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The angry tears of Bronies taste delicious.

Unless you're living under an internet rock, you've probably heard by now that the upcoming season finale of My Little Pony features our heroine Twilight Sparkle powering up to her alicorn form. Which means, in MLP terms, that she becomes a "princess."

Hasbro wisely chose to let Entertainment Weekly leak the news first instead of giving the exclusive to any of the Brony news outlets:

But don’t worry, Pony fans — though Twilight will undergo a physical transformation, her personality will remain the same. “What we didn’t want to do was change who she is as a character, because she’s certainly someone that everyone’s proud to know and love,” McCarthy says. “I don’t think becoming a princess really changes her; I think it’s going to introduce some new challenges for her.” Those challenges will include living up to that lofty new title. In MLP‘s Equestria, “princess” is a designation that’s earned, not freely given — and though princesses have specific leadership roles in pony society, being one really means “being a good pony who shares the gifts that they have been given with others,” according to McCarthy. “We’re building a very unique mythology around being a princess,” she continues. “Every little girl wants to be a princess, and not everybody can get to be a princess — but you can live up to the ideals that should come along with being a princess.”

The amount of raaaaaaaaaaaage that this news has generated from the male-dominated Pony fandom spaces astounds me. I mean, just look at the comments on the EW article for starters. Or better yet, don't look, if you don't want to raise your blood pressure. The comments on the promos that the Hub has posted to Youtube are hardly any better, and the comments on Equestria Daily are even worse. Over and over again we get: Twilight is ruined by becoming a princess, princesses are icky and gross, the only reason this is happening in the show is because Hasbro just wants to sell princess toys to little girls, and it's sexist for MLP to be selling the "princess" shtick to little girls. The fact that this last objection is so far coming EXCLUSIVELY FROM MEN trying desperately to appropriate feminist arguments in order to conceal their misogynistic revulsion because of the whole but-princesses-are-a-GIRLY-thing!!1! mindset makes it all the more hilarious.

But what really floors me is how many Bronies seem surprised by this - and how many of them decried the EW article as a "fake" when it first hit the internet earlier this week. Twilight becoming a princess should have been an OBVIOUS plot point from the first episode of season 3, if not all the way back in the very first episode of season 1. This has been foreshadowed for a really long time and it's the logical result of three seasons' worth of actual character development for Twilight.

But leave it to Bronies to have an internet conniption about a My Little Pony character getting an actual power-up. I mean there's just almost no way to parse the backlash against Twilight becoming a princess that doesn't immediately reveal the sticky, writhing mass of misogynistic goo underlying all of it.

Man, remember three years ago when Bronies were like, cool? And not disgusting?

I miss those days.

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