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Tales of the Legendary Pot Monster ([personal profile] broccoman) wrote in [personal profile] nenena 2013-02-04 03:07 am (UTC)

I guess I haven't seen the darkside of bronies because the ones I know aren't bad at all, and I haven't delved in, whereas I see the dark side of my particular fandom on a much more regular basis. (the Bronies that I see in my particular fandom tend to be on the nicest side of that fandom, so I thought the fandom was better than average)

The Breast Cancer drive was kind of a crossover, because the Pony Fighter was originally in the lead, until the Mane6 folks told Evo to knock it off because they didn't want Hasbro breathing on their necks/their game wouldn't be finished in time, so they asked the Bronies to support Skullgirls, which led to about a quarter-million being raised, mostly between a pariah community (for good reason) and the Skullgirls comm.

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