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This is my dreamwidth journal. I write things. If you're here, then here are some things that you may be looking for:

My master list of fanfics: Right here, yo.

Soul Eater high-res scans and/or manga recaps: Use this tag to find them.

Soul Eater doujinshi scans: These are posted at [info]shibusen under the "doujinshi" tag. You have to be a member of the community to view those posts. You might also want to check out the master list of all of my doujinshi posts.

Tsubasa recaps: Use this tag to find them.

Other high-res scans: @ various gallery websites, my AnimePaper account, my MiniTokyo acount, or posted here under various "scanspam" tags.

------------------------------------Friending Policy-----------------------------------

Feel free to subscribe or grant access to me at any time. You don't need to ask for "permission" to friend me. (I think that's weird, anyway.) If you want me to grant access to you, feel free to drop a comment on this post. Frankly there's not a whole lot of interesting stuff that goes on behind lock here, other than some occasional doujinshi scans, and some posts about my boring RL adventures. If you're only here to see the doujinshi, that is 100% okay by me, so just let me know and I'll put you on the doujin filter.

------------------------------------Colorbar Collection-----------------------------------

Since colorbars tend to clutter up my userinfo, I've moved the full collection to this post, here.


My journal layout is a modified version of this Tabula Rasa layout from [community profile] visualwit.

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