his character and mech design work on Deviantart. Well worth a gander even if you're not into Thundercats. Also, some time ago Norton's gallery hosted a hilarious flamewar during which Norton beautifully smacked down a sexist fanboy who showed up to complain about Pumyra's new design being "too manly" and not having big enough breasts. Sadly, however, those comments seem to have been deleted now.

More potpourri links:

Paul Tobin hilariously describes stupid depictions of gender in fiction.

Swan Tower writes about writing fight scenes.

How to Illustrate Weelchairs. Also useful information for anybody who wants to write about or film characters who use wheelchairs.

Push Girls is a show that documents the lives of four women who use wheelchairs.

This is the best Avengers/Disney mashup. The BEST.
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That Uktena game sounds really neat! But which "Certain Project" are you referring to?
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Never heard of it. My Googling is informing me that it turned out to be some kind of scam?
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a character with an artificial leg ... who can make his body into any shape or form that he wants

a magical genderqueer healer shaman

man + woman, woman + genderqueer butch, and woman + genderqueer butch

Oh for fuck's sake. I've read trashy yuri manga that was more enlightened than this.

Yup, you read that right: Epic romance that begins as a master-slave relationship.

Ha! I actually did read about that one after leaving my above comment, and I was like whaaaaaaaat. And it was especially facepalm-worthy because one of the two characters is black, or so I heard. Speaking of which, someone pointed out that the black character has very Caucasian-looking facial features and hair, which kind of shoots the racial inclusiveness in the foot. As does the racist behavior of the notorious wanker you mentioned, and one rumor I heard that their character designer is a white cis man. Even though they've been refusing offers of help from white and/or non-queer people because this is supposed to be a "by queer POCs, for queer POCs" project.

Judging by my further googling, I think you're right that "scam" is perhaps too flattering a word for this... mess. These people don't strike me as being organized enough to run a scam, unless they're extremely skilled at obfuscating stupidity. I guess people saw "please give us 100 grand even though we have no design doc!" and assumed there was some kind of cunning scheme behind it.

But thank you for summarizing for me! I genuinely hadn't heard a peep about this until you mentioned it, so I was very ?__? Though I'm not connected to the gaming scene at all, so that's probably why. (I was reading one blog post that was pointing out the art quality, and they were like "Just look at the sprites!" and I was like "Wait, what's a sprite?" And then Wikipedia told me.)