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So this is officially the best version of Sherlock anything that I've ever seen, ever. Not hyberbole. It's that awesome. And that's not just because it has probably the best Watson of all time, either. I love this Sherlock, I love the complex relationship he has with his Watson, I love the mysteries, and I love everything about this show.

Damn, what can I say about this show that hasn't been said already? The casting is fucking amazing, the horror elements are incredibly disturbing and incredibly well-executed, the characters and their interactions are deliciously complex and complicated, and the atmosphere and cinematography oh my god. I don't care how many times I've seen it every episode, that shot of the swiftly-moving grey clouds on top of EVERY BUILDING that the characters ever step foot in never gets old. What I'm actually torn about, however, is whether this show is treating its viewers like they're smart... or like they're really, really stupid. Honestly, I think the answer is that it does both. On the one hand, it's a show that very deliberately broadcasts the fact that it wants its audience to feel like they're smarter than the average television viewer. Between the subtle acting, the dense visual symbolism, the refusal to neatly tie up subplots or character arcs in single episodes and let them simply percolate in the background until they show up again several episodes later, and the constant references to classical music and food porn (admit it, you've Googled some of those episode titles because you didn't know what they were, I know you have), it's a show that's meant to make you think as you watch it, and it's meant to make you feel clever and sophisticated if you really appreciate all of its layers, its nuances, its refusals to conform to the usual storytelling rules of serial television. BUT, on the other hand... It really is a show that you have to turn off part of your brain to enjoy. Half of this show wants you the viewer to know that it thinks you're smart and you should feel smart for watching it, but the other half of the show is also trying desperately not to reveal the fact that it also thinks that you, the viewer, are very stupid. Stupid enough to believe that Hannibal Lecter can teleport himself from Maryland to Minnesota faster than a speeding airplane (HOW????), stupid enough to believe that a teenage girl can sneak out of a mental hospital in Maryland and dig up a body in Minnesota and then be back in said mental hospital in Maryland in one night (again, HOW?????), and just in general stupid enough to believe that Hannibal Lecter can get away with his crimes for so long despite the fact that the show is set in contemporary times and that we constantly see the FBI applying modern forensic science to the murders. There's a LOT of suspension of disbelief required to really enjoy this show. And that's kind of disappointing considering that the show seems so invested in making you feel like you're a clever, smart, sophisticated television viewer when you watch it.

The Wind in the Keyhole
It's been a long, long time since I sat down with a Stephen King novel that was anywhere near as engrossing as this one. I know that Stephen King loves his high fantasy, but so rarely does he actually pull it off as beautifully as he does in this book. Plus there's actually a lot of interesting gender and sexuality things woven into the subplots of both of the meta-stories, and thankfully these themes are approached with a lot more maturity and sophistication than King usually exhibits, even despite the medieval setting. But really this is my favorite thing that King has written in a while just because it's everything that makes the best of King's writing great: great characters, creepy buildups, epic payoffs, and of course, interwoven stories that echo and mirror each other in very, very intriguing ways. I'd easily rank this one up there with Hearts in Atlantis as my favorite of King's novels, with the happy caveat that Keyhole is actually far better in the way that it handles sexism in its setting than Atlantis is.

Ava's Demon
I started reading this because friends were raving about it, and I love it. The artwork is gorgeous, the characters are intriguing, and the setting is pretty interesting so far, even if not terribly coherent. Yes, some of the writing is amateurish and some of the info-dumps are awkward. But I really do feel like the writing is showing signs of improving already. So this one is definitely a series that I'll be keeping up with.

Gunnerkrigg Court
Just to put things in perspective, this is a comic in which a non-sequitor gag about an octopus jumping off a cliff is presented as a visual metaphor for one of the two main characters finally becoming comfortable with embracing her homosexuality, and it's STILL by far and away the best comic that I'm reading right now, hands-down.

Steven Universe

Aku no Hana/The Flowers of Evil
I'm sticking with exactly four shows from the spring anime season: Attack on Titan, Hataraki Maou-sama, Precure, and Aku no Hana. Of the four, Aku no Hana is by far and away the best of the lot, even accounting for the difficulty of comparing apples to oranges. It's not just good. It's fucking great. I already wrote out my opinions about the animation style, the sexual politics, and the overall themes of the show on tumblr and I don't feel like repeating myself here, but I will say that the animation gets more and more gorgeous (and the actual message of the series harder and harder to ignore) with every episode.

Soul Eater
So we are now two chapters from the end and DAMN, this month's chapter is fucking finally doing what a big series-finale climatic battle chapter SHOULD be doing. Main character gets a badass powerup, supporting characters get their chance to shine with individual Crowning Moments of Awesome (even Gopher!!!), there's significantly less dumbass screaming about order and chaos than we've had to suffer through in previous chapters (man Ohkubo you actually used to be interesting in your treatment of those themes what happened?!), and wow some of those panels of Maka building up toward her finishing move are just fucking spectacular. My threshold requirements for What Would Make a Great Soul Eater Finale were basically "Maka should be awesome" and "it shouldn't drag on forever to the point where it gets boring," which are admittedly low expectations given how great Soul Eater was at its peak a few years ago, but hey so far the finale is delivering so I'm happy.

So obviously I'm not going to be recapping these chapters anymore - not for lack of interest, but lack of time, especially now that Attack on Titan has exploded all over the internet and I can barely keep up with that one fandom. I WOULD like to say that I really want to take time to recap the final chapter in August, but to be honest that's not terribly likely to happen considering that August 12th will be right smack in the middle of my last few vacation days of the year and I'm already making plans to spend that week visiting friends out-of-state. Plus I think that maybe like five people have actually been reading my recaps for the past few months, and although I appreciate the support, let's be honest, writing a recap post is a LOT of effort for little reward, and frankly I'm having more fun spending free time that I would previously have devoted to recapping Soul Eater to catching up my summer reading pile and to-watch list. So for those of you who enjoyed the recaps, thanks for sticking with me for all these years, and I'm sorry that I don't have time to see it through to the end!

But by far the most important thing here is that the Soul Eater ending is actually REALLY FUCKING AWESOME so far, so here's hoping for two more months of this level of FUCK YEAH from Ohkubo.
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This is going to be a short recap because I had a family wedding last weekend, I have a friend's wedding this weekend, my work schedule just blew up the past week, and dammit I really tried to do a proper recap for this chapter because it was fucking awesome but alas, real life just intervened too much. Thankfully, however, heejun123 already posted an excellent English translation of the chapter for y'all, which leaves me free to boil down the recap post to just my reactions.

Thus: Dear Ohkubo,

Please keep this up. Please please please. Please let the upcoming final chapter be as good as this one. To wit: Actual plot progression. Important shit happens. Great paneling. Great artwork except for the muppet faces. Great flow of action for the fight scenes. Symbolic themes that have run thoughout the entire series coming to a coherent and satisfying thematic climax. Great everything.

Now it would be super-great if you could stop with the muppet-faces and/or remember that Tsubaki actually exists, because either thing would really make my day come June 12th. But at this point either thing might be too much to hope for, although we'll see.

Since next month is the grand finale and I'll actually be off work at the time, I will definitely have a proper recap up for y'all! Until then, thank you for all of your patience, and see you next month!
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A GENUINELY SHOCKING PLOT TWIST: Changes everything that you knew or thought you knew about a character and/or their world. See: Justin Law. Or Darth Vader for a more classic and also somewhat more comparable example.

A GENUINELY BORING PLOT TWIST: Changes exactly nothing that you knew or thought you know about a character and/or their world. See: This month's Soul Eater. Low stakes (it changes nothing about the characters or their conflicts with each other) and very little accomplished in turns of plot advancement (again, just throwing the same characters into the same conflicts that they were already involved in).

But who cares about that boring plot shit because this month's chapter was still awesome for one reason: Black Star.

Petunia Powers are GO!! )

ETA: This month's Gangan Mobile bonus emoji!
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So I know that this is two weeks late. I know. But this is one of those months where an AMAZINGLY INACCURATE scanslation was somehow available on the interbutts a full day before Gangan even hit newstands in Japan, and since heejung123 already posted a breakdown of all of the wrong lines in the scanslation (which was like, oh, 75% of the dialogue, including Big Daddy's big plot-relevant scene at the end of the chapter) I didn't feel like there was a whole lot of reason for me to rush this month's recap. Also I've been busy. Also there were like about two thousand more interesting things for me to blog about than Soul Eater this month. I mean I enjoyed this month's chapter but still.

So anywhoo, here we go!

We open this chapter with a large panel of Crona, who is still obviously still alive, because DUH. If you were one of the people panicking about Crona being dead last month, then congratulations, you fell for an obvious fake-out cliffhanger that really shouldn't have fooled anybody older than Soul Eater's target demographic of twelve-year-old kids. On the other hand, if you're feeling smug because you didn't fall for the fake-out cliffhanger... Congratulations, you are smarter than a manga written for twelve-year-old kids. Or rather, congratulations, you are reading a manga written for twelve-year-olds. At the end of the day I think we can all admit that this is a bit more shameful than falling for a fake-out cliffhanger is. (*hangs head in shame*)

Shameful for not, I keep reading this shit anyway, so here's this month's recap! )
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So we begin exactly where last month's chapter left off: with Kermit the Frog manhandling Soul and Tsubaki in their weapon forms.

Wait goddamit I mean Crona. Crona is the one. Who's doing that. Crona. Argh.

I hope y'all liked that Kermit joke because there is a lot more mocking of Crona's muppet-faces behind the cut. )
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I dedicate this recap's opening song to Black Star.

And to Ohkubo.

Okay, so, we'll be getting the tiny feet in a moment. First I would like to point out that this chapter opens with a two-page color spread of Crona standing in front of some rocket ships, an assortment of gigantic pencils, a hideously ugly gigantic rabbit wearing a facial expression that clearly betrays its state of more-than-half-bakedness, and a strange worm creature that also happens to be chowing down on Crona's ass.

I don't think that Ohkubo has delivered an illustration this strange since the time he drew that Gangan cover of Maka masturbating with the Little Oni's severed head while she flashed sidebutt Gangan readers everywhere. And the strangest thing about that illustration was that it was apparently inspired by the 2010 World Cup.

Yes, that's right. Ohkubo said to himself "I'm gonna do a soccer-inspired illustration of the main character in my shounen manga!" and he ended up creating THAT.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I don't even WANT to know what Ohkubo was trying to do when he ended up creating this month's illustration of Crona with the butt-eating worm and the drunk-looking rabbit and the giant pencils and the rocket ships. Because I bet it actually started out as a perfectly innocent bit of artistic inspiration, something along the lines of "hmmm, I guess I'll draw an illustration of Crona with roses because roses are kind of Crona's thing right now," and then, you know, OHKUBO HAPPENED, and we ended up with...

...Well, at least there are roses in the background? You can kind of see them in the background there, behind the rocket ships. If you squint.

Oh, Ohkubo. This is why we love you.

Unfortunately from the butt-biting worm it just goes downhill from there. )

ETA the first: Insert pre-emptive "fuck you" to Bleachh here. Dude, don't you get tired of doing this every month?

ETA the second: Z-Raid wrote an excellent post explaining the difference between boring action scenes versus dynamic action scenes, and another excellent post about composition in fight scenes. Both of which articulate exactly WHY this chapter of Soul Eater is so painfully boring (in terms of the fight scene visuals) much better than I could have.

ETA the third: This month's color scans are up!

Gangan cover: cover scan | textless digital version | high-res digital wallpaper | awesome anatomy correction by tribalpunk

Color pages: high-res scans

Bonus poster: high-res scan | color-corrected version by z-raid

Manga volume 23 cover: cover scan | magazine advertisements

Gangan mobile bonus emoji: right here!

And I think that's it for this month!
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To everybody on Tumblr who thought that this month's chapter title was a reference to Disney's Mulan...


(wait don't answer that I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH)

Anywhoo, recap time!

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Boys and girls of every age!

During the five nights leading up to Halloween, Lacrow is posting the best five creepy Soul Eater AMVs ever made... that aren't the Marilyn Manson "This is Halloween" vid (because we've all seen that one a million times before).

Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Brian Lee O'Malley interviewed Andrew Hussie on ComicsAlliance.

This is seriously one of the best interviews I have ever read in any medium about any topic, ever. O'Malley knows exactly the right questions to ask to get Hussie to talk halfway-seriously about his comics, and even when Hussie isn't answering completely seriously he's still a goddamn delight to read.

Come with us and you will see,

Michael Chabon writing about Finnegans Wake. Hat-tip to naraht for the link.

This our town of Halloween.

Aaaaaand this is the part where I link to myself because I've been writing longer posts on Tumblr recently in response to asks, so in case you aren't following my tumblr, here are some words words words that you might be interested in on the off-chance that you like reading my meta about silly horrortastic shounen manga:

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan, misogynistic language, and shitty sexist scanslators. (ETA: Follow-up post.)

Why Maka Albarn is fucking awesome.

Things about the Soul Eater manga that are not so awesome, especially with regards to racism and sexism.

The truth about Maka's mom.

On Liz and Patti.

On swearing in Japanese.
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(I'll bring you down)
I got on top my flying scythe to take a ride
(I'll bring you down)
Forgot what I was looking for and they arrived
(I'll bring you down)
I'm lucky I'm not on that airship that's going down
(I'll bring you down)

Down from the sky (falling)
Down from the sky (falling)
Down from the sky (falling)
Falling from the sky

apologies for the terrible alt-rock opening )

PS - New Kid and Stein icons for Gangan Mobile users!
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35 pages, 166 dialogue bubbles, and 143 exclamation points. Yes, I counted.

In short, there is A LOT OF YELLING and virtually no plot progression in this chapter. But anyway, here we go.

Recap is go! )


100th Anniversary Tribute Artwork!! High-res scans @ Livejournal | Crappy small scans @ Tumblr

HUGE batch of new color images!!
     » GanGan 2012 August cover scan: Tumblr (resized) | Livejournal (high-res)
     » GanGan 2012 August cover, textless digital rip: Tumblr | Livejournal
     » Chapter 100 color intro page: Livejournal (high-res)
     » Chapter 100 color spread scan: Livejournal (high-res)
     » Chapter 100 color spread textless digital rip: Tumblr | Livejournal
     » Not! Chapter 16 color illustration digital rip: Tumblr (resized) | Livejournal (high-res)
     » Volume 22 cover preview: Tumblr | Livejournal
     » Volume 22 cover scan: Tumblr (resized) | Livejournal (high-res)
     » Volume 22 advertisements: Tumblr (resized) | Livejournal (high-res)
     » Not! Volume 2 cover preview: Tumblr | Livejournal
     » Not! Volume 2 cover scan: Tumblr (resized) | Livejournal (high-res)
     » Not! Volume 2 advertisements: Tumblr (resized) | Livejournal (high-res)
     » Phone Icons from GanGan Mail Magazine:Tumblr | Livejournal
     » Phone Icons from GanGan Mobile: Tumblr | Livejournal
     » 100th Anniversary Lottery Prize: Tumblr

Preliminary character popularity poll results! (Top 19 characters)

More detailed character popularity poll results! (Top 26 characters) Tumblr (resized) | Livejournal (high-res)

New Soul Eater screensaver @ GanGan official website!

Whew, I think that's everything!

ETA July 18th: Hey Bleachh and Tiesto, did you know that I deliberately translated page 28 incorrectly in this post? Apparently you didn't, or you wouldn't have copied my translation instead of reading the actual Japanese text!

Sorry for pulling a Soshul Experiment on you guys, but come on. This is getting ridiculous. Stop taking credit for translations that you didn't do.

ETA July 19th: I can't help but wonder why the scanslators in this fandom keep censoring the instances of misogynistic language when it's used in the manga. I mean, in 100 chapters we've only had misogynistic language show up exactly two times, and both times it was meant to be a repugnant and shockingly horrible thing that was said. And in both instances the scanslators in this fandom omitted or changed the misogynistic insults that were there in the Japanese dialogue. But hey y'all can keep complaining about the non-existent "censorship" in the official translations by Yen Press and Funi instead, I guess.
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There's a lot of truth to that old joke about Tumblr users having LOL NO LIFE SKILLZ, and the 6800 people (and counting!) who reblogged the "jello soul" post are living proof of that.

I can't believe that anybody who looked at that photograph would believe that the candy pictured was actually molded jello.

I can't believe that anybody who read those "instructions" could actually think that it would work.

Then again the Soul Eater fanbase on Tumblr seems to have a majority in the 13-to-16-year-old age range, so maybe they haven't had that much experience in the kitchen or have never made jello before, I dunno. (*shrug*)

Anywhoo, the original "jello soul" post (complete with "instructions" that are made-up and actually QUITE DANGEROUS) has now gone explosively viral. If you can, please reblog plushabilities's post with the correct, SAFE instructions for making soul candy along with a small bit of text along the lines of "reblogging for safer, corrected instructions!" or something. Adding the text will make your reblog stick out amongst the notes (at least for a few minutes) and the extra text will also function as a clickable link (especially important in crappy layouts!) so that more people can see the corrected instructions.

I messaged foreveranimeobsessed with a polite request to edit her original post with a link to plushabilities's instructions, but instead she did this (warning: music autoplays at link) so, argh. Not that editing her post would have helped much anyway since edits don't show up in reblogs (goddammit Tumblr), but it would have helped somewhat. Some people do like to go back to the original source for any cool stuff on their dash that they want to reblog, so there's that at least.

The moral to this story is: Never post "instructions" for something that you haven't actually tried, done, or accomplished. Because your followers might very well have LOL NO LIFE SKILLZ and reblog your post trusting that you know what you're doing. And the next thing you know, your post has gone viral and you're in deep shit.

Somehow I am reminded of the King of the Hill episode in which Peggy wrote a newspaper "home tips and tricks" column, and decided that it would be a good idea to tell her readers to mix bleach and ammonia because THAT WILL MAKE A SUPER-DUPER CLEANING SOLUTION. Whoops. Thankfully, telling Tumblr users to pour jello into glued-together pieces of plastic isn't nearly as high on the scale of Dangerously Bad Ideas To Do In Your Home Kitchen as mixing bleach and ammonia would be. But it's clearly a stupid idea, since not all types of plastic are safe to be used as molds, and it definitely would never result in the lovely candy pictured in [profile] plushabilities's photographs anyway. Anywhoo, the moral of the story is the same: Don't tell people about this totally awesome how-to idea you've had until you've actually tried it yourself. Unless your idea is to mix bleach and ammonia. DON'T TRY THAT.

Or, you know what... I think the moral of this story is even simpler than that. Don't post pictures of other people's food with a bullshit "recipe" that you made up yourself. If you see a picture of something that you want to make, find the recipe used by the person who took that photograph and actually made the food, and post it. Common sense, people. Common sense.

But then again this is Tumblr. I probably shouldn't expect common sense.

ETA: foreveranimeobsessed's post and all resulting reblogs have been bahleeted off Tumblr. I guess somebody must have reported the post for a TOS violation, because that's the only reason I can think of why all of the reblogs would have vanished as well, although I cannot for the life of me figure out what part of Tumblr's famously laissez-faire TOS the post violated. Anyway, Plushabilities now has her own post about the Soul Eater candies that you can reblog here:
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So this is Sid's new motto and it might as well be Ohkubo's mantra as well. )

ETA again: Oh hi Youni89 I see you reading this. (*waves*) Next time that you're going to copy huge chunks of my translations word-for-word, at least give a little credit where credit is due and don't try to claim that you translated everything yourself, okay? And I can't believe that with all of the copy-and-pasting you did you still managed to screw up two of the best lines in the chapter, too.
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First! Tonight on Tumblr, A Brief Nostalgia Trip: The Best of the Soul Eater Late Show Ending Cards.

Because many people new to the fandom who watched the series on Hulu (and missed out on the original Late Show segments) are clearly being deprived of exposure to such existential masterpieces as Abe Mutsumi's "Butt-Bird" and the surrealist watercolor Soul Eater fanart painted by Atsushi Ohkubo's father.

Second! A very special screencap behind the cut. )

Third! Does anybody know a decent method for taking screencaps of Blu-Ray discs? Neither Arcsoft TMT nor VLC can get past the anti-screencapping encryption on my discs (fuck you so much Blu-Ray why the fuck would you DO THAT I mean come on). I tried installing MPlayer/SMPlayer on my computer, because I heard that it's actually capable of taking screencaps of a BD, but unfortunately I can't get it to actually play any discs. So does anybody know of any other tips/tricks/hacks for taking screenshots of a BD? Help?

I would love to be able to take screencaps of the Late Show ending cards for episodes 12, 49, and 50. The quality and size of a screencap that I could take from my Blu-Ray discs would be ten times better than what I was able to cap from my old TV raws, and even better, the BD episodes don't have that annoying text all over the screen. But alas, Blu-Ray technology seems determined to thwart me.

Seriously, what the hell are you doing, Blu-Ray? You got rid of region encoding but then you started encrypting your discs to prevent screencapping of all things?!

I don't understand. I just don't.
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No recap this month because a) I am dealing with a major medical emergency and b) this month's chapter was so painfully unfunny and boring that I can't. I just can't.

But a couple of things to get out of the way right now:

Like Soul, Clay is fully clothed in his weapon form. Dumb sexism at its finest.

I've got no problem with the shower scene because it was actually funny. As in, literally the only truly funny part of the entire chapter. Of course it's creepy that Ohkubo is digging around for excuses to draw 14-year-old girls naked, but as long as Ohkubo is going to keep coming up with excuses to draw 14-year-old girls naked he might as well give those scenes some entertainment value for the rest of us. Kid being Kid and then getting his comeuppance for being Kid was a beautiful moment.

There is no defending the full-page sequence of Kim pulling up her skirt and bouncing around in her panties, though. There's especially no defending the cameltoe that we got right in the middle of that page. It's creepy and disgusting, the same way that the shower fanservice is creepy and disgusting, but without the extra flavor of self-aware humor that makes the shower scene so much easier to swallow. Nope, this is just a fourteen-year-old shaking her ass at the reader because Ohkubo likes to draw fourteen-year-old ass. Nothing more and nothing less. And that's precisely what makes it so eyeroll-inducing.

And I've seen plenty of people attempting to defend the Pantydance Page already, including trotting out the usual bingo square arguments: It's Ohkubo, so this shouldn't be surprising! (I don't think anybody is surprised by this, but we also know that Ohkubo can do better so of course people are going to express disappointment every time that he pulls this crap.) But the manga has always had lots of panty shots! (No, it had a lot of panty shots in the beginning, which is one of the major reasons why a lot of people consider the early parts of the manga to be kind of terrible, and also one of the reasons why those of us who are fans of the manga keep finding ourselves in the position of having to tell new fans put off by the fanservice in the early chapters that "it gets better, no really!" Except for when it doesn't.) It could be worse, at least Ohkubo isn't Ritz Kobayashi! (How do I logic fallacy.) What do have against porn?! (Nothing. But Soul Eater isn't porn.)

And again, Soul Eater being what it is, I'm willing to forgive a lot of its fails with regards to fanservice of underage characters and/or sexism in the story as long as it, you know, provides enough of a measure of awesome in every chapter to balance out the inevitable bits of suck. This chapter didn't have any awesome, though. It just didn't. I'd say this is easily one of the worst chapters we've had since the end of the Salvage arc, and that's saying something. And no, it's not a terrible chapter because of the underage nudity or the underage cameltoe. It's a terrible chapter because it's boring and unfunny and my god even the artwork looks phoned in this month. It's pretty clear to me that this was supposed to be a comic-relief chapter, the same way that chapter 12 (once upon a time and many years ago) was a comic-relief chapter. It's just that this month's chapter failed miserably to deliver on the "comedy" part of "comic-relief" and was flavored with creepy sexualization of teenage girls throughout. Ugh on every level.

Well, here's hoping next month's chapter will be better.

ETA: Translations of new name reveals. Pretty much the only interesting new information in this chapter. Considering that over half of the chapter was spent in the Witch World, that's pretty pathetic.

ETA again: Translation of the Pantydance Page.
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I know that I'm three weeks behind the times in finally knowing about this, but OH MY GOD: Hasbro actually ran a wedding notice in the New York Times to promote the My Little Pony season finale. Holy shit. That is fucking awesome. It's also awesome to see an Entertainment Weekly reporter write that "the hour-long [series finale] special is ambitious, absorbing, and thoroughly entertaining, even to those who stopped playing with My Little Ponies back in the mid-’80s. (Or, you know, never played with them at all.)" Quoted for GREAT TRUTH.

The subject of last month's Manga Moveable Feast was the Viz Signature line. I'd definitely recommend checking out some of those titles for anybody reading this interested in moving beyond your typical tweenybopper manga fare. (Not that I don't love and eat up typical tweenybopper manga fare with a spoon, but it's good to have some expanded horizons.) Or just scroll to the bottom of this post for a roundup of links to general overviews of the line and introductions to multiple titles and artists at once.

Meanwhile, in case you missed its extremely limited theatrical release outside of China earlier this year, Dante Lam's 逆戰 (a.k.a. The Viral Factor) is going to be released on Region 1 DVD next month. Not that this particularly matters when there's been a region-free official BluRay disc with multiple language tracks and subtitles available on the market for a while already now, but... At least a Region 1 DVD release means accessibility on Netflix and possibily iTunes, so hooray! (Seriously though, the advent of BluRay has so delightfully antiquated this entire concept of region-locked DVDs that a part of me even wonders why distribution companies even bother any more.) Oh, and David Brothers has an excellent review of the film here in which he nails what exactly it is about the movie that makes it so engrossingly watchable despite being objectively kind of terrible on a lot of levels.

Ryan Estrada teaches you how to read Korean writing in 15 minutes. I absolutely adore Hangul - it's one of the most beautiful and perfect writing systems in the world, ranking right up there with Devanagari and Arabic as one of the most ingenious and perfect writing systems ever developed IMHO - and this cute comic is a really great introduction to it. The comments on the post are worth reading, too.

Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life is the best thing on the internet. The best thing.

And, for people reading this who are interested in legal ways to access digital manga in Japanese! Kinokuniya has an app for that. Behind the cut: Nitty-gritty details re: how to download and use the app for readers outside of Japan. ) But, there's one more caveat: The selection in the app store is about three to four weeks behind the selection on the BookWebPlus mothership, which means that sometimes new books will be listed on BWP nearly a month before you can hope to buy them through the app. (This is the case for Soul Eater right now: the manga is available on the BWP website but not yet on the app.) However, there are a few exceptions: the newest volumes of Fairy Tail are listed on the app on the very same day that they're published in Japan (!!!!) and quite a few other popular manga titles are getting same-day app releases, too. In terms of selection of manga and light novels, I cannot stress enough how gloriously huge and diversified the app selection already is: Old stuff, new stuff, shounen, shoujo, josei, seinen, megapopular series, indie publishers, IT'S ALL HERE. In terms of digital offerings that I've been hoping and praying for Japanese publishers to SOMEDAY provide for us, this is it: It's finally happening. Kinokuniya, YOU ARE MAKING THIS HAPPEN and it is beautiful.

I still can't believe how far behind Japanese publishers are in terms of digital offerings when compared to North American manga publishers, but that is a rant for another day. Anyway, the Kinokuniya app is a HUGE step in the right direction here.
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The Anime/Manga/Manwha/Manhua Drabblefest is still going on! Come drabble with us!

The 2012 Not Prime Time Fic Festival is open for signups.

The Female Character Trope Fest is open for fills, too!

There is also a Transfic Mini Fest, a Podfic Meme, and a Reverse Remix Meme for all of your ficcing needs.

Filed under "Awesome Websites that Time Forgot": The Redwall Kitchen is still online. And there is a recipe for real honest-to-goodness homemade dandelion wine in there. Awesome.

Meanwhile, Atsushi Ohkubo.

Also, your Soul Eater Moment of Zen: Here is the entire Soul Eater cast made of pipe cleaners. Along with many other anime characters.