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Linkspam of Interest.

1. Free official Adventure Time books available for download or online reading at Scribd! "Wit and Wisdom in the Land of Ooo: Great Quotations from Adventure Time" and this enormous collection of episode storyboard books are free to anybody who wants them.

2. It's award season in Japan! So the nominations for the Japan Academy Prize's "Animated Film of the Year" were officially listed yesterday, and to nobody's surprise both the K-ON! movie and From Up On Poppy Hill made the list. Also nominated were a gorgeous Osamu Tezuka adaptation, this year's Detective Conan film, and a CGI film that is, no joke, actually titled "Tofu Boy." Also, The Manga Taisho Awards have also posted this year's nominations. I Am A Hero got nominated for the second time. Not sure how I feel about that.

3. Kate Fitzsimons is hilarious and her tongue-in-cheek comparisons of recent Sherlock Holmes TV, movie, and comic adaptations is a must-read.
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The review became slightly more hilarious when its author was schooled by one of the comic's writers for not doing her research.

Thanks for the read.
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I've seen both the BBC adaptation television show of Sherlock, the Sherlock Holmes movies, read parts of some of the books a few years back, and (attempted to) read the manga. I didn't get into the manga as much, though. I don't know why. Maybe because the other media has Sherlock Holmes portrayed as a matured, smart-sexy character, whereas he felt too boyish in the manga.

I loved the movies. Especially Jude Law. Jude Law just made those movies for me. :3

Hands down, though, the BBC show is my favorite. I was absolutely sobbing by the season 2 finale a few days ago. I won't say anything more about it in case I'm about to spoil it for everyone, but I just thought it was really well done in showing Sherlock's character development AND BOY DO I LOVE ME SOME CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch is just flat out sexy. More his Sherlock portrayal than even him as a person. I'd never felt more attracted to that character. XD

I need to reread the books now. Thanks so much for posting!!! :D