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Sailor Avengers by nna. (Click through for full size!)

Hat-tip to [personal profile] shanejayell for that one. Now we just need somebody to make an Avengers/Pretty Cure mashup and my life will be complete. Er, not like I've actually put any thought or planning or detail into an Avengers/Pretty Cure mashup fic that will never be written or anything.

Other Links of Interest:

David Brothers on why DRM is beneficial to exactly nobody.

Al Jean (producer of The Simpsons) and fifty other animation producers protest Community's eligibility in the Emmy animation categories. I'm sorry, I love Community, I really do, but it does not belong in any of the Emmy animation categories. It just. does. not. And Al Jean is absolutely correct to point out that if Community can be considered in the animated Emmy categories, then why can't shows like The Simpsons, Futurama, South Park, and other animated sitcoms be considered in any of the Emmy comedy categories? Because animation ghetto, that's why.

David Brothers (yes, again!) on why Anno Moyoco's Sakuran reveals how sexism in the past still influences how we regard "willful" women today. (Do not read the comments.) Sexist expectations of how women should behave is a common theme in Anno's work - just look at Sugar Sugar Rune, which used magical girls to deconstruct those sexist tropes in really interesting ways - but Sakuran is a decidedly more adult take on the same themes for a decidedly more adult audience.

Meanwhile, Naruto is coming to an end. I don't think that anybody has yet expressed any reaction to this other than "Finally!" And that includes those of us who are actually fans of the series. It's about time we got a decent climax and conclusion! For the record, I felt the same way when Inu-Yasha finally ended. No matter how much fun your manga is, you just can't keep dragging out the same basic conflict without any meaningful conclusion for years and years and years without people getting tired of it.
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Pirates of the Caribbean III!

I got the widescreen 2-disc AWESOME edition. Only... It really wasn't so awesome. First, there were a bunch of Disney trailers before the main menu that I couldn't fast-forward through. (Also, the Japanese subtitles were turned on during the trailers, and I couldn't turn them off for some reason, even though the audio was also in Japanese.) The main disc menu was prefaced by an obscenely long animation. Also, the main disc menu was almost completely unreadable. To add insult to injury, despite the fact that I got an entire extra disc of bonus material, the theatrical trailers for PoC III were NOT included. I've ranted before about how it pisses me off the way that Disney DVDs almost never include theatrical trailers, because I LOVE trailers, and they're such a standard extra on almost every other studio's release, I don't understand why Disney keeps omitting them.

Does anybody have the Region 1 release? Does it suck as much as the Region 2 version?

Next... Bender's Big Score!!!! Hooray for more Futurama!!!!!

Non-spoilery thoughts about the movie:

1. It was good. In my head I (inevitably) compared it to The Simpsons Movie, and it held up pretty well.
2. Non-spoiler: The plot involves time travel. It got confusing at times.
3. Sorta spoiler: They used the time travel plot device to "fix" the endings of the two most tragic episodes from the TV series ever. (Seriously, "Jurassic Bark" reduced me to a quivering ball of tears so bad that to this day I refuse to watch that episode again. It is the only Futurama episode that I've never seen more than once.) I am so happy with the new continuity that there are no words. Seriously. But hey, I'm the type of person for whom the highlight of Pirates of the Caribbean III was the revelation that the shaggy dog didn't die after all. So the parts of this movie that retconned "Luck of the Fryish" and "Jurassic Bark" made me very, very, very happy.

Also, the Kwanzaabot rap. And Al Gore's multiple guest appearances. Best line: "Finally! I get to save the Earth with deadly lasers instead of deadly slide shows."