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I think that Friendship is Magic fandom is getting darn close to surpassing Homestuck in terms of being the fandom with the greatest amount of amazing fan music being produced right now. And since Equestria Daily is right in the middle of its first Remix War, which in turn inspired me to finally go through and organize all of the MLP music that I have sitting on my hard drive, I figured that it was about time to do a pimpin'-n-sharin' music post.

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Tonight I am working on recapping Soul Eater, editing X-fic, and writing my final exams all at the same time! Multi-tasking powers, go!

Must. Resist. Urge. To write every single line of Tezca's dialogue in chapter 85 in size 32 font with that sparkling penis background. Because oh my god.

Meanwhile, I'm just going to leave this link here.

Also I am absolutely in love with Marie's dress in this fanart.
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Clearly directly related to today's celebration of all things horsey-related, the season finale of My Little Pony is now available on Youtube.

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1. Comment with "the odds are ever in your favor."
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters and your thoughts on each.

[ profile] redbrunja gave me M.

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Last week's episode gave us what has to be BY FAR the single best shout-out to the G1 ponies that I've seen yet in this series. BEHOLD:

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melannen wrote an interesting post about systems of marriage/romance that only exist in science fiction. She touches on Diane Duane's Tale of the Five, Robert A. Heinlein's weird line-marriage thing, Ursula K. LeGuin's short stories, and of course, the Homestuck trolls. Among others.

Caveat: As melannen admits to not actually reading Homestuck she rather badly borks the explanation of Auspisticeship, but this comment corrects a lot of that.

And, as usual, every explanation of complicated romantic relationships in alien species can only be improved with the addition of My Little Pony.
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[ profile] the_sun_is_up has a really good post about racism in the most recent MLP episode.

Also worth highlighting is this comment by [ profile] mekosuchinae:

"Okay, can we call a moratorium on all analogies implying the Native Americans were as prejudiced or at fault as the Europeans/White Americans who attacked and disenfranchised them, stole their lands, and did their best to eradicate native cultures and peoples? Because, uh, no. At all. Ever."


Also the fail behind the logic supporting the settler ponies' claims in the episode was so, well, failtacular that I still can't believe it was upheld as "reasonable" at all. The show made it very clear that the settler ponies built their orchard on buffalo land by *mistake* (as if the real white colonists that settled the American frontier took native lands by *mistake* but whatever) and then makes the logic leap that because the settler ponies took land that wasn't theirs by mistake, now they... have a legitimate claim to it. Somehow. Also, they worked REAL HARD to plant those apple trees, and the fact that they worked REAL HARD to farm land that was never theirs to begin with is also repeatedly upheld as a reason why they "deserve" the buffalo land.

I'm sorry, but WTF, My Little Pony? It doesn't matter that the settler ponies made a mistake - this is arguably proof that they weren't ill-intentioned against the buffalo, but it is NOT a reason why thy should therefore have a claim to buffalo land - and it does NOT matter that they worked reaaaaaaal haaaaaaaaard to farm that land as long as it was never theirs in the first place. So what if the settler ponies needed those apple trees to feed their village? That still DOESN'T GIVE THEM A CLAIM TO THE LAND THAT ISN'T THEIRS. If the buffalo had refused to share - as would have been their right to do so - then the settler ponies should have just scrapped their town and moved somewhere else. Yeah all of their hard work would have gone to waste, and that would have been sad and caused a lot of hardship for them, but here's the lesson that should have been learned: Accept the consequences when you make a mistake, learn from it, and next time do your freakin' research before you start working reeaaaaaaal haaaaaard to build your town. Wanting to be on that land real bad is not the same as having the RIGHT to be there. Jesus, show!

The settler ponies were completely in the wrong in this episode and the amazing twists of logic that the show comes up with to try to convince the viewers that they had a legitimate claim to buffalo land is just plain insulting as fuck.

Hmmmmm, kind of like how colonist/native conflicts from all over the world are continually misrepresented in history books and media depictions created by the colonizing powers. But I digress.
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So, this week's episode of MLP. Kind of reached all sorts of uncomfortable levels of fail, even worse than the Zecora episode.

This post @ deadbrowalking sums it up rather succinctly.

Dear Lauren Faust and the FiM crew: I know that your heart is in the right place, but please please please stop trying to make episodes about racism because so far you have shown that your only modus operandi is to rely on racist stereotypes and profoundly otherize non-white races in your half-assed attempts to teach kids about "tolerating" those who are different. This is 2011 and we should be past that level of fail by now. Come on.
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Amazing audio things:
1:50 techno mix of all the FiM songs so far
Pinkie Pie sings All American Rejects
Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves Rap

And here is a Friendship is Magic/Lovecraft crossover fic. No, seriously. Not only does this exist, but for extra bonus WTF points it crosses over with the Nightshade episode from the original MLP cartoon. The internet, man. The internet is glorious.

Speaking of glorious, here are ALL OF THE PONIES. ALL OF THEM. Even the original prototype pony character designs by Lauren Faust! Oh but wait WHOOPS they only have the original version of Doctor Whooves in that picture and not his re-spawn. I love the fact that I was able to even type that sentence. This show, you guys. This show.

Okay so here is some Batman/Luna and now your lives are complete.

Arrrgh, why don't I have any pony icons yet? Fine, we'll just use Eridan humping a buoy again. Because why not.
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Top five throwbacks to the original MLP cartoons that Nena would love to see either referenced or just plain added to a future episode of Friendship is Magic:

5. Bushwoolies.

4. Catrina and Rex, because they were hilarious.

3. Any reference to the original 1984 MLP movie. Any at all. For those of you who have never seen it, let me just point out that the film opens with a scene in which Applejack licks applesauce off proto-Rarity's body and ends with an epic scene in which the ponies battle Satan. No, I'm serious. That is the actual plot of the movie. The ponies have to fight Satan himself.

2. Nightshade.


Finally, your Moment of Zen links: One! Two! This whole freaking tag! Three!
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What if we treated doctors the way that we treat teachers?

The analogy falls painfully apart in certain places, but the overall point still stands.

The comments are worth a read too, but I laughed until I cried when I read the comment from the idiot who thinks that teachers only spend 6 hours a day at school. (Hint: I usually don't leave school until after 5 pm, and guess what time I have to get there in the morning?)

In much more frivolous news, somebody actually re-created the POTATO CHIP WORM MUFFINS recipe from My Little Pony episode 3. And ate it. And ate it.

This show, you guys. This show.

ETA: OKAY FINE here is your MLP/Soul Eater crossover and your MLP/Homestuck crossover (scroll down for epic) and your lives are now complete.
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Chris Sims writes 1500 words about the new My Little Pony cartoon.

This show, you guys. This show.

Yes yes yes I am working on SE recaps right now. But since it was asked in the comments on my previous post... Yes, THIS is what Soul Eater Not! was referencing this month:


And you guys keep saying that there's nothing dark or nightmare-fuely in Not! this month.
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The following is the actual recommendation for the new My Little Pony cartoon that one of my cohorts gave me last week:

"So imagine if Invader Zim were set in Ponyland and Dib was the main character only he was reincarnated as a girl unicorn named Twilight Sparkle but still with Dib's personality and he I mean she is the only one who sees the REALLY OBVIOUS SIGNS that there is an Evil Thing threatening Ponyville but all of the other ponies are too stupid to listen to her and this leads to both nonstop hilarity and magical-girl tag-team ass-kicking and Benny Hill parodies and a whole lot of cultural references that are going to fly right over the heads of the target audience for this show but that's okay because IT'S FREAKIN' INVADER ZIM AS A CARTOON ABOUT MAGICAL PONIES."

So this turns out to be an 100% true description of the series.


Context does not actually make that any less insane or any less completely awesome.

No but on a serious level this show is all kids of amazing. It takes everything that was crappy about the original MLP cartoon and turns it squarely on its head, with a lot of surprisingly smart writing (the ponies have complex personalities! the protagonist pony is a hyperintelligent bookworm who refuses to downplay her smarts just to be more girly!) and neat animation (look, the character design even gives the ponies individualized faces!). So yeah, it's kind of awesome. I really wish that there were more cartoons for girls like this on air right now. I wish that this had been the MLP cartoon that I had grown up with. And y'all should check this out because all of the episodes are on Youtube.

ETA: Oh, and also much in the vein of Invader Zim, there is also some amazingly inappropriately dark humor in a couple of episodes of this show, most notably an episode in which Applejack commits EARTHWORM GENOCIDE. No seriously, there's a part in episode 4 that involves Applejack attempting to bake muffins while severely sleep-deprived (long story), so she instead of adding wheat germ to her batter she instead digs up all of the earthworms in her garden, folds them into the muffin batter, and bakes them alive. And then she feeds the muffins to the other ponies and they eat them. Spike takes a muffin too, and although a barely-alive earthworm suddenly pops out of the top of his muffin and attempts to wriggle free of its doughy coffin, Spike apparently doesn't mind eating worms so HE EATS THE MUFFIN ANYWAY. With the worm still in it.

This show, you guys. This show.