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Can I subscribe to a feed of your journal?
Yes, you can: or If you want only Soul Eater-related updates, you can add my Soul Eater tag to the end of either of those options, like so: voilĂ  et voilĂ .

More behind the cut. )
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Just a quick PSA -

All further Japan-related journaling has been moved to a different journal. For those of you on my f-list, you already have the URL. For anybody else who really wants the URL, feel free to comment on this entry.
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Feel free to friend and defriend at any time. You don't need to ask for "permission" to friend me. (I think that's weird, anyway.) If you want me to friend you, feel free to drop a comment on this post. Frankly there's not a whole lot of interesting stuff that goes on behind flock here, other than some occasional doujinshi scans, and some posts about my boring RL adventures. If you're only here to see the doujinshi, that is 100% okay by me, so just let me know and I'll put you on the doujin filter.

If you're interested in reading the journal that I kept while teaching in Japan for three years, just comment over here and let me know. Keep in mind that my Japan journal is a journal that my grandparents are reading, so I'd ask you to please watch your language (and your icons!) if you comment over there.