imorca: (tough question)
imorca ([personal profile] imorca) wrote in [personal profile] nenena 2013-02-20 07:38 pm (UTC)

It's *completely enthralling, just like that. And it's Kevin Bacon's best work. What does *that say?

I tweeted about it...and whoever's running the show's official account tweeted back to me. I always figure that's a sign of something kind of weird going on.

My prediction, from episode one, is that the season 1 finale will be Westin turning out to be one of The Following. Based, of course, on his cuteness factor. Nobody that looks like that is in the FBI without being planted there as a plot device, and nobody is planted in the FBI as a plot device who doesn't turn around and stab you in the kidney with a fork during the cliff-hanger.

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