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Until December 31st, all manga volumes available on the iPad from Shogakukan are only 350 yen. That includes everything available through the Big Comic Spirits app (currently the first fifteen volumes each of Gallery Fake and Oishinbo, the first seven volumes of Chocolat and Otanko Nurse, and a couple other series as well), and everything available through the Shounen Sunday app (twenty-nine volumes of Urusei Yatsura, the complete twenty-two volume run of Patlabor, as well as tons of Detective Conan, Major, Ganbare Genki, TO-Y, and Ushio to Tora).

Shogakukan is actually updating every week with new titles and new volumes, so kudos to them for at least babystepping into this whole downloadable-manga thing. What would be ideal, of course, would be for them to be making their books available for digital download in a more universal format (as I can always import a PDF into my iPad, but not easily or legally take iPad-specific content off the iPad). But, baby steps!

ETA: The most recent issue of Dengeki Comic is now available for free through the Zasshi Online app. I don't know how long that's going to last or whether this is also pre-New Year only deal or not, so grab it while you can!

Manga Rekishi is similarly having a pre-New Year sale, with all of their books now available for 230 yen. I don't think I've gushed about these books enough, but they're a unique combination of information-dense manga with an extremely easy, accessible reading level, so I can't recommend them enough if you're interested in Japanese history and/or want some really neat reading material to cut your teeth on. The artwork is really, really pretty, too.

Only tangentially-related to manga but still cool, Slowtime Design released a free app last month that constantly updates with fantastic examples of their design products including stationary, magazine advertisements, magazine layouts, signs, posters, brochures, menus, and more. It's pure eye-candy and it's totally free, which is awesome. Also, as far as I can tell, the content added to the app never dissappears; it's all permanently-available and they just keep adding more and more every week.

Meanwhile, Ken Akamatsu is DOIN' IT RIGHT by making the entirety of Love Hina available for free download in PDF format on the new J-Comi website. Which I would probably be more excited about if Love Hina didn't bore me to tears, but whatever.

GanGan Online is now saying that they're going to have their "full app" available in January 2011, but my immediate reaction is "Yeah riiiiiiiiight." I'll believe it when I see it. Meanwhile, they've released sample chapters of their upcoming Kyoku horror anthology onto the iPad, but they're still using the ActiBook app which has a HORRIBLE interface and is pretty blargh all around. Meanwhile, Squeenix North America and Squeenix France are diving into the whole digital manga thing in the most bass-akwards way humanly possible with their new online store, so I guess it's close-but-no-cigars all around over in Squeenixland!
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I am still in the midst of working on the Soul Eater Scanspam Post that Ate the World. Until that shizbit is ready to post, however, here's a selection of random scans that I've been hoarding on my hard drive. There's a mixture of Teh Pretty and Teh Brain-Breakage behind this cut.

Cuuuuuut! )
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My livejournal has been sadly lacking in three things lately: X-men. Saber. And puppies. So let's remedy that.

This gem of an advertisement has been running on the back of several of the previous issues of Shounen Magazine. Is it sad that I find my weekly dose of doe-eyed puppy more exciting than my weekly dose of Tsubasa? Probably. Especially considering that nothing about the puppy advertisement ever actually changes. Then again, neither does anything about any chapter of Tsubasa anymore. Oh, snap.

Lily Saber, from this month's Comptiq. Somehow that outfit looks a lot less stupid when she's in an action!pose.

An oldie but a goodie. I dug up this image because for the past week, I've been flipping through all of the American comics that I still have with me in Japan, desperately searching for a panel (or two) that would make a decent header image for that bloggity project that Jess and I are working on.

Anyway, this is probably my all-time favorite image of the fourth generation X-kids, if for no other reason than because of Julian's deliciously ridiculous pose. I mean, WTH is he doing, anyway?! Revving up his invisible motorcycle?! And I also love the sexy back-to-back pose that Noriko and David are striking. This is made even funnier in context, BTW. "Context" being "these two characters dated for years and then had a hugely traumatic and angsty breakup, which all subsequent writers and artists working on the X-books immediately totally and completely forgot about." Right, because this image? Which is supposed to be "placed" immediately after the breakup? Sure. They totally look like they just had a gigantic, ugly breakup. Totally.

Oh hey I'm still about... four months behind on the X-books. Sigh. And with the holidays coming up, I ain't planning on spending money to catch up anytime soon. Uh, so now there's a current storyline or something about Cypher coming back... as a black woman? Oh, X-Men. You so crazy.
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Color advertisement on the back cover of last week's Shounen Magazine:

Clicky thumbnail!

For those of you who can't read Japanese: YES, that is exactly what it looks like.

It jumped right out at me, mostly because to my gaijin eyes it is a freakishly weird thing to be hawking in weekly comics anthology marketed at teen boys. I mean, I know that you can find hair removal products for men in any country, but they're almost never advertised in the United States, and especially would never be advertised in a comic book. Or in any publication marketed toward teen boys, I would hope. It's bad enough that teen girls have that crap shoved constantly down their throats. Sigh.

I guess there's just no escaping restrictive beauty standards, no matter what your gender or what country you call home. I mean, I've got nothing against hair removal - I do it myself on occasion - but I wish, I really wish, that the beauty industry would stop presenting it as a choice between being hairy-therefore-ugly versus hairless-therefore-beautiful. Ugh.