Someone wrote in [personal profile] nenena 2013-03-14 04:46 am (UTC)


Ah Okuubo seems to be back to his old great artwork! I didn't see any ridiculous tiny feet in this chapter haha. Anywho...the whole Asura thing...meh. Whatever. I honestly couldn't care any less, with or without this reveal (as you explained) it doesn't really change anything...furthermore I feel that Maka has gotten further and further away from being a main character, these past couple of chapters I haven't really seen her do much of anything minus a couple of lines here and a tap on the shoulder there...I mean i know Kid and Black star are AWESOME...but I miss the times where all three of them (plus their weapons) could fight as a troupe and kick ass (like against Mosquito). Ah but oh well, on the other hand I'm very much excited to see Soul's "new development" remember...he hasn't used his Black Room since he became able to manifest a piano on his scythe...sooooo....a big reveal next time? LET'S HOPE SO!!! Also...Black Star is the man. End of story!

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