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Some of these links are old, some of them are new. I hope that all of them are interesting for you.

Uktena is a historically accurate (well, with the addition of a few supernatural elements) free PC roleplaying game created by Toye Heape and based on native cultures that lived in Tennessee about six hundred years ago. It needs some funding help to get off the ground. As to why this game is awesome and important, here's what Heape has to say:

When the game is finished I want to make it available as a free digital download. I have plans for future games that I'd like to create and possibly sell, but it's important to me that as many people as possible have access to Uktena. Here's why: When many people hear the words Native American they think of teepees, war bonnets, and other icons associated with the great horse riding, buffalo hunting cultures of the American plains, but you won't be seeing those things in this game. Uktena is about a different Native culture and a different period in American history, neither of which is very well known to most people. I believe Uktena has the potential to help change that by immersing players in that prehistoric world and letting them participate in that civilization while having a fun gaming experience.

[...]In recent years road projects, housing developments, shopping centers, and even libraries and museums, along with illegal looting, have impacted or destroyed major Native American archaeological sites in the Nashville area. It may seem inconceivable that America's heritage could be wiped out like this, but I believe a major reason is because most people aren't aware of it. This was one of my main motivations for creating Uktena. I think a video game can have a powerful impact on the imagination in a way that other media can't, and once the player has "experienced" the history he or she will be more likely to object to what little is left of it being crushed under the treads of a bulldozer. [...] At the same time I want you to know that, like most people, my main objective when playing a game is to have fun, and I'll do my best, with your invaluable assistance, to make Uktena a fun and exciting game.

Recently there's been a lot of discussion on Tumblr and Dreamwidth about fan-funded indie games that are intended to be inclusive of people and cultures not normally represented in your typical mainstream RPGs. Unfortunately a lot of that discussion is fueled by a Certain Project doing nearly everything wrong. Well, here's an example of a game that is really, truly doing it right. And even though the Kickstarter deadline for this project has passed, there are still ways that you might be able to help it get the funding that it needs.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the internet! A whole lot of dimwitted male movie critics have been trying to gain Feminism Points by critiquing how Black Widow is portrayed in The Avengers. The overwhelming problem with most of these reviews, however, is not that there isn't anything bad to be said about Black Widow's portrayal or Joss Whedon's often strangely limited flavor of feminism - because there most certainly IS an awful lot worthy of critique there - but that movie critics are, for some inexplicable reason, complaining about Black Widow being useless in the film. Uh, what? Fortunately, Ian Grey has an excellent takedown of that argument. Bonus points for actually calling out the offending movie critics by name.

Speaking of Doing It Right: Dan Norton is the amazing character designer for the new Thundercats series and he's posting all of his character and mech design work on Deviantart. Well worth a gander even if you're not into Thundercats. Also, some time ago Norton's gallery hosted a hilarious flamewar during which Norton beautifully smacked down a sexist fanboy who showed up to complain about Pumyra's new design being "too manly" and not having big enough breasts. Sadly, however, those comments seem to have been deleted now.

More potpourri links:

Paul Tobin hilariously describes stupid depictions of gender in fiction.

Swan Tower writes about writing fight scenes.

How to Illustrate Weelchairs. Also useful information for anybody who wants to write about or film characters who use wheelchairs.

Push Girls is a show that documents the lives of four women who use wheelchairs.

This is the best Avengers/Disney mashup. The BEST.
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The Anime/Manga/Manwha/Manhua Drabblefest is still going on! Come drabble with us!

The 2012 Not Prime Time Fic Festival is open for signups.

The Female Character Trope Fest is open for fills, too!

There is also a Transfic Mini Fest, a Podfic Meme, and a Reverse Remix Meme for all of your ficcing needs.

Filed under "Awesome Websites that Time Forgot": The Redwall Kitchen is still online. And there is a recipe for real honest-to-goodness homemade dandelion wine in there. Awesome.

Meanwhile, Atsushi Ohkubo.

Also, your Soul Eater Moment of Zen: Here is the entire Soul Eater cast made of pipe cleaners. Along with many other anime characters.
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Come drabble with us!

Man, it's been forever since I last wrote a drabble. I'd forgotten how hard it is to stick to that 100-word limit.
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I will go to bed early tonight and be sober for the UK/Louisville game tomorrow. I will go to bed early tonight and be sober for the UK/Louisville game tomorrow. I will go to bed early tonight and be sober for the UK/Louisville game tomorrow DAMMIT.

So here is some nerdy linkspam!

[personal profile] terajk is hosting a People with Disabilities Being Awesome commentfic fest!

[personal profile] sqbr has some recommendations for fanworks about disabled characters.

Apropos of nothing and because (tragically!) it did not make [personal profile] sqbr's list, "Clothes We Abandoned in the Closet" is a beautiful Tavros/Vriska fic. It's humanstuck!AU but don't let that put you off because it is awesome.

Speaking of disability and sex and love and all that stuff! Random Curiousity has a pretty thorough review of Katawa Shoujo that I mostly agree with. But I do wish that Zaniba hadn't been so quick to declare that "this is not a visual novel for those with a fetish," as that is definitely how it began, and the reaction all over the internet has shown that those with a certain set of particular fetishes are flocking to the game. And yet despite that, the game itself has grown into something so much better that has so much more to offer to such a wider audience than just the disability fetishists. This is a visual novel for those with a fetish, and it's pretty disingenuous to claim that it's not, but it's also a visual novel for the rest of us as well.

Completely unrelated! I am ridiculously excited for the Lupin III ALL FUJIKO ALL THE TIME TV series that starts next week, even if I'm still not entirely sold on the hyper-stylized animation and character designs. Oh well. It's Lupin III and it's Fujiko and there's no way that this can be anything but awesome.

Also, this week I finally caved in and bought myself a gorgeous 27" Dell monitor, which is something that I've wanted for a looooong time, and I'm still feeling a little bit of leftover happiness buzz from being able to finally write the check for the darn thing. YAY! And it has a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels so y'all can look forward to some insanely high-resolution Soul Eater screensaver rips coming next week.
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First! [profile] kamdensl and [profile] gin_kyo have created a gorgeous-looking Kid/Liz anthology doujinshi featuring three short stories and contributing artwork from [profile] aiwatan, [profile] chiikaboom, and armoured-armadillo. You can find ordering information and all that jazz here.

Second! [profile] terajik is going to be hosting Heroes Arrive Last, a fest for characters with (*ahem*) navigational impairments (i.e. those characters we all know and love who have no sense of direction whatsoever and/or get lost all the freakin' time) coming up on February 7th. The fest isn't just for fic either. As explained in the announcement post:

Original and fannish work is welcome; it'll be open for prompts, but party guests don't have to use them. All types of work, from graphics to podfic to FSTs to filk to meta (I'm very ambivalent about something I'm reading right now!) are welcome, too. ETA: Also, recs! Favorite bits of canon!

You can find more information here.
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[ profile] poilass liked my [ profile] help_japan fic!! (*happy dances forever*)

I'm too busy with homework, work-work, and other RL stuff to finish recapping Soul Eater Not! chapter 6 this month, so I'll probably just post chapters 6 and 7 together next month.

And speaking of summer fandom projects.... (*looks at doujinshi scanning queue*) Siiiiigh. I'll get back on the scanning horse next week, after I finish my last week of classes and visiting relatives and stuff.

And sorry, Spike Pilgrim, but this is my new all-time favorite My Little Pony trailer mashup:

ETA: Also, this excellent rant about "womens' comics" by Melinda Beasi is worth a signal-boost. Pretty much the entire thing is highly quotable, but here's a quick sample:

Who hasn’t been put in the position of having to over-explain to a skeptical friend, “I know the cover is pink, but it’s really good, I swear!” We explain because we think we have to, and we think we have to because we’ve been conditioned to believe that something specifically created with girls or women in mind is less well-crafted, less intelligent, and less universally relevant than something that’s not.

Yep, pretty much this. Also highly relevant re: anybody freaking out over the popularity of My Little Pony. Super-duper highly relevant re: the mouthbreathing male otaku contingent's continual insistence that Madoka Magica is groundbreaking/original/revolutionary for doing the exact same things that magical girl shows for girls have been doing for the past twenty years, but not that they would know that because heaven forbid any of them ever actually watch that sparkly pink girly stuff.
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Title: A Most Fortunate Geometry
Fandom: X-Men (Comics)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 23,715 words
Characters: Bobby Drake, Sam Guthrie, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Noriko Ashida, Cessily Kincaid, Victor Borkowski, Laura Kinney
Pairing: Bobby/Jean-Paul
A03 Link: Right here.


1. Giftee's original request was for a fic about her favorite characters, Bobby Drake and Jean-Paul Beaubier, being competent and kind and not whiny asshole losers, with optional slashiness. She also likes "bantering and bickering and snark and snappy dialogue; sexual tension and stoic pining and desperate, breathless longing; first kisses; holding hands; [...] common sense; adventures, capers, hijinx and derring do; secrets revealed and cats out of bags; [...] ass kicking; mysteries; actions having consequences; competent people being competent; love being shown through action; ethical dilemmas; did I mention my competence kink?; rational behaviour in the face of the irrational; body switching; hopefulness, kindness, compassion, forgiveness; our heroes against the world." I tried to hit most of those buttons, but I didn't get all of them, and I'll go ahead and spoil right now that there is no body-switching.

2. The existence of Santa Claus in Earth-616 is official Marvel canon. Deal with it.

3. Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who are unfamiliar, this is Sonny Crockett.

4. I completely rewrote this fic so many times oh my god. At one point I did try to retool the story so that an OC wouldn't be so heavily involved, but ultimately I figured that since she only exists to move the plot along and isn't really the center of the story anyway, maybe she won't be too annoying? Besides, I was trying to imitate the feel and structure of one of the old-school X-Men stories that tended to follow the formula of "team goes on mission, meets character and/or object with mysterious power, stuff happens, conflict is resolved, optional romantic epilogue, the end." So a character with a mysterious power was ultimately necessary to sort of get the plot-ball rolling. Hope y'all don't mind.

C&C either here or at A03 is very much appreciated.
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Really? Really?!

Cut for macro. )

Oh, self:

Really? Really?!

You're rewriting a chunk of the [ profile] help_japan fic again?!

This thing is starting to consume my summer.
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I thoroughly enjoyed X-Men: First Class.

Having said that, though, this is an excellent dissection of how badly the film portrays all of its female characters. (The blogger somehow missed that "the nameless mutant woman with dragon fly wings" was Angel Salvadore, but that doesn't actually detract from any of her other arguments.) To say nothing of the racefail.

And no, the issue is not just that "women dressing sexy = bad." The issue is that out of all five major female characters, all of them were excessively sexed up. Even Moira was scantily-clad because she was undercover at the Hellfire club! Yes, Moira McTaggert! And the costumes are hardly the only thing sexist about the film, as Sherry astutely points out - even things like how the male characters were shown honing and developing their powers while the female characters just sort of had powers demonstrate how the female characters in the film were much more window-dressing and afterthoughts than the male characters. Sherry's blog post also doesn't bring up the (not gonna spoil it too much so let's be vague here!) thing about Xavier and Moira at the end of the film, but that was also super-creepy, sexist, and gross.

Also, why did the film make the only latina female character a stripper? Who turns evil. WHY. Angel was never a stripper in the comics. WTF, movie. WTF.

Speaking of X-things, I just spent the morning re-writing the opening to my now-long-overdue fic for [ profile] help_japan AGAIN. Two months along now and the damn thing is still kicking my ass. (*headdesk*) NOTE TO SELF: Deus ex machina is bad. Bad Nena, bad! Fix that shit and re-work the ending and then maybe we can be happy with it?
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I'm staying up all night writing tests, and I need some distraction to protect my sanity. Thus, here is a meme ganked from [ profile] redbrunja:

I think it would be fun to talk about stories, but the usual memes are like, "What happens next?" "Tell me about Character A?" Which isn't so much talking about stories as it is writing more of a story. But you know how sometimes you read something and you're like, "I got ___ out of this story, I wonder if I have that right?" or "What on earth was ____ supposed to be?" and it's too awkward to ask the author? Now you could totally ask!

I've heard people say that writing is hard because you have to make decisions, but we never really talk about the decisions we make with stories or why we make them. We talk about plot bunnies, but not about how we actually turn them into a story.

So, ask me questions! What were you trying to do [here]? Why did you decide to ____? This is what I thought about xyz, is that what you were going for? What made you write ____? Why did you decide to do this? And so on.
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Festibility Banner: Toph from Avatar, Kerry Weaver from ER, Oracle from Comics, Parker from Leverage, River Tam from Firefly

Festibility is a fandom festival accepting all kinds of fanworks (fic, meta, art, icons, podfic, vids, recs, picspams, drabble sets etc) about disabled characters. Works can focus on canonically disabled characters or canonically able-bodied characters that you reimagine as disabled. Pieces can be as long or short as you like.

On the prompt post, the very first prompt offered is this: "Canonically able-bodied character has OCD or major depression to an extent that significantly affects hir everyday life, but ze saves the world/universe/someone, regardless."

This person is basically asking for excellent DtK fic, whether they know it or not. ;)

Flist, I challenge you! It would be great if somebody could write a DtK fic that fulfills the parameters of the prompt: that is, he must be dealing with OCD and doing something heroic at the same time. The fic should also be accessible to people outside the Soul Eater fandom (and yes THIS WILL BE A CHALLENGE, but remember that the powers of the Captain Exposition Hat and the Colonel Inner Monologue Hat can judiciously be used for good, not evil). Finally, it would be nice if said fic doesn't regurgitate any annoying stereotypes about OCD at the same time. Considering that the Soul Eater canon already takes care of two out of three of those requirements for y'all, however, this isn't a terribly impossible task. Stick to the canon depiction of Kid's disorder and you're already 80% of the way there.

OR if somebody could come up with some recs for DtK fics that fulfill all of the above requirements - dealing with OCD and being heroic at the same time, accessible to people outside the fandom, not drowning in obnoxious tropes about mental illness - that would be awesome, too. (And before anybody comments about this, no, none of my own fics would fit the bill, I don't think.)

I'm going to try to challenge myself to do the fic part. Dunno if I'm going to pull it off in time, but I'll try. Unfortunately, I am woefully bad at remembering other people's fics and I haven't had time to read any fanfic at all since The Semester from Hell started, so I won't be much help on the recs side of things. Any help from anybody would be appreciated in that regard.

Now hark ye, good youth, wilt thou join me and write DtK fic for GREAT SOCIAL JUSTICE?

Or if Soul Eater isn't your thing, there are seven other pages of delicious prompts, too.
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1. 14 new full-color preview paintings from 18 Days. What a shame that this is never going to be made into a proper comic book. There's no way that the animated series is ever going to look this good. (I'm growing less and less enamored of the Liefeld-esque character design for Karna the more that I see it. But that's my only complaint about the artwork so far.)

Speaking of the Mahabharata...

2. Polyamory for writers. Great thinky-thoughts post, and the comments are great too.

Speaking of fannish things...

3. This person is offering pretty artwork commissions for dirt cheap! Just passing along the plug for a friend of a friend, since I know that some of y'all reading this might be interested.

Speaking of artwork...

4. A Lovecraft-inspired artwork exhibition! I love love love that painting on the promotional flier.

Speaking of the Great Old Ones...

5. Bad thoughts bad thoughts bad thoughts bad thoughts. Soul Eater facehugging snark courtesy of Shioko.

Speaking of things that are probably only funny to Soul Eater fans...

6. This is the current front page of the Shocker Toys website. Scroll down, find the SDCC limited edition Mallow figure for Big Daddy, and then check out whom he is listed right next to. (Capped for posterity.)
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Draw Karna and win a Karna statue! If only I could draw. At all. (*weeps*)

Anyway, money quotes from the Vimanika Comics blog entry:

Become a part of the Legend himself by drawing your own version of India’s very own superhero and send it to us. [...] All you have to do is, sketch and color your version of the legendary warrior Karna, adorn him with his divine Kavach and Kundals and send your entry to us on

...only his kavach and kundals? Does he have to be wearing anything else? (Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket?)

A participant can send as many entries as he/she wants.

MAINSTREAM COMICS ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION. It's the little inclusions like this that count.


[ profile] continuity_play is a sweet new fic community for those of y'all who want to play around in your own little universes (or in somebody else's). So if you have a huge work of fiction with your own canon, or a huge AU fanfic with your own canon, or whether you just want to play around with official!canon continuity, please give it a look and consider joining.
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An extremely eye-opening dissection of Patricia Wede's list of fantasy world-building questions, in light of MammothFail09.

Context: Patricia Wede is the person who wrote these things, these things, these things, and these things.

So, um. How many of the rest of y'all have used that list of questions in your worldbuilding?

(*raises hand*)

Now I definitely need to take some time to think about what that means, and how it's colored my writing.
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Avatar FAIL Bingo Cards and Links Roundup:
Icons! (Warning: fail in comments.)

Avatar is one of those things that I fangirl hardcore - like, HARDCORE - but I never really write about it in this journal, or participate in the fandom. I'm not sure why. It's not that I don't like the fandom, or that I think it's scary, or anything. It's just... There are certain shows that may be dear to my heart, but that for some reason I never feel any desire to interact with, either in terms of fandom, or just in terms of writing out my thoughts/reactions to things in this LJ. The X-Files and the Buffyverse would fall into that category, too, I guess. X-Men and Marvel comics, too, although G-W has helped me start thinkifying and writing about them more than before. (But in general I have to restrain myself in that regard, because too much headdesking, it is not good for the brain. Latest headdesk-inducer: Magik and "Infernus." Oh goddammit, Marvel.)

But either way, in terms of Avatar and fandom involvement... This is one of the things that I think it's time to get *involved* with. I don't know and I don't care whether anything about the movie itself can or will be changed. The important thing is to get some voices out there, to counteract all of the stupidity and racism that's being shouted at an equally loud volume. That crap needs to be CHALLENGED.

Speaking of Avatar and challenges...

Anonymous Kid fangirl brings lulz, story at 11.

One of the things that I love about Avatar is the totally awesome and realistic military strategies that the writers have injected into their fictional, fantasty-world civil war. I AM a combat/military strategy buff. I have been since I started fangirling Star Wars when I was in middle school. It's also one of the reasons why I love to squee over the Mahabharata and KMHK. I love military history, fictional war epics, or just plain individual-level martial arts. But, you know, because my brain is so pickled in that stuff, it's kind of hard to turn off the "strategist" part of my fangirlism when I'm watching shows like Soul Eater. And yeah, I get frustrated when a character that Ohkubo has built up as "intelligent" and "a competent fighter" (i.e., Kid) keeps making stupid, stupid, STUPID combat mistakes. And it's not just the big mistakes, but all of his little mistakes as well. Like just standing around and letting Hiro take the high ground during his brief duel in episode 32, despite the fact that Kid had the ability to get airborne. Or letting the Fisher King outdraw him. This from a character who otherwise has shown moments of totally awesome brilliance during fight scenes? It doesn't really add up.

On the other hand, though, it is hella amusing to keep watching a character who's supposed to be smart consistently making stupid mistakes. Frustrating, of course, but also entertaining.

Which makes me thing that Ohkubo is being deliberate with reveling in Kid's stupidity. Most of the time, when fictional characters engage in bad combat strategy, I tend to chalk that up to the writer being stupid about things. But with Ohkubo, I think it's a different story. Ohkubo does seem to have a decent grasp on combat strategy, and he writes characters like Sid, Nygus, Stein, and Azusa beautifully in that regard. Heck, even Black Star and Tsubaki have developed kick-ass megastrategy at this point in both the anime and the manga. So when Ohkubo writes Kid doing stupid things in combat, I'm fairly certain that it's not because Ohkubo himself is being stupid about the combat situation, but because he's deliberately writing Kid as doing stupid things in combat.

Which is hilarious.

But also frustrating.

In other news, I'm sitting on several fics for [ profile] 42_souls that are soon to be badly in need of a beta, and since I've been far removed from the anime fanfic scene for so many years, I'm... not sure how to really go about trawling for one. (*flails*)


Oct. 17th, 2008 11:00 am
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Nifty fannish things:

1. Brain-breaking Soul Eater crossover fanart.

2. Totally awesome Disney crossover fic, courtesy of [ profile] miss_breeziness.

3. Sillabub's completed Sailor Moon/Starlights epic, which is freakin' excellent. Remember the grand old days of epic Sailor Moon fic? Yeah. Sillabub may be the only person writing it anymore, but she is just so good.
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1. How to avoid turning your original character into a Mary Sue. Specific to W.I.T.C.H. fanfic, but most of the advice therein - especially in the first half of the article - could apply to any fandom.

2. Dictionary of Argentine Slang

3. Temari Matsumoto does Metal Gear Solid:

Behind the cut. )
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Title: Moonstone
Fandom: Fate/Stay Night
Prompt: Rin, "the end of the day"
Rating: PG-13 for gruesome offscreen demise.
Dedicated to [ profile] carbonicgirl
Notes: Heaven's Feel/Hollow Ataraxia continuity. Tsutsuji means "azalea," and Yuriko means "lily."

Moonstone )
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Title: Monterey


Prompt: "Free-loving, pot and LSD, Monterey Pop Festival Starlights."

Dedicated, of course, to [profile] evil_authoress.

Notes: Hah, okay.  This was wretchedly difficult to write.  I do love music from the 1960's, but I really don't have the faintest clue about the culture - or rather, the counterculture movement - surrounding it.  It was hard to research this fic, too.  For example, I've seen videos and photos of the Monterey Pop Festival, but they always show the stage and never the crowd, so I really don't know what it looked or felt like on the fields around the stage.  I also am unsure about LSD delivery methods, and I suspect that sugar cubes might have been passé by 1967, but I really don't know.  So I'm certain that in the following fic I've gotten a LOT of important details wrong.  But I'm kind of going for the Arthur Golden method here - "Screw historical accuracy, this is what I THINK it might have been like."  That's my story and I'm sticking with it.





**Apologies for LJ messing up the formatting of a couple paragraphs in the middle.  I have no idea how to fix that.  And boy have I tried.