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Re: Facts

omg this comment

First of all, it's "misogyny."

1) It's a marketing move by Hasbro and a sign they are taking over control of the show.


And you know what? THAT'S OKAY. But leave it to Bronies to desperately cling to the idea that MLP isn't ~supposed~ to be a show that sells toys to girls, because clearly nothing intended to sell toys to girls can be *good* on any level.

I'm sorry, but MLP has always been a marketing tool, right from the very first episode. It is a show whose primary purpose is to sell toys to girls. And it's still a great show on a lot of levels. Some of the best decisions in the show story-wise and character-wise were intended to tie in to those toy sales. Get over it.

2) She'd become an overpowered "mary sue".

Calling a female character a "mary sue" is nearly always a misogynistic argument. Congratulations, you just proved my point.

Especially when you're applying the label "mary sue" to the MAIN CHARACTER in a series whose powerup fits perfectly into the ongoing story of the series and has been foreshadowed for a long time.

When Bronies moan about the super-powerful magical unicorn who has always been the main character of the series being a "mary sue," then that is sexism.

4) It would elevate Twilight above her friends.

5) Twilight would become "immortal" and watch as her friends died.

6) The show would switch from Slice of Life to Adventure in genre.

8) Because she's a princess, she'd have to move back to Canterlot.

I already addressed all of this in my response to the guy who didn't want to be That Guy above.

7) Twilight loses her "cuteness" when she has wings.

If your argument is that Bronies who object to Princess Twilight aren't basing their objections in sexism, then... You really should be finding arguments that aren't as obviously sexist as this.

Of course, those reasons don't make a lot of sense, but those are the reasons. Not some form of "evil males showing their hatred of women".

I'd find this a lot easier to believe if the fandom weren't already so full of evil males showing their hatred of women. Have you SEEN some of the comments about Meghan McCarthy on the EW article?!

It's ludicrous to think that the anti-Twilicorn faction hates princesses.

Then why do so many of the comments start and stop at hating princesses.

Luna has been one of the most popular secondary characters and has thousands of fanfics and fanart devoted to her. Celestia is beloved by almost the whole fandom.

Luna, yes. But Celestia? The character that Brony fandom consistently portrays as an evil dictator? Are you kidding me?

Even Cadance has been welcomed by a majority and has grown into a well liked addition to the fanfics and fanart.

Notice how you had to qualify your statement there.

Cadence WAS welcomed after her episode finally aired. But in the weeks leading up to the season 2 finale? It was all the same: Thousands of comments about how much it sucked that another princess was being added to the show, and how Cadence was clearly intended as a cheap marketing ploy to cater to little girls (the PRIMARY DEMOGRAPHIC OF THE SHOW - oh noes!!). And as Sethisto explained so honestly in the EW article: this was all because Cadence was pink, pretty, and a princess. Traits that Bronies do not like and did not want.

In summary, the anti-Twilicorn faction dislikes Twilicorn not because she's becoming a princess, but because she's becoming an ALICORN.

And the reasons that you listed for disliking the fact that she's an alicorn

are either so stupid that you have to wonder if the Bronies making those objections either a) watch the show at all or b) aren't desperately scrambling to come up with objections in order to hide the basic "ew princess!" revulsion that many other Bronies openly express

or just plain BLATANTLY SEXIST.

Good job!

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