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Good on Hasbro.

Hasbro edited that horrible, horrible scene from "The Last Roundup" and just made it a thousand percent better:

Of course the internet has been exploding today with bronies pissing themselves with rage over the fact that Hasbro "killed" Derpy. And sending death threats to Yamino and other fans who spoke out against the original version, etc.

Jesus pony-collecting Christ, the grossness of this fandom sometimes. If this had been the original scene in the first place you know the bronies would have been creaming themselves over how much they loved it. Does changing the voice and removing one mention of her fandom nickname from the scene really "ruin" it in any way?! The new voice is way cuter and who the fuck cares if your (arguably quite offensive) fandom nickname is mentioned in the show or not. This edit is probably the best possible way that Hasbro could have fixed the problem - it barely changes anything about the scene at all, but still makes it way more adorable and way less ableist, so hooray because EVERYBODY WINS - yet the bronies are really determined to throw an internet temper tantrum over this, aren't they.

Oh well. Hasbro is great, this show is pretty great, but the fandom has gotten horrible over the past year, news at eleven.
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Well, I honestly don't see why everyone is making such a big fuss. I happen to think this is great. My best friend/fellow brony and I weren't too pleased with the original voice. I think it's cute, and not nearly as…..offensive as the first voice. Now she just seems a little "derpy" and not totally mentally challenged.

Also: Wow, I just looked at the comments for the video. Wow. I don't even like this fandom anymore.
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It's unfortunate that, even though Hasbro is listening to their fans, they can't please everyone. But that goes for just about everything.

That being said, I thought the first recording was somewhat amusing, but I do Doo's...(I think that's the other name they've used for her in the past) new voice compared to the old one. It has a better sound to it, while the previous one seemed...rather forced and unnatural to the actress.

This is why I usually keep my opinions to myself when it comes to things like this, and NEVER post comments on places like youtube lol. Saves lots of drama. There does a exist a quiet minority with level heads, but you wouldn't know it with the...outrage....that keeps exploding.
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Apparently love and tolerance now includes death threats.

I do love the hypocrisy of the bronies in how they're treating others- I see them complain constantly about the treatment they get in other communities, and now they're doing the same thing. (Plenty of them have pointed out said hypocrisy though, so they're not all clueless)
Something good/creative from the community.

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This version of the scene is much better, even though it doesn't completely right the previous error in the first place. Though, for better or for worse, I'm impressed at how responsive Hasbro is to the fans.

Speaking of the fans, I'm gonna put this out right now: the "Derpy Hooves" obsession is one of the grossest things about the fandom. While the fandom is wonderfully enthusiastic and creative, this aspect alone has prevented me from getting too involved in this fandom. I really don't get offended by many things, but oh my God does this part of the fandom offend me so much.

Although I don't talk about personal stuff online too often, I will say that I've been pretty involved with nonprofits that help those with disabilities throughout my life. I've been around these communities often enough to know them pretty well, as well as how the people outside groups like Best Buddies react to them. I spent every day in high school my junior and senior year watching my kindhearted friend Guillermo get teased by assholes who would teach him to say or do inappropriate things, pretend to be his friend and put him into uncomfortable situations while laughing derisively at him, or straight-up make fun of him. They found it funny; I found it disgusting and cruel. The brony obsession with Derpy Hooves and all of the macros, fanart, reaction, etc, in my opinion, derives from the same vein of that behavior, sans most of the intentional malice.

"Derpy" people are funny, and its silly how they can't seem to do things right, bless them!<=NOT A TOLERANT DISPOSITION BRONIES. Don't kid yourselves. All of these comments about how the portrayal of Derpy Hooves is tolerant because it portrays those with disabilities in a "positive way" are ridiculous. How was the original scene "positive" to those with down syndrome? Was Derpy able to do something productive and helpful, or was she portrayed as a sweethearted screwup? Was Rainbow Dash understanding or was she agitated at Derpy? Actually, I want to mention something about the "sweethearted screwup" thing, since that's what most "tolerant" people think of those with disabilities. Yes, the people with disabilities that I have met and befriended are among the kindest, most life-loving people, but using that trait coupled with the "screwup" bit doesn't make Derpy or other special needs characters more well-rounded as a character (or less stereotypical, seriously guys). Derpy was still shown to be wrecking havoc and costing the city lots of money for the damage. Um. Most individuals with special needs aren't blissfully happy all of the time; they can also get frustrated at themselves and feel upset or angry, and their temperaments and attitudes are just as diverse as those in the general population.

Quick side note: why are people comparing this to shows like "Ed, Edd n' Eddy" and "Spongebob Squarepants?" Although I haven't really watched either of these shows (and don't care to, to be honest), any "special" characters in these shows are NOT comparable to Derpy Hooves. Those characters were designed that way from the onset and are not created from a fan reaction to a background character's animation error (was it originally an animation error? I could be wrong about that). Secondly, those shows, to my knowledge, base their humor on things that appeal to the lowest denominator, whereas MLP is more clever with its writing. And MLP, unlike the previously mentioned cartoons, tries to impart important life lessons about friendship, kindness, and acceptance for its viewers. It's so stupid to say "if its 'okay' for those other shows, why is Derpy offensive?!" We're comparing apples to oranges here, and I should mention that most shows that feature characters with disabilities either present them one-dimensionally or botch the character royally. Most characters with special needs in media aren't done well, period.

Next time Derpy Hooves appears in the show (though I personally hope she doesn't, since she only feeds this ignorant ugliness), she better be doing something that reveals a talent of hers, or something like that. Like my friend Guillermo, who is using his love for movies and theater to study it as a Theater Major at UCF (the second largest university in the nation). Or another friend, Robert, who's fascination with weather patterns and hurricanes led him to pursue a career in meteorology. That would be a truly positive portrayal, not a gross caricature.

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From what I read from the comments on that video you shared, yes, people are comparing Derpy to other perceived "special characters." I think another one that was mentioned was Cosmo from the Fairly Odd Parents (now THIS one I watched, and wow, really?). Characters like these are made outlandishly dim-witted or silly to make children laugh and "get the joke;" they are not supposed to be representative of any real demographic. Derpy Hooves is, and even some bronies have unwittingly admitted as such.

I probably shouldn't even bother reading Youtube comments at this rate; 95% of Youtube comments are mindnumbingly inane, offensive, or just outright pointless and stupid.

It's good to know that some fanfic authors have been able to portray her with a disability in a positive manner (though I imagine you'd have to wade through pages of failtastic attempts to find a gem). I think that MLP could've made something good from a character with a disability. With how they've built up the Ponyville community, it's not out-of-place to give Derpy a role that emphasizes a strength of hers. At my high school, Robert did the morning weather report as part of the school's morning news. He loved to track hurricanes and cold/warm fronts, and he could answer almost any question about weather that you could think up. Especially during Hurricane Season, that's an extremely valued skill in Florida, and many students went to him for advice and updates.

Why can't they try that for Derpy? After this fiasco, Hasbro probably isn't going to touch the character with a 50 ft pole in any meaningful way, so my hopes aren't high.
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I work for Prudential as a field worker and I work with a girl with down syndrome, who happens to be the daughter of one of my mother's long time friends. Seeing the fandom's reaction, what little I've seen of it, about the change in Derpy's voice makes me sick. And you're absolutely right, people with disabilities aren't always happy. They get frustrated, especially when they cant convey their feelings.
Everything you typed are my exact feelings on this matter.

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As a brony I'm pretty okay with "Derpy's" new voice.

Also I don't really see how "Derpy" as a name is that offensive, I thought it just meant to have a, well the expression that comes up if you google image derp, not a crack towards people with mental disabilities (but please correct me if I'm wrong).

I also don't see why they had they had to uncross her eyes.

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Okay, thanks for clearing that up. :D
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I don't mean to double-comment or anything, but I have just seen this topic exploding everywhere on the internet. I literally feel disgusted at some of my friends who are bronies who try and convince me that the fandom wants Derpy to stay cross-eyed and with a deep "derpy" voice because the fandom loves her that way and is so f*cking "tolerant" of her. (I apologize for my languge. >n<) I desperately have been trying to refrain from screaming at them that, "Tolerant my ass, fandom wants "Derpy" to be "derpy" so they can just laugh whenever she screws up and just destroys shit. Don't even try to sound like such a saint, it's repulsive."

And I agree with the statement that using the word "derpy" is like using the word "retarded". I used to drop "retarded" like a bomb every day. "Oh my god, that's so retarded!" "God, he's such a retarded jerk." Finally, one of my friends told me to shut up because her brother had a mental disability and that was just offensive to use it so casually. And ever since that day, every time I find myself slipping and saying "retarded" as an insult-an event that thankfully hardly happens anymore- I immediately correct myself. I've honestly never even used the word "derpy" in any way because I know what that means, and no, it's not just some meme that you can say anytime you feel like it.

I came across this video ( and wanted to throw up. Everyone's trying to manipulate everyone else. The fact that fandom thinks that this is what "Derpy" would think when thousands of people are laughing at her disabilities every time she appears onscreen is sick. Well, to me, at least. I don't know.

You know, from the first time my friend showed me "Derpy" videos and was laughing and telling me how goddamn funny she is, I never laughed. Maybe half-heartedly. But I never thought she was funny. My face would fall every time cannon showed her screwing up. I agree with a previous comment that the next time they show her, she better be doing something well. Goodness.

Well, now that that's out of my system. I really hope they don't show "Derpy" again for a while. :<

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Just like to say that 'derpy' as a word was never begun as an ableist slur. It was started by South Park with 'derp' being more of a sound effect for doing something stupid- it could happen to anyone being humorously dull for a moment. However the way the MLP fandom uses it is totally split down the middle between "She's just derpy but intelligent and loyal and awesome, derpy is not a slur!!" and well.. the attitude expressed in the original cut of the scene. That 'derpy' means mentally retarded and mentally retarded means the most over-the-top stereotype with the cliche simpleton voice and "Oh she can't HELP ruining everything, she's so SILLY."
So I happily agree with you that the new cut happened for a reason and is great and less offensive. Though I think they went about it the wrong way aside from the voice change- why does she have to not be named Derpy anymore and have normal eyes? And still be an idiotic klutz who causes overexaggerated chaos? It would be great if the world could still have a cross-eyed character who was not stereotyped AT ALL, rather than a "normal" pony filling the same ditz role.
Anyway this is a major league lurker going back to her pit XD