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1. Free official Adventure Time books available for download or online reading at Scribd! "Wit and Wisdom in the Land of Ooo: Great Quotations from Adventure Time" and this enormous collection of episode storyboard books are free to anybody who wants them.

2. It's award season in Japan! So the nominations for the Japan Academy Prize's "Animated Film of the Year" were officially listed yesterday, and to nobody's surprise both the K-ON! movie and From Up On Poppy Hill made the list. Also nominated were a gorgeous Osamu Tezuka adaptation, this year's Detective Conan film, and a CGI film that is, no joke, actually titled "Tofu Boy." Also, The Manga Taisho Awards have also posted this year's nominations. I Am A Hero got nominated for the second time. Not sure how I feel about that.

3. Kate Fitzsimons is hilarious and her tongue-in-cheek comparisons of recent Sherlock Holmes TV, movie, and comic adaptations is a must-read.
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I never really understood how a potentially great movie could be killed by terrible, terrible cinematography and visual effects until I saw the new Sherlock Holmes.

And sorry RDJ, but Jarred Harris and Stephen Fry are totally the best actors in the movie.

Had to sit through seven godawful previews (Battleship? Really?! And the Jack and the Beanstalk movie which looks so ridiculous it almost seemed like a parody of a real movie preview straight out of a Simpsons episode) to finally see the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. It looks good, but it also looks like a straight-up rehash of The Dark Knight. Which, you know, was really good, but do we need to see the exact same movie again with the Joker just replaced by Bane? I mean, I know that it's waaaaay to early to say whether Rises is going to be a repeat of the same film again or not, but the trailer makes it LOOK like a straight repeat, which is not encouraging.

On the way out of the theater, Mom regaled us with the True Story of the time that she actually shoved one of Micheal Bay's body guards out of her way when said bodyguard tried to prevent her from walking on the sidewalk near Bay's limo. Ladies and gentlemen, my mother.

Get home to find out that LJ release 88 the LJocalypse has been pushed through despite massively negative feedback for the beta. I doubt that the 6500+ comments on the relevant lj_releases post is going to change anything, b/c Ilya Dronov and Mark have made it pretty clear that they assume that LJ works just like Facebook - namely, that they can change whatever they want, and even if tens of thousands of users complain, eventually the complaints will stop and people will just get used to it. Frankly I can live with the fugliness, BUT the lack of comment subject lines in default style, the loss of the comment preview function, the asinine bandwidth-eating method of LOADING EVERY USER PIC IN PREVIEWS, and the refusal to fix the DB error that makes using third-party archiving software impossible has officially rendered this site pretty fucking useless to me right now.

Dammit LJ, I stuck with you through all the censorship shit and the DDOS attacks. I WANT to keep using and supporting this website. But if you take away basic functionality for comments and then make it impossible for me to backup my own journal, what am I supposed to do?

(I know, I know. I have a Dreamdwidth account already. But I am loathe to export my complete journal to DW because I have yet to find a DW journal layout that doesn't, you know, completely suck floppy donkey balls.)


May. 20th, 2009 05:31 pm
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Sherlock Holmes.


I just...


Also a headbanger: The final page of today's Tsubasa installment.

Pop culture has been hurling shit at me all day today.