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Saturday Night Scanspam

Long overdue post is long overdue. It's time for another post full of pretty, pretty things!

Click for high-res!

Advertisement for Dollybird magazine, from Hobby Japan.

Click for high-res!

Advertisement for Kadokawa Shoten's summer manga promotions.

Click for high-res!

Promo artwork for Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt, Gainax's new fall anime series.

Click for high-res!

Scan from a Newtype article about supercell, featuring album artwork by redjuice.

Click for high-res!

Bakemonogatari clearfile. Poor Araragi.

Click for high-res!

Advertisement for Soul Eater volume 17. I just love love love the GanGan advertisements for each volume cover.

And now for something a bit different. I know that there's a lot of promotional artwork for the Soul Eater Wii game "Monotone Princess" out there - like, a lot - but I haven't seen these particular images scanned in high-res before. So here are scans of some "Monotone Princess" promo posters that I bought last summer, as well as an official wallpaper ripped from the Nintendo website so that you can see how the character designs would look like in full.

As always, click on any of these thumbnails for a larger image.

That's all for this post. Enjoy!

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