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imorca ([personal profile] imorca) wrote in [personal profile] nenena 2013-02-27 01:48 am (UTC)

Sure. I wouldn't disagree with any of the general premises of your description. WiR is probably the better comparison, in terms of the possibilities of storytelling, because it has the same limitations of medium that Brave did - both are films. MLP has the seriality and duration of a television series over which to demonstrate and develop so many characters, and thus can spread out and diversify in different ways. There is also an interesting parallel, again, to age that runs in the description between mother and daughter characters as you describe them. I'm not trying to make any specific point, since of course I haven't seen it. I just found it interesting that it showed up, and thought it might be potentially thought provoking.

(Just as a note, I figured you might use MLP as your "alternative" example ^_^. Also as a side note, I'm watching my DVR'd episode of The Following right now. hehehe.)

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