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Soul Eater Chapter 110: So Long, and Thanks for All the Booze

This is going to be a short recap because I had a family wedding last weekend, I have a friend's wedding this weekend, my work schedule just blew up the past week, and dammit I really tried to do a proper recap for this chapter because it was fucking awesome but alas, real life just intervened too much. Thankfully, however, heejun123 already posted an excellent English translation of the chapter for y'all, which leaves me free to boil down the recap post to just my reactions.

Thus: Dear Ohkubo,

Please keep this up. Please please please. Please let the upcoming final chapter be as good as this one. To wit: Actual plot progression. Important shit happens. Great paneling. Great artwork except for the muppet faces. Great flow of action for the fight scenes. Symbolic themes that have run thoughout the entire series coming to a coherent and satisfying thematic climax. Great everything.

Now it would be super-great if you could stop with the muppet-faces and/or remember that Tsubaki actually exists, because either thing would really make my day come June 12th. But at this point either thing might be too much to hope for, although we'll see.

Since next month is the grand finale and I'll actually be off work at the time, I will definitely have a proper recap up for y'all! Until then, thank you for all of your patience, and see you next month!