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I'm a loyal supporter of Twilicorn, but the notion that the hatred toward this is "misogamy" is absurd. From what I've read on EQD, KYM, and 4chan, the reasons people dislike Twilicorn are:

1) It's a marketing move by Hasbro and a sign they are taking over control of the show.

2) She'd become an overpowered "mary sue".

3) It would wreck the "balancing" (2 unicorns, 2 earth ponies, 2 pegasi).

4) It would elevate Twilight above her friends.

5) Twilight would become "immortal" and watch as her friends died.

6) The show would switch from Slice of Life to Adventure in genre.

7) Twilight loses her "cuteness" when she has wings.

8) Because she's a princess, she'd have to move back to Canterlot.

Of course, those reasons don't make a lot of sense, but those are the reasons. Not some form of "evil males showing their hatred of women".

It's ludicrous to think that the anti-Twilicorn faction hates princesses. Luna has been one of the most popular secondary characters and has thousands of fanfics and fanart devoted to her. Celestia is beloved by almost the whole fandom. Even Cadance has been welcomed by a majority and has grown into a well liked addition to the fanfics and fanart.

In summary, the anti-Twilicorn faction dislikes Twilicorn not because she's becoming a princess, but because she's becoming an ALICORN.

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