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Linkspam of the Gods.

1. 14 new full-color preview paintings from 18 Days. What a shame that this is never going to be made into a proper comic book. There's no way that the animated series is ever going to look this good. (I'm growing less and less enamored of the Liefeld-esque character design for Karna the more that I see it. But that's my only complaint about the artwork so far.)

Speaking of the Mahabharata...

2. Polyamory for writers. Great thinky-thoughts post, and the comments are great too.

Speaking of fannish things...

3. This person is offering pretty artwork commissions for dirt cheap! Just passing along the plug for a friend of a friend, since I know that some of y'all reading this might be interested.

Speaking of artwork...

4. A Lovecraft-inspired artwork exhibition! I love love love that painting on the promotional flier.

Speaking of the Great Old Ones...

5. Bad thoughts bad thoughts bad thoughts bad thoughts. Soul Eater facehugging snark courtesy of Shioko.

Speaking of things that are probably only funny to Soul Eater fans...

6. This is the current front page of the Shocker Toys website. Scroll down, find the SDCC limited edition Mallow figure for Big Daddy, and then check out whom he is listed right next to. (Capped for posterity.)

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I need to read your linkspams more often. These are amazing~~

Thanks for sharing!

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5. Bad thoughts bad thoughts bad thoughts bad thoughts. Soul Eater facehugging snark courtesy of Shioko.

I always lmao when I see this fanart! (knew it already)
It's exactly what I thought will happen when Liz did this.

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Oh, oh my God, it's Shinigami-sama the rock and roll clown. Pfffft. I lol'd so hard. Shocker Toys wins an internet!

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1) That /is/ really really cool. I used to read a lot of western comics and watched the progression in artwork from the 90's to present, but that's some of the best coloring I've ever seen, better than Crossgen natch.

4) I 100% bet that whoever did the freeware game Eversion was totally thinking about that poster on the bottom. Yikes!

5&6) I looked at those two links right after having watched some memes on Youtube.....and I'm sorry, but I had to do this.


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HA HA HA HA that is awesome!!!!

Thank you for sharing that. It just made my day. ^__^