Jul. 11th, 2012

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35 pages, 166 dialogue bubbles, and 143 exclamation points. Yes, I counted.

In short, there is A LOT OF YELLING and virtually no plot progression in this chapter. But anyway, here we go.

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100th Anniversary Tribute Artwork!! High-res scans @ Livejournal | Crappy small scans @ Tumblr

HUGE batch of new color images!!
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Preliminary character popularity poll results! (Top 19 characters)

More detailed character popularity poll results! (Top 26 characters) Tumblr (resized) | Livejournal (high-res)

New Soul Eater screensaver @ GanGan official website!

Whew, I think that's everything!

ETA July 18th: Hey Bleachh and Tiesto, did you know that I deliberately translated page 28 incorrectly in this post? Apparently you didn't, or you wouldn't have copied my translation instead of reading the actual Japanese text!

Sorry for pulling a Soshul Experiment on you guys, but come on. This is getting ridiculous. Stop taking credit for translations that you didn't do.

ETA July 19th: I can't help but wonder why the scanslators in this fandom keep censoring the instances of misogynistic language when it's used in the manga. I mean, in 100 chapters we've only had misogynistic language show up exactly two times, and both times it was meant to be a repugnant and shockingly horrible thing that was said. And in both instances the scanslators in this fandom omitted or changed the misogynistic insults that were there in the Japanese dialogue. But hey y'all can keep complaining about the non-existent "censorship" in the official translations by Yen Press and Funi instead, I guess.
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Thing the first: If you aren't watching The Disney Channel's Gravity Falls, you should be watching it. It's gorgeously animated, genuinely funny, surprisingly self-aware, and it has an amazing musical soundtrack. It's definitely a show with that particular sense of humor that makes it feel like it belongs on Cartoon Network much moreso than it belongs on The Disney Channel. I mean, just look at this opening sequence:

Thing the second: Here are some more comics that are good!

The Legend of Bold Riley: Princess Rilavashana SanParite is one of the best adventurer-princess characters I've encountered in a long time, the artwork by Vanessa Gillings and Kelly McClellan is incredible, and this book overall is just so. damn. good. By the way, here's a free 55-page preview.

Ntombinde, the Girl Who Loved Danger: This comic is one of the rarest of the rare, a page-length weekly newspaper comic printed in independent weeklies across the United States. Fortunately, even if you don't have access any of the newspapers that print Ntombinde, you can still read the (uncolored) version of her weekly adventures at Sterling Clark's website, or you can buy her collected adventures in graphic novel format. I'm having a hard time finding where to buy the Ntombinde graphic novel online, but I bought my copy directly from Sterling Clark when I met him at DCCC, so if he or Studio S is appearing at any comic conventions in your area you should definitely check out his books.

Battlepug: This comic is exactly what it says on the tin, and it is glorious. It's clever, irreverent, a helluva a lot of fun, and beautifully illustrated by Mike Norton (whom you may remember as one of the best artists on Marvel's Runaways). Plus I think that this page just kind of speaks for itself. ETA: And Battlepug just won the 2012 Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic!! AWESOME!!

Monekybrain Comics is a new imprint that just launched with five amazing-looking titles, three of which have female protagonists, all of which you can check out extensive previews of here.

The Whole Story is a new comics website that lets you name your price to download beautiful DRM-free, high-quality PDF comics. You can find new comics by Ryan North (Adventure Time, Dinosaur Comics), Meredith Gran (Marceline and the Scream Queens), Katie Cook (Star Wars), Shaenon Garrity (Smithson), Ryan Estrada (Aki Alliance, Flight), David Hellman (Braid), Andrew Hussie (YES REALLY), and Nam Dong Yoon. In addition to about a dozen other talented artists and writers. So trust me when I say that this site is really, really worth checking out.

Speaking of indie comics! Love and Rockets is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary at Comic-Con this weekend. And if you've never read anything by the Hernandez brothers before, you are seriously missing out.

And now, our concluding link for this post, for all of you writers out there: Five Ways that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Can Make You a Better Writer.