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nenena ([personal profile] nenena) wrote 2013-02-04 12:36 am (UTC)

Yes yes yes, there are some okay Bronies. I know. I teach some of them.

I still think it's fair game to comment, however, that the Brony fandom as a whole is overwhelming vile. There's a reason why I (and nearly every other female pony fan that I know) had to quit going to Equestria Daily and ponibooru. There's a reason why Hasbro has been encouraging separation between Brony events and family-friendly MLP events - to keep the Bronies away from the girls. And there's a reason why nobody was surprised when a BNF Brony raped a sixteen-year-old girl and was widely defended all across the fandom for it.

In general Brony fandom seems to be very supportive of the ideas that a) MLP is a good show therefore it's not actually for girls because things for girls cannot be good, and b) Hasbro is oppressing Bronies by not creating enough man-friendly Pony merchandise and/or not including enough male characters in the show. The fact that you can't go to a Brony website without seeing one of these two ideas reiterated in the first page of posts/comments really says something.

That, and the comments on the EW article that I linked. Those comments also say something loud and clear about the fandom.

I'm well aware of the fact that there are Bronies who don't suck, but considering that most online Brony fandom spaces have become echo chambers of misogyny I feel perfectly justified in expressing my frustration via generalizations here.

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