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Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

The Big Lebowski homage in this week's My Little Pony.

Read or Die homage in this week's Thundercats.

Little Old Lady actually having a role in this month's Soul Eater.

Homestuck reboot being all kinds of delightfully awesome.

Anne (metaphorically) slapping Chris in the face with some long-overdue brutal honesty in Parks and Recreation.

Abhishek Singh's new graphic novel is "just around the corner."

So happy right now about so many things.

ETA: And HOLY SHIT I totally forgot but LES FREAKIN' CREPUSCULE DES DIEUX dropped on Thursday and I won't have my copy for another month. But still. So excited!!! It doesn't even matter that I can't read a whit of French, since I know enough of the Ring Cycle to bumble through anyway. And I heard that there's an English version in the works now, but I already blew my money on the French editions so oh well.

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Ehh...Who is that "Little Old Lady"?
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The Little Old Lady with the curly hair who handled mission assignments.

She still doesn't have a name, despite having a speaking role in chapter 92. She's just "little old lady."

(Anonymous) 2011-11-13 05:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks!! So this chapter is about the battle on the Moon, right? That must be fun!(Although I wanna see Chrona VS. Maka too but...yeah, maybe next chapter.)
Waiting for your awesome recap as always.^^