Someone wrote in [personal profile] nenena 2013-02-25 04:08 pm (UTC)

wooo recap

Oh awesome, I thought you wouldn't make a recap this month! It's very entertaining, as always ^___^ Also wow that scanlation was really fucked up? And how was it up even before the Gangan issue came out..? Weeeeird.

Anyway thanks for making this, i love all your recaps!

btw, reading Asura's line, the one in which he compares Black*Star and the ruler of power, makes me wonder if Black*Star will really LITERALLY become a god like Goo monster and Shinigami and Eibon, you know? actually becoming kind of "immortal" like them. it's not clear for me just how similar a bushin is to a "normal" god (because, for example, Asura became a kishin and that gave him kind of an infinite/really long live-span. And i think kishin and bushin are supposed to be opposites or really similar things.. i mean, gods of something, right?). I'd like to know your opinion, if you have time! ^___^

Thanks again for the recap !!

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