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lavannah ([personal profile] lavannah) wrote in [personal profile] nenena 2013-02-06 02:19 pm (UTC)

I'm just glad the bronies I know aren't like this, at all. Granted, if they were, I probably wouldn't be friends with them.

Seriously though, how many times does it need to be stated that this is show is geared towards little girls? Little girls like ponies and princesses (I was raised on Disney and the original My Little Pony), that's kind of just how it is in this culture (let's not go in to arguments of child rearing and exposure to various cartoons and such that 'decide' what girls should like and what boys should like).

It's the bashing of overly obsessed fans like this that made me keep my likes and fandoms to myself for so many years.

For Hasbro: Can we have some Bushwoolies(spelling?) and Sea Ponies in season four please?

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