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Re: Okay, I hate to be that guy...

Twilight was popular because she was an socially awkward girl trying to bumble her way through life without messing anything up. Even if she was the personal student of Celestia, she still came across as a just a regular person dealing with the stress of everyday friendships and life, and it was something that a large chunk of the fanbase could relate to.

And you think this will go away just because she becomes a princess?

You just described the basic hook of like, every princess movie and princess TV show ever. The POINT of most princess stories is that the princess is really just a regular person who's awkward and quirky and just trying not to bungle things up. I think a lot of Bronies are missing out on this obviousness because they don't consume a lot of other media for little girls, but trust me, this IS the hook for most princess stories. It really is.

For the entire run of the show up to this point, the mane cast has been pretty much on equal terms with each other. They have different skills and abilities, but in terms of status they were all more or less on the same social level.

No, this has never been true. Twilight has always had a higher social status compared to the other five, AND she's always been in a position of authority over them. Just look at every episode in which she's ordered them to do something and/or passed on orders from Celestia. But guess what? They still interacted as equals. I highly doubt this will change just because Twilight gains a pair of wings.

The show ALREADY provides a dynamic in which Twilight, being of higher status (from Canterlot, representing the authority of Celestia, able to give orders to the others, and able to lead the others on missions/adventures) interacts as an equal with the other five ponies. You're describing a problem that the show has already fixed. Because it's never been a problem in the first place.

I mean, take the show's slice of life episodes, "Look Before You Sleep", "Winter Wrap up", "Applebuck Season", etc. It's going to be really hard to have episodes like those when one of the main characters is a super-powered princess.


I mean, we've already seen that Princess Cadence did mundane shit like babysitting when she was younger. And we have no reason to believe that Twilight is going to leave her post at Ponyville or stop having to learn about the magic of friendship just because she gets a powerup. I am one hundred percent certain that the season will end with Twilight still in Ponyville, and still having to study friendship, which still gives her a reason to do those slice-of-life things with the other ponies. She will probably have some more responsibilities and more powers, but there's no way that any of this is going to change up the formula of the show in the fundamental way that you're describing. It's still going to be a show about six pony friends doing stuff, even if one of them has more magic than she did before.

Again, remember: Cadence. Babysitting. It's been established that young princesses can and will do mundane everyday stuff. Your slice-of-life episodes aren't going to disappear.

It falls foul of the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" rule. Basically, while the change might ultimately be for the good or bad of the show, most people view such a change in the status quo as unnecessary.

Except that this is a change which has been foreshadowed since the very beginning of the show, and which is the logical next step in Twilight's character arc. You may call it unnecessary, but I see it as something that Twilight's character has been heading toward for a long time. It's a fulfillment Twilight's destiny which has been foreshadowed for three seasons. It had to happen eventually.

It's the Alicorn part that people dislike, that Twilight is being upgraded over her friends.


Twilight has ALWAYS been more powerful and more central to the show than her friends. Didn't the fact that she's the only one with an Element of Harmony that's a sparkly tiara tip y'all off?

If Twilight is still Twilight when all is said and done, it's fine if she's a princess.

SHE WILL BE. I still don't understand why everybody is assuming that she won't be.

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