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Stickypost/Frequently Asked Questions

Can I subscribe to a feed of your journal?
Yes, you can: or If you want only Soul Eater-related updates, you can add my Soul Eater tag to the end of either of those options, like so: voilà et voilà.

When is the next Soul Eater chapter coming out?
Shounen GanGan is released on the 12th of every month. Every now and then we'll get an early release on the 10th or the 11th, but in general the answer is almost always that it will be released on the 12th. If you want to double-check next month's release date, go here.

How do you get the latest Soul Eater chapter?
I buy GanGan magazine every month. It takes about two to three days to ship to my house from Japan. Which means that I can usually post a recap on the 15th or 16th every month.

Can I link to your recap posts?
Yes, but PLEASE link to the dreamwidth version!

Where are your other Soul Eater recaps?
Use this tag to find them.

Is there a way for me to get earlier spoilers for each month's Soul Eater chapter?
Yes there is, using the magic of Google. Just search for ソウルイーター[number of chapter]話 and you'll find spoilers in Japanese. You can also find Japanese spoilers on 2ch fairly reliably.

Will you scan a raw of the latest Soul Eater Not! chapter?
No. There is an officially licensed, professionally-translated, non-region-locked, non-DRM'd English version of the chapter posted on the Yen Press website on the same day that the chapter is released in Japan every month. So you're getting the latest chapter from Japan pretty much instantaneously. There's no need for raw scans anymore. I can understand wanting to read the chapter in Japanese if you can (and I do), but at this point I think it's fair to say that if you really want to read the chapter untranslated you should either buy GanGan yourself or wait and buy the Japanese collected volumes.

Can I comment on your recap posts?
Uh, yes? Anybody can. You can comment using a dreamwidth ID, livejournal ID, OpenID, or anonymously.

Why wasn't my comment on your recap post unscreened?
Probably because your comment contained a link to a scanslation or other illegal download. Don't do that in the comments on a public post. Come on. I've got a TOS to follow here.

Where did the comments on the old recap posts go?
Old comments on old posts have all been imported to the dreamwidth journal. You can use the archive to find old posts.

How can I get in touch with you?
PM me on livejournal or dreamwidth. Or you can leave an anonymous comment on this post. Anonymous comments are screened automatically, so if you have a message for me that you don't want unscreened just say "please don't unscreen" in your comment. However, if you choose to use an anonymous comment to get in touch with me: PLEASE remember to give me an email address or some other way that I can reply to you!


(Anonymous) 2012-05-01 11:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Is Not! in hiatus??
I couldn't find a new chap since the Liz and Patty thing (I belive it was chap 11)
So I wanted to know if there has not been new chaps since, or it's just that I can't find them

plz answer, I'll give you a ♥ =P

(Anonymous) 2012-05-02 06:04 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm sorry, I have to...
Did your future-self write this entry or are you a time traveler? XD

Nevermind, but I'm curious about something. I guess SE Not! is published in that same magazine, so is GanGan kind of a recompilation of mangas, or it just has Soul Eater chapters in it, and just some info and things about other mangas?
skirtingdanger: (I'm not wearing any underwear.)

[personal profile] skirtingdanger 2012-05-17 02:12 am (UTC)(link)
Speaking of buying Gangan... I've been wanting to be able to buy it every month too (there are a few other series in it I like keeping up with that nobody scans), but I only know of one place to get it at but the shipping charges make it around $40 each time I've bought it. Do you have to spend around that much too, or is there some place where it's cheaper than that? If so I'd like to know where, otherwise I'd never be able to afford it every month. :(

Raw Scans

(Anonymous) 2012-05-17 02:57 am (UTC)(link)
Hey, you said that you scan the raw's of Soul Eater and they are in the same place....what place is this exactly?
Thanks :)

(Anonymous) 2012-06-12 08:31 am (UTC)(link)
I tried subbing to the shibusen group, but there aren't any entries. Am I doing something wrong? (as I'm new to dreamwidth and frankly have no idea what I'm doing :P )