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Thing the First: Brigid Alverson on (one of the reasons) why Minx failed:

Ah, Minx, DC’s attempt to make comics for teenage girls. The failure of the whole enterprise lies in that very statement. Teen girls don’t like things made specifically for them. They don’t even think of themselves as “teen girls.” Catering to them is very, very tricky, because you can’t appear to be catering to them. Worse, adults who write and review books for teenagers have a hard time letting the characters do anything truly bad, but that’s exactly what teenagers want—and need—to read. If you give them an after school special, they’ll dump it and read something by Chuck Palahniuk instead.

Yeah, that pretty much describes my reading habits when I was a teenager, too. I didn't discover Palahniuk until I was 19 (and now that I think I'm older and wiser I really don't care for his shallow nihilism anymore), but I definitely spent my middle and high school years gorging myself on Stephen King and tons of horror/sci-fi/fantasy that wasn't supposed to be *~for~* teen girls. Then I discovered Sailor Moon and manga, but even then I was drawn to the epic fantasy elements of Sailor Moon and later Magic Knight Rayearth, which were the first shoujo that I cut my teeth on. I wasn't drawn to those manga just because they were supposed to be *~for~* me.

Thing the Second: Super Punch re-designs the X-Men: First Class movie posters.

Any of those would have been better than the official design. Any of them.

Thing the Third: The following Youtube video, which is real and not a fake, and might possibly cause you to question the existence of a just and merciful God.

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Some people liveblog important things like presidential debates and political conferences. Pshaw. I save my liveblogging for Japanese kiddie cartoons. Brilliant Japanese kiddie cartoons.

So, Soul Eater episode 30: Just about as pitch-perfect as twenty-five minutes of television can be.

You can tell what to expect from any given Soul Eater episode based solely on what characters are featured in the preview. With a Maka/Soul episode, we'll get lots of pseudo-romantic emotional angst. With Black Star/Tsubaki, it's always lots of RAH! RAH! hotblooded NINJA ACTION. And with Kid/Liz/Patti, we can reliably look forward to lots and lots of explosive property damage.

So as soon as Kid mentions the word "train" in the first few seconds this episode, we know that the train is toast.

MOAR. Not safe for dialup. )

Next week: Ragnarok licks people. Good times. Good times.
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Okay, so, my mistake. THIS is actually the last chapter before hiatus.


1. Syaoran, Sakura, and Mokona aren't even in this chapter.

2. It was nice to see Kyle and Xing Huo in the splash page, though. We know what happened to Xing Huo, but whatever happened to Kyle? Is he going to show up again? (Although, honestly, at this point in the story, anything that Kyle could say or do would be painfully anticlimatic.)

3. I still can't believe that Fay is being so stupid.

4. THANK YOU, KUROGANE. I was WTFing at Asura-Ou's explanation for Fay's tattoo, too. The logic DID NOT MAKE SENSE. At the time, though, I had just chalked it up to more of CLAMP's illogical, heyo-we-love-plot-contrivances writing. Having Kurogane point out the sheer logic-defying nonsense behind that scene, and turning it into a plot point, has slightly restored my faith in CLAMP's writing.

5. RE: Chibi!zombie... I am horribly reminded of *that* scene at the end of Chuck Palahniuk's novel Lullaby. If you've read it, you know the scene. If you haven't, you're better off not knowing.

Yes, I totally just compared a chapter of Tsubasa to a Chuck Palahniuk novel.
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The most awesome things that I have read all month:

Batman as written by Chuck Palahniuk

Spiderman as written by Woody Allen

Dr. Strange as written by Hunter S. Thompson

Punisher as written by Lemony Snicket

Superman as written by Friedrich Nietzsche

The Swamp Thing as written by H.P. Lovecraft

X-Men as written by David Cronenberg

Aquaman written So That He Does Not Suck

And as if all of the above weren't enough...

The challenge for the rest of you!

And there are even more entries being listed on the sidebar of Lurking Rhythmically as I type. I can't keep up with them all. They are awesome!

I think that my Palahniuk-fu is weakening. I could pinpoint the book or story that almost every single line from the Batman entry came from, but there were three lines that were stumpers for me.
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Well, it turns out that will indeed import that Disgaea 1997 calendar. I've already got mine on preorder. ^_^ (Honestly, I should have thought to check before complaining in my previous post. They are awesome in that they import nearly everything that's published in English. Including English translations of Japanese novels and manga, which I think is pretty awesome.)

Also, I went ahead and bought the six Disgaea novels. Haven't touched the Disgaea 2 novels yet as I expect it will take me a while to get through the first six. But I mostly went ahead and bought them because if my understanding of the reviews on amazon are correct, then Flonne/Laharl is officially canon in the novels. Which makes me a very happy little fangirl.

I finally finished Solaris and am still... digesting it. It was definitely one of the most thought-provoking books I've ever read, but it's taking me a while to process all of said thoughts that have been provoked. It probably doesn't help that I'm simultaneously 1/3 of the way through Haunted, and reading Palanhuik tends to overstimulate and then shut down my brain by turns. Plus I'm supposed to be forcing myself to read the Ah! My Goddess novel, but right now I don't care about Freya and there's only so much of Skuld acting spoiled that I can take.

And now, some Goddess humor. )