Jan. 22nd, 2012

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It's rare that Friendship is Magic actually has a bad episode, but when it does (i.e. Season 1's "Bridle Gossip," "Feeling Pinkie Keen," and "Over a Barrel") they are spectacularly bad. So much so that Lauren Faust actually apologized for "Feeling Pinkie Keen" (although she and Jayson Thiessen are still holding their grounds on "Bridle Gossip" and "Over a Barrel" because oops we really borked the moral of a faith-vs.-science story is probably a lot easier to admit than oops we made an episode that was kind of racist but whatever).

And yesterday we had Season 2's first failtacularly bad episode, "The Last Roundup." How bad was it?

1. "Derpy." Others have already written at length about how uncomfortable and cringe-worthy her first official speaking scene in the show was, and I have nothing more to add in that respect. But I would like to quote [personal profile] the_sun_is_up from the comments of her own post on the matter FOR GREAT TRUTH: "The fandom portrayal of Ditzy-Doo ranges from okay to iffy to gross, but the canon portrayal just went straight over to the 'gross' side of things. When there are 4chan bros who are more sensitive and classy than you, that's how you know you've failed as a writer."

2. This is getting a lot less attention than "Derpy" but it still warrants mentioning in my book: In the episode Pinkie Pie claims to have invented chimicherrychangas, and the fandom seems happy to credit the show for introducing this culinary delight to the universe. Um, NO. Sorry, fandom, but a quick Google search for "cherry chimichanga recipe" yields over 113,000 results.

Has the majority of this fandom actually not heard of cherry chimichangas before?! Are they ALL sheltered neckbeards who never leave the confines of their parents' basements people who have never eaten at Mexican restaurants before?

Also, Equestria Daily managed to spell "chimichanga" wrong. So maybe I shouldn't be surprised that most of these people seem to have never heard of cherry chimichangas before.

The only recipe that My Little Pony CAN claim to have actually invented is the potato chip muffin recipe from Season 1, and even then not entirely. Potato chip muffins have been around since before My Little Pony. The only thing novel that the show introduced to the recipe was adding worms to the batter. And that is not perhaps a culinary contribution for which we should be thanking the show.

I hate being so negative about colorful cartoon ponies, so I will end this post by saying that last-last week's episode, "Family Appreciation Day," completely won my heart and (in my opinion, at least) is one of the best damn episodes of the entire series so far. So here's hoping that next week My Little Pony will be back on its streak of wintacular episodes. Because episodes full of awesome and win are just par for the course for this series anyway.
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The internet presents: Star Wars Uncut: The Director's Cut.

I'm just going to let 4thletter explain what's going on here:

The idea is that several hundred groups had been tasked to recreate Star Wars: A New Hope… 15 seconds each. Each party is assigned a specific 15 seconds and has to remake the scene however they see fit. Then all of it is stitched together to form a completely bizarre and hilarious interpretation of the full movie.

You’ll go from seeing someone’s kids dressed up as Stormtroopers to trippy animation to special effects and acting out of Be Kind Rewind to claymation to silent film to puppets to someone talking upside down with eyes drawn on their chin. There’s plenty of gold in there, such as Lady Gaga Darth Vader, C3PO getting way too sexual, a basket of ferrets reenacting the garbage scene, an Anti-Monitor action figure playing the role of R2D2 and my new favorite impression of Chewbacca. Sometimes the footage will go into completely different universes, like turning into a Disney movie, World War II dogfights, a western, The Seventh Seal, Tron, Yellow Submarine and even at one point The Big Lewbowski.

Yes, at one point, Chewbacca is played by a dog.