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Saturday Link of Interest

Shaenon K. Garrity on CLAMP, the roots of moe culture, and why Chobits is really freakin' disturbing.

I remember reading Chobits in high school and being really disturbed by how Hideki's love for Chi was framed as "pure" both despite of and because she was a) an artificially perfect being and b) had a vagina that could never be penetrated. But this essay really lays out exactly what's disturbing about all of that in a way that I didn't have the vocabulary to do back then.

Come to think of it, the whole "putting Chi's reset switch in her vagina as a test of the 'purity' of her future boyfriend" thing is REALLY disturbing on a lot of levels, not the least of which is the way that it frames vaginal penetration as the only type of sex that matters. The whole point of the "test" was that Chi was supposed to end up with a man who would love her despite never being able to have sex with her, and this is incredibly stupid because vaginal penetration isn't the only way to have sex. Except that in Chobits it clearly is. The whole thing is just another way in which the series as a whole embraces an extremely infantile, immature concept of sexuality: Not once do any of the characters ever consider that physical sex could ever be anything other than "penis goes into vagina." Heck, even that one time that Hideki had to stick his fingers inside of Chi to flip her switch was later hand-waved by the text as being not-actual-sex. Because if it ain't a penis in the vagina it just doesn't count, I guess.

I also kind of love Garrity's essay for calling out Deppey on his asinine assertion that men never fantasize about "sexless love." Clearly Deppey has never met any male otaku. Or any of the freakier male My Little Pony fans, either. (You know, the runs who run around the internet posting "FLUTTERSHY IS MY WAIFU" everywhere yet act horribly offended at the very idea that ponies might have sex or that people actually post pony-porn on the internet.) Or any of the male fans that flipped their shit over the Kannagi scandle. Etc, etc.

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