nenena: (Soul Eater - Blair kitty)
nenena ([personal profile] nenena) wrote2011-06-29 07:36 pm

Taking a break from homework and lesson planning for fannish squee.

[ profile] poilass liked my [ profile] help_japan fic!! (*happy dances forever*)

I'm too busy with homework, work-work, and other RL stuff to finish recapping Soul Eater Not! chapter 6 this month, so I'll probably just post chapters 6 and 7 together next month.

And speaking of summer fandom projects.... (*looks at doujinshi scanning queue*) Siiiiigh. I'll get back on the scanning horse next week, after I finish my last week of classes and visiting relatives and stuff.

And sorry, Spike Pilgrim, but this is my new all-time favorite My Little Pony trailer mashup:

ETA: Also, this excellent rant about "womens' comics" by Melinda Beasi is worth a signal-boost. Pretty much the entire thing is highly quotable, but here's a quick sample:

Who hasn’t been put in the position of having to over-explain to a skeptical friend, “I know the cover is pink, but it’s really good, I swear!” We explain because we think we have to, and we think we have to because we’ve been conditioned to believe that something specifically created with girls or women in mind is less well-crafted, less intelligent, and less universally relevant than something that’s not.

Yep, pretty much this. Also highly relevant re: anybody freaking out over the popularity of My Little Pony. Super-duper highly relevant re: the mouthbreathing male otaku contingent's continual insistence that Madoka Magica is groundbreaking/original/revolutionary for doing the exact same things that magical girl shows for girls have been doing for the past twenty years, but not that they would know that because heaven forbid any of them ever actually watch that sparkly pink girly stuff.

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