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Three things that are great.

My Little Pony x Welsh Corgis. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

A Seven-Year-Old Girl Responds to DC's Reboot of Starfire. In the wake of the sudden rush of mansplaining that has ignited all over the internet as adult male bloggers try to tell female readers that they're reacting to Starfire wrong, HERE is a voice that actually matters.

And finally, here is your Soul Eater Moment of Zen.

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That's a great response! :D Unfortunately it prolly wun help since alrdy I've seen some responses to that by guys claiming that we want to censor comics, and make it "kid-safe" when it has nothing to do w/ being prudes, but being against hetero male sexual fantasies pretending to be power fantasies that should be for everybody >:\

It's funny cuz today I was scanning in pages from one of Chris Hart's terrible "how to draw comics" books for my tumblr and I came upon this:

Besides the awful Asian stereotype, there's that defense again "if you don't like MY sexual fantasy of female characters, go read Victorian novels". >:\

But yeah, the girl in the post got it bang on... she's not doing anything other than posing and strutting. -_- And she's not the only one, which is why this isn't "feminists cherry picking"... I've been looking through hundreds and hundreds of pictures and frames where female heroes are being posed for sexual reasons when they should be fighting, or twisted so they should break in half,because the artist doesn't like that punching a person doesn't show both your butt and breasts...

That's the issue... and even a 7 year old girl sees it >:\

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Awwww! I've just been watching a few My Little Pony episodes lately. These are so cute. Especially the corgi Rainbow Dash. :)

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Loved reading the 7 year old's responses to Starfire, thank you for linking!!

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I've already seen the respond of the little girl about Starfire, but I still think everytime I see it it's gorgeous. Bless this girl. :')

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The girl's remarks on Starfire hit the nail right on the head. And there are still some guys arguing in the comments below that it's a "female empowerment" thing. Some people are never going to get it.
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I saw those when i got my comics and i was like WTF? I read romance books and i felt embarrassed reading and looking at the catwoman/starfire comics. I'd rather read "Birds of Prey" and "Wonder woman" over both of them.

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Before I start going on about Starfire, let me just say this first:

1) That is an EXCELLENT Excallibur cosplay picture.

and 2) Pinkie Pie is so perfect in that fanart~

Now, then.


Anyways. I'm in the same boat as her. Starfire has always been my #1 female superhero (My overall #1 being Spiderman, as I grew up reading my brother's Amazing Spiderman comics and they were the first MARVEL movies I've ever watched). Even now when I'm in high school, and I'm supposed to have grown up from Teen Titans, I can't help watching it now and absolutely loving Starfire. (Although I am in high school and I watch My Little Pony with HUGE enthusiasm, so. Yeah.) Characters like her have always been an inspiration for me to be a better person.

I remember when I was about ten asking myself if I'd rather be Raven or Starfire. I felt like I related more towards Raven- she's pretty dark, introverted, and apathetic. But truthfully, I didn't WANT to be just like Raven. it was always Starfire who truly drew my attention. She was so sweet and kind and forgiving. Always enthusiastic, had high energy, and smiling. She was who had originally inspired me to be happier and more upbeat. Plus, her powers kinda kicked ass.

It makes me sad to hear about this whole scandal now. I HATE that my role model for being a kinder and more generous person has been sexed up.


" 'Why do you like Starfire?' "

" 'She's like me. She's an alien new to the planet and maybe she doesn't always say the right thing, or know the right thing to do. But she's a good friend, and she helps people. She's strong enough to fight the bad guys, even when they hurt her. Even her sister tried to kill her, but Starfire still fights for the good side. And she helps the other heroes, like Superboy and Robin and Raven."

I can not convey how relatable this is for ten-year-old!me. Especially the first three sentences- that's EXACTLY how I would have responded. I WANT TO GLOMP THIS CHILD. ARRRGGGHHHHH~ (>w<)
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I HATE that my role model for being a kinder and more generous person has been sexed up.

TBF, Starfire in the comics was always highly sexualized. It was part of her alien "culture." But it was also portrayed as a part of her joie de vivre. She had lots and lots of sex and wore skimpy outfits because she was comfortable in her body and felt no taboos about being sexually promiscuous.

Starfire having sex and wearing a skimpy outfit isn't the only reason that people are upset about the reboot. It's more about the other failures - her sudden emotionless fucking, the way that she just stands around in sexy poses instead of actually doing anything heroic, etc.

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her sudden emotionless fucking, the way that she just stands around in sexy poses instead of actually doing anything heroic, etc.


I kinda meant this Starfire as a whole, in addition to what's going on now. I don't know. She was just so awesome, even without a gigantic bosom. Why do many superhero women have to have such big breasts and tight, skimpy-ish outfits? (Don't answer that.) I'd be (sorta kinda) okay with this Starfire if it really was a part of her alien culture, but I just can't imagine Teen Titans Cartoon!Starfire being so promiscuous.

Blergh. This is why me+comics never really work, I guess. And sorry, I know my sentence you quoted was unclear. My bad. X\