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lavannah ([personal profile] lavannah) wrote in [personal profile] nenena 2013-02-27 05:57 am (UTC)

I didn't watch the Oscars. Seth McFarlene is NOT my cup of tea in the normal media, much less in this kind of spotlight, and after reading about the night I was glad I didn't. I know everyone has different tastes, my own boyfriend for example, loves that kind of humor and loves everything Seth has done. At least he might have enjoyed the Oscars if he hadn't been working. Maybe next year I'll watch it.

As for Brave vs. Wreck It Ralph, visually, Brave kicks Ralph out of the park(imo). Storyline wise, Ralph was a hundred times better. Either way, it's still a Disney Pixar win. I need to go find the list of who won what, I only know best picture and now best animated feature lol.

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