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I'm confused.. how is Kid still going to be Kid after finding out this revelation?

The chapter already answered this for you.

At the start of the chapter, Kid wanted to kill Asura in order to restore order to the world and become a true shinigami. By the end of the chapter... He has totally accepted that Asura is his brother, and he still wants to kill Asura in order to restore order to the world and become a true shinigami. That's it. He shows exactly zero signs of feeling any sort of moral quandary or emotional impact AT ALL from this revelation. He doesn't feel guilty about needing to kill Asura, he got over his "not MY daddy!" denial really fucking fast and his thought-bubble at the end shows that he's accepted everything, and the only thing he's left wondering about is where Big Daddy came from in the first place which is probably the least important/interesting thing he could have taken away from any of this.

Ohkubo might be taking a more character-centric focus on the plot from now on.

But SE has always been character-centric. It's not always *good* at the way it handles character development (see: the Salvage arc) but it's really been fundamentally character-driven from the beginning.

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