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Today is a good day.

Moyashimon* and Durarara! are licensed. *ETA: Never mind, it was apparently only the upcoming live action Moyashimon broadcast that got licensed. The anime is still MIA. Oh well. Moving on...

Utena has finally gotten re-licensed.

The Mahabharata: A Child's View is getting reprinted after being out of print for fourteen years.

Sita's Ramayana, the first ever graphic novel to use Patua art, is going to be released soon.

See icon.

ETA: Oh yeah AND all the remaining Shakugan no Shana anime just got licensed, including the OAVs and the movie. FUCK YEAH.

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Utena has finally gotten re-licensed.


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I know, right? Man, this'll be great to have on my shelfs!

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Oh, cool, I've been meaning to check out Durarara!
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It's streaming on Crunchyroll right now, if you're interested.

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Neat! I'll probably check that out next I have time that I don't need to be drawing. >_>

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I thought it was just the Live Action Moyashimon.

Utena getting re-upped is needed, and one of my friends will likely re-buy for the higher quality.

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There is no live action Moyashimon.

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Oh, was told there was- I was actually looking for it.

Guess not.

then again I've been scouring the bargains bins for things to watch at work- going through Saint Seiya right now- picked up 60 eps for $30. It's a magical boy show when you break it down.

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As are most tokusatsu shows, when you get right down to it. ;)
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Never mind, I was wrong. There is indeed a Moyashimon live-action show. It just hasn't aired yet. And the "license" that was just announced is apparently just the license for Funi to simulcast the live-action show streaming.

Personally, I would have rather that the anime had been licensed. Oh well.

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I think there is a live action version of Moyashimon that is going to be one of the new noitaminA show and that was what Funimation got the streaming rights to.

*continues with her happy dancing over all the licenses*
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Ah-ha, you're right.

Well. Er. That's kind of disappointing. I was hoping for the anime to get licensed. :(

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news then, but I believe the manga is licensed or do you consider the anime to be better than the manga?
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Yes, I know the manga is licensed. Er, it's not really a question of whether I think the anime is better or not. I just think that they're both awesome, which is why I wanted the anime, darnit!

I also can't imagine any possible way that a live action Moyashimon could be anything but cringe-inducingly BAD, so the thought that that's going to be available over here before the awesomesauce anime makes me sad. But maybe I'll be proven wrong about the live action show. Here's hoping.

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I can hear the money being sucked from my wallet already :D!

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YESSS Durarara :DDDD I want it on Blu-Ray. I'm also thrilled that Utena is going to be re-released!!

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I just wish they were licensing the anime, and not just a simulcast for the live action starting this month...

At least the manga made it over here.
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I just wish they were licensing the anime, and not just a simulcast for the live action starting this month...

Me too. Now that I've had this clarified for me, I just feel sad-face about it. I wanted to anime, darnit!

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Oh my god Utena.
*goes to find out who has the license*