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A much-needed squee post.

Thing the first: [ profile] kamdensl's doujin came in the mail today! Yaaaaay! And it included a freakin' awesome print of the Thompson sisters.

The book itself is completely awesome - especially in the way that the story switches in tone and setting from OH GOD NIGHTMARE FUEL to zomg angst to lol funny to d'awwwwww shippy moment without ever once being jarring about it. The story is refreshingly non-cheesy and the artwork is lovely and expressive (I particularly like the way that Kamden draws facial expressions). The ending is pitch-perfect, too. You can order your own copy here.

Thing the second: As promised, pics of Mukesh Singh's 18 Days.

Cover of the book. Please forgive the flash on all of these photographs; I tried taking pics without the flash, but then the colors were horribly washed out, so I decided to stick with flash despite the glare on the pages.

Anywhoo, I wanted to take just a few pics of the paintings that haven't already been shown among the promotional images released by Dynamite, so here they are:

Kauravas. Singh's greatest talent is perhaps his uncanny mastery of manipulating color to create amazingly striking imagery, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the way that he draws and colors the Kauravas. Each of the major Kaurava leaders has his own color scheme. Duryodhana always stands out in all of Singh's paintings, because he's clothed from head to toe in black and blood-red armor. Bhisma's color scheme is completely white. Drona is a mix of white, black, and red. The colors are a rather unsubtle way of visualizing where each of these characters falls on the moral spectrum, but it's visually striking nonetheless.

There is another portrait of Bhisma later in the book where his face looks incredibly weathered and sad, and the color scheme is all brown and green. He looks almost like a tree, in a sense, and I suspect that that might have been a deliberate choice on Singh's part.

Yudhisthira kneeling before Bhisma, armorless, waving his white flag of peace. As if this scene couldn't have been any more heartbreaking already.

And kneeling before Drona.


BHIMA SMASH. So that character from the promotional artwork that I thought was supposed to be Karna turns out to have been Bhima all along. Oops.

Anyway, this book is GORGEOUS and still available on for a mere $17. I don't know how long that sales price is going to last, so hurry and get it while you can. And of course the first 40 pages are still available as a free PDF download from the LiquidComics Scribd account.

Aaaaaaand finally...

First batch of SE spoilers @ Hatomune

To absolutely nobody's surprise, Tezca is back. I don't think that this even deserves a spoiler cut because, you know, seriously. Seriously.

Non-important plot points: 1. Kid finally gets his new jacket. 2. Shioko has no idea whether Tezca's new head is supposed to be a mouse or a squirrel and looking at her drawing of it *I* have no idea either.

Important plot points: I've read over this five times and honestly I think I'm either misinterpreting the Japanese or Ohkubo has just dethroned Kubo as one of the most infuriating/hilarious manga author trolls of all time, so I'm going to hold back on posting anything until I can see the raw for myself. Or I see another Japanese source that confirms any of this.

Oh Index, you octopus-punning pantless-barbecue-loving evil mastermind, you!

ETA: More spoilers now in the comments.

ETA 2: Three new color illustrations are up at the GanGan website. There's also new wallpaper and SE stationary uploaded, too.

ETA 3: A large, textless version of this month's cover illustration is now available on GanGan Online.

ETA 4: [ profile] iijyanaika just posted pics of the pages from chapter 82 and Not! in the comments here. They're not readable but at least you can see what the action looks like. Gracias!

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