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Comics Linkspam, Blasts from the Past Edition

Thing the First: Brigid Alverson on (one of the reasons) why Minx failed:

Ah, Minx, DC’s attempt to make comics for teenage girls. The failure of the whole enterprise lies in that very statement. Teen girls don’t like things made specifically for them. They don’t even think of themselves as “teen girls.” Catering to them is very, very tricky, because you can’t appear to be catering to them. Worse, adults who write and review books for teenagers have a hard time letting the characters do anything truly bad, but that’s exactly what teenagers want—and need—to read. If you give them an after school special, they’ll dump it and read something by Chuck Palahniuk instead.

Yeah, that pretty much describes my reading habits when I was a teenager, too. I didn't discover Palahniuk until I was 19 (and now that I think I'm older and wiser I really don't care for his shallow nihilism anymore), but I definitely spent my middle and high school years gorging myself on Stephen King and tons of horror/sci-fi/fantasy that wasn't supposed to be *~for~* teen girls. Then I discovered Sailor Moon and manga, but even then I was drawn to the epic fantasy elements of Sailor Moon and later Magic Knight Rayearth, which were the first shoujo that I cut my teeth on. I wasn't drawn to those manga just because they were supposed to be *~for~* me.

Thing the Second: Super Punch re-designs the X-Men: First Class movie posters.

Any of those would have been better than the official design. Any of them.

Thing the Third: The following Youtube video, which is real and not a fake, and might possibly cause you to question the existence of a just and merciful God.

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the trailer

oh dear god why

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Urgh...*twitch* Why did I press play? I saw the poster for it a week ago and swore I'd never look at anything related it again.... I'mma go immerse myself in wonderful Soul Eater now (with extra troika fluff) XD
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Why did I press play?

Because you hoped that it would actually end up being so stupid that it would be awesome?

At least that's why I watched it. I was disappointed.
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I heard about that on the radio this morning and since the morning hosts are known for trolling, I didn't realize it was actually real until you posted this.


Life just got a bit dimmer.


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Hmm.... This makes me wonder if I REALLY want to live in Sacramento than in the city I live in now.... not if FRIKIN MILK is going to spill all over the city, and my past governor throwing "L"'s all over the place...

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Holy crap....


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No, seriously. What is THAT? A show about Arnold Schwarzenegger wearing Iron Man suits, riding around in Batman's vehicles and fighting evil Transformers?

One shall stand, one shall sue.


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I head about the governator thing and seriously wept. It hurt my brain.

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remember the old saying it can always get worse?
this video made me remember

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If only the animation were better and the sound effects felt more solid, that might have been fit for someone else to watch.

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I am focusing on the fact there's no way that can be San Francisco to distract my brain from trying to jump out of my skull.